Looking for the best camping fridge Australia has? Tired of having to refill the esky with ice every few days? 

Then read on because we’re going to help you find the best fridges for camping.

If you like to go camping a few times a year or for long periods, buying ice every few days for your esky can soon add up.  Not to mention how annoying it can get when all the containers get soaking wet and stuff starts swimming in water.  And if you like camping off the grid, you don’t want to have to drive to the shops every few days just to get more ice.

Having one of the best camping fridges Australia has overcomes all these issues, but mind you it can be an expensive investment.  However you will be able to enjoy your food staying cold for an endless amount of time and you’ll drastically reduce the amount of food that gets spoiled.

When it comes to working out which is the best camp fridge 2021 has, it really can be a tricky one to work out.  A lot of it comes down to your personal circumstances, but picking a good quality portable camping fridge is also about knowing which are the reputable camping fridge brands because you do get what you pay for.

If you’re in the market for a fridge, then these portable camping fridge reviews are going to be a great start.  In this best camping fridge 2021 Australia guide, we’ll take you through everything you need to consider when purchasing one to ensure you buy the right one for your style of camping.  We’ll also take a closer look at some of the best and top rated options currently on the Australian market.

This guide covers a range of different fridge options.  We look at options for the best car fridge, the best 4X4 fridge, the best campervan fridge, the best dual zone fridge freezer, the best small camping fridge, the best large camping fridge and more!  So regardless of your needs and budget, you’ll no doubt find the perfect option in this guide.

So let’s get started and find you the best portable fridge for camping!

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Our Pick for the Best Camping Fridge Australia 2021: Bushman Orginal


If you don’t want to read our entire best camping fridge review guide, and just want our suggestion for what is the best camping fridge, then we recommend the Bushman Orginal.

The main reason we love the Bushman camping fridge/freezer is it’s so versatile!  With the various lids, it can convert from a 32 litre right up to a 52 litre – so it’s great for day trips or camping trips!  It’s also well built and therefore a perfect option for those after the best fridge for camping.

Click here to purchase the Bushman camping fridge now or keeping reading below for our full review.

Best Camping Fridges Australia 2021 Comparison Table

Before we get started on how to choose which camping fridge to buy, below we’ve compiled a quick camping fridge comparison table so you can see all the different fridges that are reviewed later in the guide.

The table helps you easily compare the outdoor camping fridge options and their features side by side.  Keep reading below for the full reviews.

NameImageDual ZoneCapacityWeightCheck Price
Dometic Waeco CFX3 No36L16.9 kgCheck Price
Engel MD40F No38L22 kgCheck Price
Engel MT-V45F No40L -
also comes in a 32L, 60L or 80L
24 kgCheck Price
Dometic CFF45 No45L18.6 kgCheck Price
Dometic CFX3 No46L -
also comes in 55L,75L or  94L
18.7 kgCheck Price
Bushman Original
No35L to 52L22.5 kgCheck Price
Evakool TMDZ60 Travelmate

Yes51L -
also comes in 80L or 96L
19 kgCheck Price
Adventure Kings

No60L -
also comes in 15L,
45L, 70L or 90L
19.8 kgCheck Price
Evakool TMX Travelmate
No65L -
also comes in 38L, 45L, 50L and 80L.
21.5 kgCheck Price
Dometic CFX3 95DZ
Yes94L29.8 kgCheck Price

How to Choose the Best Fridges for Camping

To ensure you purchase the perfect camping fridge for you, consider the following factors:  

Camping Fridge Brands

When it comes to buying a camping fridge, you really do get what you pay for and therefore it’s recommended you stick with one from a brand with a good reputation.

Not only do the bigger brands have good track records for producing quality products, but they also have more service agents and readily available parts if things go wrong.  You’re also likely to get a longer warranty with a well known brand.

For this reason, in this guide, you’ll note that we’ve only listed products from Engel, Dometic Waeco, Adventure Kings Bushman and Evakool. This is because we’ve only chosen products from brands that have long proven track records for making top quality camping fridges.  No doubt there are other great brands around, but for this guide, we’ve limited it to these great brands.


