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The Complete Guide to the Best 4WD Awning Australia 2024

Whether you’re on a camping trip or out and about on a day out with family and friends, having the best 4WD awning Australia offers provides you with permanent shelter whenever you need it.  There is no need to worry about packing it “just in case”, and you don’t need to worry about taking up any precious space as it’s on the roof and basically out of sight. 

4WD shade awning options are relatively inexpensive, quick to set up, and provide protection from the sun, wind and rain.  

If you’re in the market for the best car awning, this guide will be a great start.  In this best 4X4 awning guide, we’ll take you through everything you need to consider when purchasing one to ensure you buy the right one for your vehicle and your lifestyle.  Lastly, we also look at some of the top rated 4WD car awning options currently on the Australian market.

This guide covers a range of different awning types.  We look at options for the best 4WD camping awning with the option to add extra walls, the best 4WD side awning, the best 4WD rear awning and the best 270 degree awning options.  So regardless of your needs and budget, you’ll undoubtedly find the best awning in this guide.

So let’s get started and find you the perfect 4X4 shade awning.

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Our Recommendation for the Best 4WD Awning Australia 2024: Darche Eclipse Range

If you’re not too keen on reading our complete guide and just want our quick recommendation for an excellent 4WD awning, then we suggest one from the Darche Eclipse range. 

This range has various sized car awnings, including side, rear and the monster 270, which provides a huge amount of shelter. In addition, these vehicle awnings are made from high quality materials that last years and are lightweight, allowing for plenty of other items on your roof racks.

We have the side 2 x 2.5 metre Darche Eclipse and have found it a great vehicle awning.  It’s super quick and easy to put up and pack away.  Everything is kept in the heavy duty transit cover – so you always have shelter on hand wherever you end up.  You can also add other accessories, such as walls, tents and extensions, for even more shade.

Read our full review below or buy now: Outback Equipment

The Best Car Awning – Why Buy One Anyway?

Having a 4X4 roof awning permanently fixed to your vehicle is a convenient way to transport shelter.  There is no need to remember to pack a gazebo or similar shade when you head out, nor do you need to worry about losing any space in the back of your car.

If you’re still on the fence about buying a 4WD car awning, here are a couple of reasons and situations to convince you otherwise:

  • You always have shelter no matter where you go – if you decide to stop somewhere unexpectedly, then you’re covered;
  • Gazebos or other similar shelters can take up a lot of space; having a 4WD roof awning means you’re not wasting any space; and
  • They are useful in many different situations – camping, watching kids play sports on the weekends, stopping for lunch on road trips, setting up for a day at the beach – the circumstances when they come in handy are endless.

The Best 4X4 Awning 2024 Comparison Table

Before we start choosing the best roof rack awning for you, below, we’ve compiled a quick comparison table so you can see all the different 4X4 roof top awnings that are reviewed later in the guide.

The table helps you easily compare the 4WD pull out awning options and their features side by side.  Keep reading below for the full reviews.

NameImageSizes AvailableMaterialCheck Price
Darche Eclipse RangeSide: 2 x 2.5m & 2.5 x 2.5m
180 Degree side or rear
270 Side
320gsm Polycotton ripstop canvasCheck Price
Darche Kozi RangeSide: 2x 2.5m
270 Degree
200gsm Polycotton ripstop canvasCheck Price
Rhino Rack 270 Degree210 Denier polycotton ripstop canvasCheck Price
Oztent Foxwing Range 180 Degree
270 Degree
Ripstop PolyesterCheck Price
Supa Peg Awning RangeSide: 2 x 2.5m
Wrap around
275gsm CanvasCheck Price
XTM RangeSide: 2 x 2.5m & 2.5 x 2.5m
Rear: 1.4 x 2m
270 Degree
170gsm Ripstop polyester & 280gsm poly cotton canvas for 270 degreeCheck Price
Bushwakka Extreme180 Degree
270 Degree
900 Denier Ripstop PolyesterCheck Price
Adventure Kings Awning Range Side: 2 x 2.5m, 2.5 x 2.5m, 2 x 3m
Rear: 1.4 x 2m
270 Degree
170gsm Ripstop polyesterCheck Price
DrivetechSide: 1.4 x 2m, 2 x 2.5m, 2.5 x 2.5m, 2.5 x 3m280 GSM Ripstop PolyesterCheck Price

How to Choose the Best 4WD Shade Awning

To ensure you purchase the perfect 4WD rooftop awning for your vehicle and lifestyle, consider the following factors:  


To start with, you’re probably going to want to think about what size awning to purchase.  The best size of your awning comes down to what you’d like to put under it and your vehicle.

