About Us

The Queensland Camping website was founded and is currently operated by Melissa and Daneen – two friends with a passion for exploring Queensland with their families.  While Melissa and Daneen enjoy all sorts of travel, they particularly love taking their young families camping and usually go multiple times a year and usually together.

While Melissa and her family opt to camp in tents (and on long term travel like to stay in cabins), Daneen and her family have recently upgraded to camping in a Jayco Swift Campervan (you can even hire it yourself here).

While the two friends now think of themselves as somewhat experienced campers, it certainly wasn’t always this way.  When they first started camping they spent so much money buying the wrong products and then over time having to spend money again buying quality camping products. And well, that’s what prompted them to start this site, to not only share their love of camping with others but also to help others get started with the right equipment.

We look forward to helping you go camping.


Melissa is pictured below on the left with her family and Daneen is pictured below on the right with her family.