Perhaps one of the most important things to consider when purchasing a camping fridge box – what size do you need?  Camping fridges are available from relatively tiny like around  20-30 litres, to massive 90l+ fridges!  But the bigger the fridge, the bigger the initial cost, as well as the ongoing running cost, not to mention if you actually have room for it in your vehicle.

So while you might think it’s best to go for the biggest fridge you can afford, you’re best to go for a size you actually need.  Consider the following when deciding what is the best size for you:

  1. How many people?  The more people you’re trying to feed, the larger the fridge will need to be.
  2. How many nights?  Are you going for a weekend or a week – and will you be able to stock up on supplies while away?  Or will you be in remote areas so need to carry lots of food with you? 
  3. What kind of food/drinks will you pack? Are you the gourmet camp chef type (like our Andy) so need lots of space, or more the can of baked beans type(like me – that’s Melissa here!!!)? Also consider drinks, will your group be drinking quite a lot of alcohol each night, or mostly just water? 
  4. How big is your vehicle? No point getting a huge fridge but it doesn’t fit in your car, or there is no room for anything else.  Consider the available space in your vehicle first and work backwards from there.  

When looking at the fridge size, you’ll note that fridges are measured in litres or how many cans they can hold.  Here is a brief guide of fridge sizes and when it might be best suited:

  • Up to 25l – best for individuals or for groups just wanting to carry enough for one meal.
  • 25l to 40l – best for a couple for a weekend away.
  • 40l to 50l – best for a small family for a weekend away or able to stock up as they go.
  • 50l to 65l – best for a long weekend away for a family, or longer periods for a couple.
  • 65l+ – best for groups of people camping for a week or more, or people camping remotely for long periods.

Camping Fridge / Freezer or Dual Zone

Next up you’ll want to decide on whether you need just a fridge, or do you want the option of a fridge and a freezer?  

A fridge/freezer is the most popular option – this is where it can operate as either a fridge or a freezer, but not both at the same time.  So you’ll have the one main large compartment, but you’ll need to decide whether to use it as a fridge or freezer.

A dual zone camping fridge, on the other hand, can keep food frozen and chilled at the same time.  They do this by having two separate compartments, each with their own temperature control.  The main downside with a portable camping fridge freezer is that each of the compartments tend to be much smaller than if you were to just get a fridge, so you’ll probably need to go for a bigger size and a bigger size means more cash.  A dual zone is more expensive, to begin with also.


There are two factors you need to consider when it comes to the weight of a camping freezer/fridge.  Firstly can your vehicle accommodate the weight and secondly do you need to lift it and if so, can you?

Each vehicle has a maximum weight it can carry (Gross Vehicle Mass – GVM), and when it comes to all your camping gear and a fully stocked fridge, you may be surprised at just how close you can come to your vehicle being overloaded – even if the fridge can physically fit in the car.  Just double check this first – this is especially important for those after the best car fridge freezer, as you’ll have less weight to play with.

You’ll also need to consider if you plan on moving the fridge out of your vehicle once at your campsite.  If so, you need to ensure you can lift it.  A large fully stocked fridge can be very heavy, and no one wants to be taking everything out of it just so you can move it to somewhere else on your campsite.

To help you choose the right camping fridge cooler for you, we’ve included the weights in the table at the beginning of this article.

2 Way Compressor or 3 Way Absorption Fridge

There are two types of camping fridges – either a 2 way compressor or a 3 way absorption camping fridge.  Below we briefly go over each type and their pros and cons.

2 Way Fridge Compressor 

A compressor camping fridge is the most common type of camp fridge there is (and the only kind we cover in these reviews).  These types of fridges use a compressor unit to generate the cool air.  They are also called a 2 way camping fridge because they can be powered either by power (240V mains) or a car 12v battery. 