When thinking about the size, consider who will likely seek shelter under the awning.  Will it be just you and a mate, or will you have your entire family under there?  Will you just have some chairs under there, or do you want enough space for a table and BBQ too?

Take some time to consider what you’d like to fit under the 4X4 pull out awning, and make sure you go for the right size.  There is no point opting for a cheap 4WD awning that is too small for your situation – it will end up just being a waste of money and you may need to bring extra shade.

You’ll also need to consider the size of your vehicle and ensure the awning will fit on.  If the awning is too long, it may stick out on either side of your car, which may get stuck on branches or even be unsafe if it sticks out too much.

There is a range of different sizes when it comes to a 4WD retractable awning, so you’ll be able to find the perfect size regardless of your situation.

Side, Rear or Batwing / Foxwing Awning

Once you’ve determined the size, you’ll want to consider where you want the shade. For example, do you want shade at the side of your vehicle (which is most common), the rear of your vehicle or both?

A 4X4 side awning tends to be the most common – this provides you with shelter along the side of your vehicle.  However, another option is to mount the awning at the rear of your car – which can be handy if you have a slide out kitchen, so you can have shelter while preparing lunch etc.

Batwing or Foxwing awnings are side mounted awnings and are massive, coming out between 180 to 270 degrees, and covering both the side and the rear.  These are perfect for those that want plenty of coverage. They cost far more than a side or rear mounted awning but are brilliant for large families.

Quality of Material and Fittings

As you’re looking for shelter to protect you from the elements, you will want to ensure you purchase one of the good quality awnings for cars made from high quality material.  

Most 4×4 awnings are made from ripstop polyester cotton, which comes in various weights and is measured by GSM (grams per square metre). So if you’re after a good quality car shade awning, look for ones around 250 gsm.  

Also, look for awnings with features such as UV resistance or a reflective layer – these special coatings help keep the awning protected and safe from the harsh sun, as well as keeping you protected from the sun and lower temperatures under the awning. 

Of course, you also want a waterproof awning – what’s the point if it’s just going to leak when it rains?  Check whether the awning is marked as waterproof – and mould resistant is a good feature to look for too.

As well as the awning material, you also want quality fittings such as stainless steel or lightweight aluminium poles and cast metal hinges and fittings.  Avoid plastic fittings if possible.

Attachments / Accessories

Some awnings come with the option to add a range of accessories. For example, you can add walls to give you additional protection from the elements or even completely enclose it, so it’s a 4WD awning tent, and you can sleep in there.  Another useful accessory for use in Queensland is a mozzie net.

Other accessories can include lighting such as LED strips – some car awnings Australia sells will even come standard with this.


You might also want to consider the weight of the awning.  All vehicles have a maximum carry load for the roof, and while you’re unlikely to go anywhere near that with the best awning 4X4 option, if you plan on carrying other things on the roof of your vehicle, you’ll want to get something that is lightweight.

The Best 4X4 Shade Awning Reviews 2024

Below we’ve provided reviews on some of the top and best selling awnings currently available on the Australian market.

Darche Awning: Eclipse Range Review


  • Sizes available: side: 2 x 2.5m & 2.5 x 2.5m | 180 degrees side or rear | 270 degrees side
  • Material: 320gsm polycotton ripstop canvas
  • Water Rating: 1500mm
  • Poles: Aluminium
  • Accessories available: tents, annexe and walls

Darche is a well known brand for making top quality camping and outdoor gear, and their Eclipse range of awnings is no exception.  The Darche Awning Eclipse range comes in different sizes and is simple to set up and pack down, making them one of the best awnings around.

No matter the size you’re after, no doubt it’s available in the Darche Eclipse range.  Two sizes are available for a side awning, including the 2 x 2.5 metres or the larger 2.5 x 2.5 metres.  Then you’ve got a side or rear 180 degree awning and lastly, the huge 270 degree side awning, which swings out along the vehicle around to the back using the aluminium swivel hinge system.

Most of the poles on these retractable 4WD awnings are integrated, and once set up; you’ll get a massive 11.5m2 of shelter if you go with the largest size.