A compressor fridge tends to be more powerful than even the best 3 way camping fridge and can operate at very low temperatures.  On the downside though, they require either a 240V mains or a 12v battery power source, so you’ll need either a powered site or be in a position to regularly charge your battery to keep the fridge running.

If you opt for a 2 way compressor fridge, check that your fridge has the correct connector for your vehicle – like an Anderson plug to plug into a battery and a 240 volt transformer to plug into a main.  Some fridges don’t come with these and you’ll need to purchase them separately if that’s the case you’ll need to factor that into your budget.   

3 Way Absorption Fridge

A 3 way fridge, on the other hand, doesn’t use a compressor to create cool air, rather it uses a gas flow heat exchange system.  While these fridges are mostly powered by LPG gas, they can also be powered via 240V mains or a 12v battery as well.

A 3 way gas camping fridge is often more common for people camping for long periods of time and particularly for those preferring to camp off the grid.  Provided you have an LPG bottle with you, there is no requirement for power.

The downside though with a gas powered camping fridge is they need a flat surface to run and they are not as powerful as a compressor fridge.  Plus, because they are set up to run on gas, when they are powered by the mains or a battery they tend to eat through the power rather quickly.

Sorry we don’t cover any 3 way fridges in these reviews.

Power Consumption

While we’re talking about powering the fridge, let’s talk about how much power is required to keep the fridge running, because this can vary quite a lot between fridges.

Power consumption for camping fridges is stated in Amps DC per hour, or Ampere-hour (Ah/h). Depending on the size of the fridge, most should run somewhere between 1 – 4 a/h over a 24 hour period.  If it’s being operated as a fridge only, then you’re looking at somewhere between 1 to 3 Amps per hour.  As a freezer, it will draw 2 to 4 Amps per hour.

You can find how much current a fridge will draw by, but looking for stats like “- 5°C interior, 32°C ambient, 12 V = 0.89a/h over 24hours’, which means that from a 12V power supply, a fridge set at 5°C in a 32°C environment will consume an average of 0.89 amps/hour over 24 hours.

Some fridges may take more power over a short period of time, this is because they reach the optimal temperature quickly.  This is why you should look at the average over 24 hours.

It’s well worth understanding what power your fridge needs to run, to ensure you have the correct battery capacity to keep it running.  For example, if you have a deep cycle battery rated at 100 Ahr, and your camping fridge draws 3 Ahr/hr.  Batteries are typically considered ‘flat’ at 50% of their rating; so, 50/3 = 16 hours is all you will get out of your battery before needing to charge it up.  If it draws 1 Ahr/hr, then you will get 50 hours (2 days+) before recharging.

You may need to install a dual battery system to prevent your battery from going flat or look at solar power options.  Some fridges also have an inbuilt battery protection that will cut out at a fairly high voltage to ensure your battery doesn’t go flat and leave you stranded.

We’ve listed the average power consumption for all the fridges reviewed in this guide below.  Plus we’ve only included ones which are super efficient.

Factors that impact power consumption are:

  • Having the right size compressor – a small compressor running a large fridge will be very inefficient.
  • Insulation: look for a fridge with thick walls and insulation.
  • Thermal Cover: add a thermal cover to your fridge to add to the insulation.
  • Materials: Plastic fridges will conduct less heat than metal, while white fibreglass often provides the best kind of insulation overall.
  • Location of the fridge – make sure the fridge is kept in a cool shaded area at all times.
  • Size of the fridge – bigger = slightly more power
  • How often it’s opened – loss of cold air has to be replaced – don’t let the kids open it all day long.
  • Outside temperature – keeping the fridge in a cool place away from direct sunlight helps a lot.
  • How full the fridge is – a full fridge actually uses less power than a half full one, once at operating temperature.

Quality Materials

Given you’re going to be taking the fridge on the road with you, you need one made with good quality materials so it can withstand a few bumps along the way.  

Camping fridges tend to be made from metal, plastic or fibreglass.  Metal is tough and strong but tends to attract heat, whereas plastic has a bit of flexibility to it, but not as durable as metal, while fibreglass is strong and resistant to corrosion so good for those around the water a lot.  Overall look for fridges made with durable materials, strong hinges and tough casings.