The Eclipse 4X4 awning range is made from high quality materials.  It features a heavy duty 320gsm polyester cotton ripstop canvas, a lightweight yet strong box tube alloy rafter system, and a heavy-duty steel and alloy swivel hinge system.  Around the side of the awning is a continuous skirt which provides a little additional protection from the rain, and it can also be set up with other 4WD awning walls, a tent or an annexe.

We have the Darche Eclipse car side awning and find it really easy to set up – we can easily have it up in a few minutes.  Pack up is just as easy, with everything rolling up and going away in the 600gsm PVC storage bag.

These awnings for 4WD vehicles are suited for most types of roof racks, including steel baskets and flat racks.  Plus, they come with everything you need to set them up, including alloy poles, guy ropes, pegs,  and mounting brackets.  You’ll also get a two year warranty.

The Darche Eclipse is one of the better quality awning ranges in this guide, with a price tag to match.  However, if you want a good quality awning that will last, then one of the Darche Eclipse range of awnings is well worth the investment.

Check the price or buy now: Outback Equipment


Darche Kozi Awning Range Review


  • Sizes available: side: 2 x 2.5m | 270 degrees
  • Material: 200gsm polycotton ripstop canvas
  • Water Rating: 2000mm
  • Poles: Aluminium
  • Accessories available: walls

Another Darche range of awnings – this time the Kozi range.  While still a great quality awning, the Darche Kozi range is quite a bit cheaper than the Eclipse range, so well worth considering if the Eclipse is just too far out of your budget.  This range of Darche awnings doesn’t come with as many size options, though, with just the 2 x 2.5 metre side or 270-degree side awning to choose from.

The Kozi range of awnings are not made with the same top quality fabric as the Eclipse – nevertheless, with its 200gsm polycotton ripstop canvas, they are still one of the better quality awnings in this guide.  The fabric features a PU coating with a huge 2000mm water rating and UPF50+ protection.  It also comes with heavy duty aluminium poles that have extendable twist lock legs, making it easy to set up and pack down.

Like the Darche Eclipse – these awnings come with everything you need, including the brackets, mounting bolts, guy ropes and pegs.  They also come with a 500gsm storage cover to ensure the awning is well protected when not in use.  Plus, they come with a two year warranty for a confident purchase.

For a top quality awning with a slightly more affordable price tag than the previous Darche awning, you really can’t go wrong with one of these Darche Kozi awnings.

Check the price or buy now Here


Rhino Rack Batwing 270 Awning Review


  • Sizes available: 270 degrees
  • Material: 210 denier polycotton ripstop canvas
  • Water Rating: 2000mm
  • Accessories available: tents, extensions and walls

If you’re after maximum coverage, then a popular choice is the Rhino Rack Batwing awning.  Covering both the side and rear of your vehicle, this 270 degree awning provides an extensive 11sqm coverage when set up.

This best 270 awning is made from a heavy duty, 210D polycotton ripstop fabric, which is both water (2000mm) and mould resistant and will protect you from UV50+. In addition, the awning poles and frame are rust resistant black powder coated, although the hinges are plastic.

The Rhino Batwing awning has everything you need to set it up, including a mounting kit, bright orange guy ropes, pegs, poles and a heavy duty 580gsm PVC bag.  You can also add a range of accessories if you wish, such as sidewalls, tents or extension pieces, making it a great little versatile awning.

So if the Darche Eclipse 270 degree awning is just too far out of your price range, yet you still want massive coverage for your outdoor adventures, the Rhino batwing is worth considering.  It’s perfect for anyone looking for the best 270 degree awning Australia has on the market.

Check the price or buy now: Outback Equipment 


Oztent Foxwing Awning Range Review


  • Sizes available: 180 or 270 degrees
  • Material: Ripstop polyester
  • Water Rating: 2000mm
  • Accessories available: tents, extensions and walls
  • Poles: Aluminium

Oztent also offers two awnings that provide enormous coverage – the Foxwing 180 or Foxwing 270 degree awning.  Either of these awnings is perfect for those spending regular weekends on the beach or looking for a way to integrate their 4WD awning with their tent.

Setting up these huge awnings is a breeze and can be done by just one person in minutes (although, as always, two is better!).  The awnings are made from a fire resistant ripstop polyester, which has a UV protection rating of 50+ and is also waterproof (1500mm) and mould resistant.