A good quality fridge should actually be able to withstand someone standing on it – you could even ask the salesperson to demonstrate for you.

Compressor – Warranty and Brand

The compressor is the workhorse of your fridge – it’s what keeps everything cold.  If you have a crappy compressor then you’ve got yourself a crappy fridge.  So look for a fridge with a good brand compressor.   Brands like SECOP (formerly known as Danfoss) and Sawa Fuji are great brands and Waeco now produces their own compressor which also has a good reputation of making quality compressors.   All of the fridges in these reviews have one of these compressors.

Also look at the warranty that comes with the fridge.  A long warranty is an indicator of a good quality compressor.

Temperature Range Settings

You’ll want to ensure your fridge is capable of reaching the required temperatures to keep everything cool.  Most fridges have a temperature range of something like 10oC to -18oC.  If you’re just wanting to operate your camping fridge as a refrigerator, then somewhere between 2oC to 4oC will be fine, whereas for freezer mode, then look for something around -15oC.

Other Features

Above we’ve covered the basics to ensure you purchase a great quality fridge, but like any product, the best camping fridge freezer Australia has can come with a range of different features to make life easier.  Check these features out:

  • Battery protection: saves your battery from damage, especially useful if your only power supply is also your vehicle starter battery. 
  • The ability to set the fridge to a specific temperature is very convenient.
  • Thermometer – monitors the interior temperature of your fridge.
  • A plug in the bottom makes cleaning easy.
  • Flush mount cooling elements – having the elements built into the side of the fridge makes for easier cleaning than bolted in elements.
  • Baskets – handy for separating your food and drinks out. Check to see if baskets come with your camping fridge freezer or if they need to be purchased separately.
  • Removable Lid: It’s much easier to find what you need in your fridge when the lid opens fully, and having a fully removable lid will make it easier to put your baskets in and out too.
  • Digital Display: For easy temperature control, some camping fridges come with an app so you can monitor and adjust the temperature from your smartphone.
  • USB Port: How cool – you can charge your phone from your fridge! 


Lastly but certainly not least is the price, or more importantly your budget.  The first thing you’ll notice is that camping fridges are not cheap!  Even the best cheap camping fridge / freezer is more expensive than a top quality esky!  Click here for our guide on the best esky for camping.

Most fridges are well in excess of $500, closer to the $1000+ mark and then of course you need to factor in any additional accessories you may need like a spare battery, fridge slides or thermal cover.

When it comes to a camping fridge though, you really do get what you pay for.  So while it may seem like a lot to start with, if you make the right investment upfront, you’ll have yourself a top quality fridge that will last you for years and years.

Best Camping Fridge Reviews Australia 2021

Below we’ve listed some great options from some of the best camping fridge brands currently in Australia.

Dometic Waeco Camping Fridge / Freezer CFX3 36L Review

If you’re after a mid to small camping fridge freezer, then a good one to consider is the CFX3 Dometic Waeco camping fridge/freezer.  Featuring a high performance and reliable compressor, with thick insulation, this camping fridge freezer will keep your food chilled for many many camping trips.

This is a small fridge with a capacity of 36l or able to fit 50 cans.  Inside there are two separate compartments and despite being a small fridge, the CFX3 can accommodate a 2l soft drink bottle standing upright.  It also has spring loaded aluminium alloy handles that fold down when not in use. 

With a 5 cm polyurethane foam insulation, this Dometic camping fridge will keep all your supplies nice and cold regardless of the outside temperature.  At normal use, this camping fridge Waeco offers runs at a temperature between 10 °C to –22 °C (depending on whether you want to keep things frozen or chilled).

The CFX3 has some great electronic features including a digital display to make using your fridge simple. Inside the fridge, there is an LED light to make finding things in the dark easy and a drain plug which makes for simple cleaning. It even comes with a USB charging port so you can charge your small devices from your fridge!  Plus you can monitor and control your fridge via an app downloaded to your phone.

This is a durable fridge with a heavy duty design.  It features an ExoFrame construction and other stainless steel components.  The fridge/freezer has a genuine Dometic compressor with a 5 year warranty, while the rest of the fridge comes with a 2 year warranty.  Other features include 3 stage battery protection, a 240v cable and a low power consumption at just 0.98 Ah/h. 

So if you’re looking for the best 12V camping fridge, that is robust, compact and awesome on power then the CFX3 is certainly a good one to consider. Being such a compact size you can easily pop this fridge in the back of the car for a day trip or weekend away.

  • External dimensions: 39.8cm x 40.7 cm x 69.4 cm (WxHxD)
  • Input power: 12V/24V DC | 240 Volt AC
  • Temperature range: 10 °C to –22 °C 
  • Power consumption: 0.98 Ah/h
  • Weight: 16.9 kg
  • Warranty: 5 Year Compressor/2 Year all other components

Click here for more information and to check the current price.


Engel Camping Fridge / Freezer MD40F 38L 12V/24V Review

Engel is another top brand when it comes to excellent camping fridges, and the MD40F range is no exception.  This 38L Engel camping fridge/freezer is another small fridge, perfect for a couples weekend away or for a day out with the family.

The MD40F is made from a durable yet lightweight polypropylene, with soft bumpers on the corners for protection.  For added convenience, it comes with a reversible lid and has removable handles which are great for storing in compact places.  Plus despite being a small fridge it can still hold upright soft drink bottles and a total of 50 x 375 ml cans.

This Engel camping fridge/freezer is designed to run purely on a 12/24V DC power source, although you can purchase a 240V AC/DC converter as well if you’re wanting to plug it into the mains.  More importantly, the fridge runs on a Sawafuji compressor, which is one of the top compressors around so you know it’s built to last.  Plus the fridge comes with a 3 year warranty too.

There are no fancy electronics on this camping cooler fridge, just a simple easy to use dial which you can use to set the temperature up to  -18°C.   It also has 4cm of thick polyurethane insulation and a power consumption rate of between 0.5A to 2.75A maximum per hour. 

If you’re after something to keep the essentials chilled without all the unnecessary bells and whistles, the Engel MD40F is another great option to consider.  It’s certainly the best price Engel fridge.

  • External dimensions: 77.6 cm x 48.3 cm x 36.6 cm (WxHxD)
  • Input power: 12V/24V DC | 240 Volt AC (but will need to purchase a converter)
  • Temperature range: down to –18 °C 
  • Power consumption: ~0.5 Ah/h – 2.7Ah/h at 12 Volts 
  • Weight: 22 kg
  • Warranty: 3 years

Click the following links for more information and to check the current price – Click here for Tentworld | Click here for BCF.


Engel MT-V45F 40L Camping Fridge / Freezer Review

If you like the previous Engel fridge but after something a little tougher and with a few extra features, then the MT-V45F range might be worth looking at.

This is a tough cookie with powder coated steel casing, corner protectors, reinforced removable handles and a great looking gunmetal exterior, making it perfect for those after the best 4×4 fridge or a durable camping car fridge.  Like the previous Engel fridge, the MT-V45F is powered by a top quality Sawafuji compressor which is covered by a 5 year warranty and the rest of the fridge is covered by a 3 year warranty.

With it’s 40l, this is a good size for a weekend away.  The 40l camping fridge will accommodate wine or soft drink bottles in the upright position plus with its 4 cm of high density polyurethane insulation, it will keep your supplies chilled or frozen depending on your temperature setting (down to around -18°C).  In total, you can squeeze in 60 cans in this fridge.

The fridge is easy to power with the included 12V cord or the 240V lead.  Other features of this best 12V fridge for camping include an interior LED light, lockable door latches, 3 stage battery protection, and an efficient power consumption rating of 0.5A to 2.6A maximum per hour. 