Around the side of these awnings is a continuous skirt that provides a little additional protection from the rain. Plus, either side of the awning has zippers that allow you to add other accessories if you wish. There are also LED mounting points.  The Oztent RV tents are super popular and are perfect for connecting with these Foxwing awnings.

The frame is lightweight yet solid aluminium and comes with claw spigot telescopic poles.  The awnings also come with everything you need to set up, including reflective guy ropes, pegs, a travel bag for storing and a two year warranty.

In terms of the Oztent 270 degree awning, this is one of the lighter ones in this guide (only the Kings is lighter), so well worth looking at it if you’re limited in terms of your roof load capacity.  Other than that, either the 270 or 180 degree awning is a great, cheaper alternative to consider if the Darche is out of your budget.

Check the price or buy now: Outback Equipment


Supa Peg Awning Range


  • Sizes available: Side 2 x 2.5 metres of wraparound
  • Material: 275gsm canvas
  • Accessories available: walls
  • Poles: Aluminium

For the biggest families and largest groups – then you’ll definitely want to consider the Supa Peg Outbound Shield 6 – providing 17m2 of coverage; this is the largest awning in these reviews.  However, Supa Peg also offers a standard 2 x 2.5 metre side awning.  Made from 275gsm canvas, whatever size you choose, the Supa Peg are great quality awnings made to last.

The Supa Peg range of awnings is all Australian made.  The awnings are made with a top quality mould, and mildew resistant canvas, which has also been UV treated and tested to withstand the harsh Aussie elements.  The canvas will block out 100% of the sun, yet being canvas, it breathes, unlike PVC ripstop awnings.

Unlike all the other awnings in this guide, these awnings are self standing.

With the smaller awning, no ropes are needed; all you need to do is put in pegs via the flooding footplate.  While the huge Outbound Shield 6 is even better because, thanks to a brand new bracket system made right here in Queensland, no poles or pegs are required whatsoever!  This makes setting up both awnings quick and easy, as is packing them away.  Plus, everything is packed away together in the heavy duty waterproof, and UV treated storage bag.

The awnings come with everything you need for set up, including the mounting kit, which is designed to fit most roof racks.  You can also purchase a range of other accessories to go with it, such as sidewalls.

One thing to keep in mind with the Supa Peg range of awnings is they are one of the heavier awnings in this guide.  So if you’ve already got a stack of gear on your roof, you may want to consider this carefully.

Otherwise, for a top quality Aussie made awning, either of the Supa Peg awnings is well worth considering – particularly the huge Outbound Shield 6; this legless 4X4 awning offers amazing coverage and is free standing – amazing!  These awnings also come with a two year warranty for a confident buy.

Check the price or buy now: Tentworld 


XTM Awning Range Review 


  • Sizes available: Side 2 x 2.5 and 2.5 x 2.5 metres | Rear 1.4 x 2 metres | 270 degrees
  • Material: Side and rear 170gsm ripstop polyester and 280gsm polycotton canvas for the 270 degrees
  • Water Rating: 1500mm
  • Poles: Aluminium
  • Accessories available: Tents and walls

The XTM range of awnings from BCF is another popular choice among Aussies wanting a cheaper option.  These inexpensive 4WD awnings are perfect for those wanting medium coverage for their vehicle. 

The side XTM awnings come in various sizes, including 1.4m x 2m, 2m x 2.5m and 2.5 m x 2.5 m.  The awnings are made from 170gsm ripstop polyester, which will protect you from the rain and with the UPF50+ rating, you’ll also be protected from the harsh Aussie sun.  They also have reinforced nylon knuckles to ensure longevity.

For those really wanting a 270 degree awning but can’t afford the high price tag they usually come with, the XTM 270 awning is a great alternative.  At a really super low price, these awnings are made from a 280gsm polycotton canvas which also provides protection from UPF50+ and has a 1500mm water rating.

People often ask about the 270 degree XTM awning v Kings, and the XTM comes out on top here, offering a better quality fabric than King’s 170gsm ripstop polyester.

The XTM range of awnings features high quality lightweight aluminium alloy poles and comes with everything you need to set up, including mounts, pegs, and guy ropes.  Once you’re ready to pack it all away, it all goes away in the heavy duty PVC storage bag.

This XTM range of awnings provides a fantastic, more affordable option than the others reviewed so far in this guide.  While it would be fabulous if we could stretch our budgets for one of the better quality awnings – for a cheaper 4WD awning – one of these XTM awnings would be my pick.