This fridge can also be purchased as a combi which means it will operate as a fridge and freezer simultaneously (click here to check it out).  Alternatively, the fridge/freezer also comes in a 32L, 60L or 80L fridge/freezer.

  • External dimensions: 64.8 cm x 50.8 cm x 36.4 cm (WxHxD)
  • Input power: 12V/24V DC | 240 Volt AC 
  • Temperature range: down to –18 °C 
  • Power consumption: ~0.5 Ah/h – 2.6Ah/h at 12 Volts 
  • Weight: 24 kg
  • Warranty: 5 years for the compressor and 3 years on all other parts

Click the following links for more information and to check the current price – Click here for Tentworld | Click here for BCF.


Dometic CFF45 45l Camping Fridge Review

If you’re after the best value camping fridge, you can’t go wrong with the Dometic CFF45.  This 45l camping fridge is a great all rounder for those after something lightweight, good size and at a budget price.  In fact, this is one of the cheapest fridges in these reviews, as well as one of the lightest!

Despite being a budget fridge, the CFF45 is still built for tough conditions.  It’s made from polypropylene, has nylon and steel handles and other components are made from quality stainless steel.  The budget fridge also comes with a quality SECOP compressor which has a 3 year warranty, as does the rest of the fridge.

The spacious compartment can be used as either a fridge or freezer and can hold a total of 62 cans.  Like all good fridge/freezers it’s also capable of holding a soft drink bottle in the upright position.  Inside there is a basket with a removable divider which is great for keeping things organised.  There is also light which is perfect for dark conditions.

The fridge features an LED display from which you can set the fridge/freezer temperature between 10°C and -18°C.  Other features include 4.5cm of CFC-free polyurethane foam insulation, efficient power consumption at just 0.88 Ah/h  and a double sided opening and completely removable lid.

So if you don’t want to spend a fortune on your first camping fridge, the lightweight CFF45 is well worth checking out.  

  • External dimensions: 59 cm x 47.5 cm x 39.8 cm (WxHxD)
  • Input power: 12V/24V DC | 240 Volt AC
  • Temperature range: 10 °C to –18 °C 
  • Power consumption: ~0.88 Ah/h at 12 Volts 
  • Weight: 18.6 kg
  • Warranty: 3 years

Click the following links for more information and to check the current price – Click here for Tentworld 


Dometic CFX3 45 Portable Fridge / Freezer 46L Review

If the previous Dometic fridge piques your interest but you’re after one featuring all the bells and whistles, then the CFX3 45 is just the fridge for you!

At just 18.7kg, the Dometic CFX3 45 is a surprisingly lightweight mid size fridge – that’s because despite being jammed packed with some great features it has a durable yet lightweight ExcoFrame.  This frame is made from polypropylene and ensures the fridge is well protected when out on the road.  The fridge also has strong spring loaded aluminium handless and stainless steel components.  In addition, it has a powerful Dometic compressor, which comes with a 3 year warranty, while the rest of the fridge has a 2 year warranty.

In terms of storage, this best camping refrigerator can accommodate up to 67 cans of drink.  Soft drink bottles can easily stand in the upright position and there are two separate compartments to keep your supplies organised, one which comes with a removable divider to make three sections if needed.

The fridge can be set to temperatures between 10°C to -22°C, which can be monitored by WiFi or Bluetooth through a free App.  It also features an easy to read digital display which shows the temperature, status of the unit and even a USB port for charging small electronic devices.

Other features of this 12V / 240V camping fridge include 5cm of thick CFC-free polyurethane foam, plug for easy cleaning, removable lid, interior LED light, 3 stage battery protection and efficient power consumption with an average of 1.03 Ah/h. 

This fridge also comes in the option of a  55 litres, 75 litres or a 94 litres fridge/freezer.

  • External dimensions: 69.4 cm x 47.6 cm x 39.8 cm (WxHxD)
  • Input power: 12V/24V DC | 240 Volt AC
  • Temperature range: 10 °C to  –22 °C 
  • Power consumption: ~1.03 Ah/h at 12 Volts 
  • Weight: 18.7 kg
  • Warranty: 3 years for the compressor and 2 years on all other parts

Click the following links for more information and to check the current price – Click here for Tentworld | Click here for BCF.