Check the price or buy now: BCF

Bushwakka Extreme Awning Review


  • Sizes available: Side 270 or 180
  • Material: 900 Denier ripstop polyester
  • Accessories available: Walls

The Bushwakka Extreme range of awnings is perfect for those that enjoy their regular 4WD adventures.  These awnings are made with top quality gear, and what’s more, they’re perfect for the solo traveller as they only require one person to set up – and no degree needed!

The Bushwakka Extreme awnings are manufactured from a high quality square tube aluminium frame.  No poles or ropes are necessary; simply pull down the built in leg, and you’re good to go. 

The awning itself is made from 900 ripstop canvas, which is incredibly durable – this awning is made for rugged conditions, that’s for sure.   The canvas is waterproof and has a  UPF 50+ rating to protect you from harsh UV light.

Packing the awning away is just as easy.  No origami is necessary, this bag is plenty big enough, and the velcro strips keep the awning in place while you zip the bag closed.

So for those regular campers who want a top quality awning and are prepared to pay for it, do yourself a favour and check out the durable Bushwakka Extreme range of awnings.

Check the price or buy now: Outback Equipment

Adventure Kings Awning Range Review


  • Sizes available: Side 2 x 2.5, 2.5 x 2.5 and 2 x 3 metres | Rear 1.4 x 2 metres | 270 degrees
  • Material: 170gsm Ripstop polycotton
  • Poles: Aluminium
  • Accessories available: Tents, walls and lights

If you’re after a low cost option, in addition to the XTM range of awnings, Adventure Kings also offers their own range of affordable 4WD awnings.

The Kings awnings come in a huge range of sizes, including side, rear and wraparound styles.  While not as high quality as some of the other awnings reviewed in this guide, the Adventure Kings awnings offer plenty of shaded space for a fraction of the cost of some of the other awnings listed in this guide.

First up, let’s talk about what sizes are available.  In terms of a side awning for car, you’ve got three different sizes to choose from –  2 m x 2.5 m, 2.5 m x 2.5 m or 2 m x 3 m.  Then there is the one rear size being 1.4 x 2 metres and lastly, the huge 270 degree awning.

The canvas on these awnings is made from a 170GSM ripstop polyester, which is waterproof and has a UPF 50+ rating to keep you well protected from the sun and the rain.  The Adventure Kings 4X4 awning also features anodised anti scratch telescopic alloy poles and alloy (not plastic) knuckles.

Despite being one of the cheapest awnings in these reviews, this Adventure Kings 4WD awning still comes with some great features.  They come with everything you need to install them and sets up in seconds!  Plus, it all goes into the heavy duty nylon reinforced 1000D PVC bag when it’s time to pack up.

These awnings can easily be mounted to the side of your vehicle, sheltering you while you’re out and about.  

So for those after a super cheap option, this Adventure King awning is well worth considering.  Read any Adventure Kings awning review, and you’ll see this is top rated and a best seller.  Plus, it’s super lightweight, so perfect if you’re limited to what you can add to your roof racks.

Check the price or buy now: 4WD Supa Centre


Drivetech Awning Review


  • Sizes available: Side: 1.4 x 2, 2 x 2.5, 2.5 x 2.5 and 2.5 x 3 metres
  • Material: 280 GSM Ripstop polyester
  • Accessories available: Walls. Mesh floor, tent

For a cheap but decent awning that’s not going to cost you the earth, the Drivetech range of awnings is well worth considering.  While this range only comes in your traditional side awning, there are plenty of sizes to choose from, including a compact 1.4 x 2 metres.

The Drivetech range of awnings is pretty stock standard.  They easily attach to the side of most roof racks with the included L brackets.  To set up, you simply remove the awning from its heavy duty nylon storage bag and release the telescopic twist lock alloy legs.

The awning itself is made of 280 GSM Ripstop polyester, which will keep you well protected no matter what mother nature throws at you.

So if you’re not looking at investing in anything too expensive but still want some easy shade while you’re out and about, consider the Drivetech range of awnings.

Check the price or buy now: Outback Equipment

We hope you found this guide to the 4WD awnings helpful; you might also find our guide on beach shelters helpful for when you can’t take your 4WD onto the beach.  Remember if you need help choosing other camping gear, we have a range of different guides, including roof racks, toilet / shower tents, camping stoves and camping chairs.

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