Bushman Fridge – Original Portable 35 to 52L Review

The Bushman fridge is a super popular little fridge, mostly due to its ability to expand from a 35l mini camping fridge, right up to a good mid size 52 litres.  This makes it great for a day trip or for those weekend camping trips.

With the expansion kit, you can choose from four different sizes including  35L, 42L, 45L and 52L.  Plus you have the option of choosing to use it as a fridge or a freezer or while in the 32 and 45 litre configuration you can use it as both a fridge and a freezer at the same time.

The Bushman camping fridge is durable, featuring a powder coated steel cabinet.  It also has a powerful SECOP compressor which is covered by a 5 year warranty.  The rest of the fridge comes with a 3 year warranty.

Depending on which configuration you use, there are three different baskets which can be used to keep your supplies well organised.  While using the three baskets you’ve got three different cooling zones with the top basket ideal as a crisper for fruit and veg at an approximate 6°, the middle basket is cooled at an approximate 2° which is ideal for dairy and meat and the lower basket is perfect for frozen foods at an approximate -2°.

Other features of this super versatile fridge include a digital thermostat with LCD screen, battery protection, transit cover and tie down brackets.

As you can see the Bushman camping fridge is really versatile and great if you want the option of different size fridges without having to buy more then one.

  • External dimensions: 69 cm x 54.5 cm x 38.5 cm (WxHxD)
  • Input power: 12V/24V DC | 240 Volt AC 
  • Temperature range: 10°C to –22 °C 
  • Power consumption: ~0.67 Ah/h at 12 Volts 
  • Weight: 24.5 kg
  • Warranty: 5 years for the compressor and 3 years on the remainder of the fridge

Click here for more information and to check the current price.


Evakool Camping Fridge TMDZ60 Travelmate 51 Dual Zone Fridge / Freezer Review

The first of the Evakool fridges in these reviews, the Evakool TMDZ60 is also the first of the dual zone fridges in this guide – meaning it can operate as both a fridge and freezer at the same time.

The Evakool is made from durable polypropylene and has nylon and steel handles and stainless steel components.  It also features a powerful Danfoss compressor to ensure an efficient and low power consumption of between 1 Ah/h – 3 Ah/h.  The base and lid are also fully insulated with CFC-free polyurethane foam, which helps to keep the power consumption low.

Inside you’ll find two compartments which can either be set as a fridge or freezer.  You’ll easily be able to have a bottle in the upright position inside and there are also removable baskets to help keep your supplies well organised and an interior LED light.

Other features include digital controls, three stage battery protection, tie down handles, fully detachable lid, even a UBS port for charging small devices.

This fridge offers campers great value for money.  It really ticks all the boxes – lightweight, good size, electronic gadgets, efficient power consumption and such a great low price.  It is also available in a 80 litre or 96 litre fridge. 

  • External dimensions: 79.5 cm x 43.5 cm x 44.8 cm (WxHxD)
  • Input power: 12V/24V DC | 240 Volt AC 
  • Temperature range: 10 °C to –22 °C 
  • Power consumption: ~1 Ah/h – 3 Ah/h at 12 Volts 
  • Weight: 19.5 kg
  • Warranty: 5 years

Click here for more information and to check the current price.


Adventure Kings 60l Camping Fridge / Freezer Review

For those just after a good old cheap camping fridge, Adventure Kings have this end of the market well covered.  They are known for making good all round budget friendly camping fridges like this 60l camping fridge.

Despite being a cheap fridge, these Adventure Kings fridges still come with some great features like the top quality Secop compressor that you see featured in many of the other fridges in these reviews.  It also has heavy duty spring action handles which hold away when not in use. The fridge also comes with a 2 year warranty which is pretty good for a fridge this price.

This 60 litre camping fridge can fit in a whooping 88 cans inside and to help you stay well organised there is a removable basket as well as a smaller dairy compartment.

The Adventure Kings fridge has an easy to use display panel from which you can choose your temperature between 10°C to –18 °C.  Other features include 3 stage battery protection, internal light and a reversible lid so you can open up regardless of how you set it up.

The Adventure Kings fridge comes in a range of sizes including 15l, 45l, 70l or 90l, so you can purchase the perfect size for your camping needs.  So if you’re just after a cheap fridge to keep your gear cold during your camping trip – you really can’t go past this Adventure Kings fridge.

  • External dimensions: 66 cm x 51 cm x 41 cm (WxHxD)
  • Input power: 12V/24V DC | 240 Volt AC 
  • Temperature range: 10°C to –18 °C 
  • Power consumption: ~0.7 Ah/h – 1Ah/h at 12 Volts 
  • Weight: 19.8 kg
  • Warranty: 2 years

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Evakool TMX 65 Travelmate 65L Fridge Freezer Review

Another Evakool, but this time the TMX which isn’t a dual zone fridge, so perfect for those that just want either a dedicated fridge or dedicated freezer – this makes it cheaper too!

Like the previous Evakool model, the TMX is a durable camping fridge, constructed from polypropylene, with nylon and steel handles and stainless steel components.  It also has the almighty Danfoss compressor which is covered by an awesome 5 year warranty.

The fridge has a CFC-free polyurethane foam insulated base and lid, which ensures the fridge runs efficiently.  Inside you can easily fit in 105 cans and large bottles can be positioned in the upright position.  There is also a removable basket with a divider to keep your supplies well organised. 

The TMX has digital controls as well as three stage battery protection, interior LED light,  and even a USB port to charge your phone or other small electronic devices.

The Evakool range of Travelmate fridges are such a great option if you don’t want to go as cheap as the Adventure Kings brand but can’t stretch the budget to a Dometic or Engel brand.  Plus the fridge also comes in a range of other sizes too including 38 litres, 45 litres, 50 litres and 80 litres.

  • External dimensions: 71 cm x 55.8 cm x 45.5 cm (WxHxD)
  • Input power: 12V/24V DC | 240 Volt AC (but will need to purchase a converter)
  • Temperature range: 10°C  to –18 °C 
  • Power consumption: 1 Ah/h – 22.5 Ah/h at 12 Volts 
  • Weight: 30 kg
  • Warranty: 5 years

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Dometic CFX3 95DZ – 94L Review

Last but not least we have the very gigantic Dometic CFX3 94 litre fridge!  It’s also a dual zone so awesome for a family camping trip where you want to keep some things frozen and other things chilled.

This giant camping fridge is durable , yet still reasonably lightweight considering it’s size.  The fridge is made from polypropylene, has spring loaded aluminium alloy handles and various other stainless steel components.  It features a Dometic compressor with a 5 year warranty (2 years on the rest of the fridge) so you know this fridge is built to last the distance.

Inside the fridge you can store up to 133 cans of drink and large bottles can of course be positioned in the upright position.  The dual compartments mean you can set the temperatures independently of each other so you have both frozen and chilled items.  Each compartment has its own lid which can open in either direction.

The fridge comes with an easy to read digital display which shows the temperature and status of the fridge.  You can also monitor and adjust the fridge via the free app on your smartphone and even charge your phone and other small devices with the included USB port.

The fridge also has 5cm of thick CFC-free Polyurethane Foam and has 3 stage battery protection.

  • External dimensions: 96.2 cm x 47.2 cm x 53 cm (WxHxD)
  • Input power: 12V/24V DC | 240 Volt AC 
  • Temperature range: 10°C  to –18 °C 
  • Power consumption: 3.57 Ah/h
  • Weight: 29.8 kg
  • Warranty: 3 years for the compressor and 2 years on the rest of the fridge

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We hope you found this guide to the camping fridges helpful.  Remember if you need help choosing other camping gear we have a range of other guides including the best esky for camping, camping stoves and camping chairs.

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