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Complete Guide to the Best Camping Gazebo Australia 2024

Looking for the best camping gazebo Australia has?

Then read on because, in this guide, we will help you find the best portable gazebo for camping!

After somewhere to sleep, the next crucial thing to have while camping is some shelter to relax under – which is where a gazebo comes in handy.  The best gazebo for camping Australia sells is something that has plenty of space for everyone to relax under, as well as to store anything you don’t want left out in the weather.  But in addition to size, the best gazebos are portable, easy to put up, durable to withstand whatever mother nature throws at them and will last you for more than just a couple of camping trips.

We recently bought a new outdoor portable gazebo after our old one snapped a leg in a windy storm over on Straddie.  I woke up one night hearing quite a lot of noise and wind and sent out the hubby, who found our friend holding one leg of our gazebo for dear life! But, unfortunately, it was too late, and the leg had snapped – never mind – it was just a cheap Aldi one and had done all right for a number of years.

So it was back to the drawing board, and I did quite a bit of research this time to determine which was the best gazebo to buy, which would last us for years.  I’ve decided to put all that research to good use and have written this guide on choosing the best gazebo Australia has.

In these best camping gazebo reviews 2024, I take you through all the things you need to think about so you purchase the best gazebo camping tent that is perfect for you.  Then in the review section, we’ll look at some of the best rated gazebo tents for sale.

Whether you’re after the best compact gazebo for camping, a spacious double awning gazebo, an enclosed gazebo or just want to buy a cheap gazebo –  after reading this best gazebo reviews Australia guide, you’ll be well on your way to purchase one that’s right for you.

So let’s get into it and find you the best gazebo tent for sale!

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Our Pick for the Best Camping Gazebo Australia 2024: Wanderer Ultimate Heavy Duty

Wanderer Heavy Duty Gazebo

Don’t fancy reading our entire best outdoor gazebo reviews and just want to know our recommended gazebo?  Well, we suggest the Wanderer Ultimate Heavy Duty gazebo range.

This heavy duty camping gazebo range is made from top quality materials, including a heavy duty steel frame and a thick 420 denier canopy to keep you well protected from both rain and the sun.  The range has three different size gazebos, all with three adjustable leg heights.  This Wanderer camp gazebo range also comes with a heavy duty carry bag with wheels to make it easy to transport.

Keep reading below for our Wanderer gazebo review, or click here to buy it now.

The Best Gazebo Camping 2024 Comparison Chart

To help you buy a gazebo for camping, below is a comparison chart, which lists all the gazebos that feature in the review section.  The chart provides a quick and easy way to compare each camping gazebo for sale and their features side by side, so you can easily determine which is the best portable camping gazebo for you.

Keep reading the reviews below for further details about these portable gazebos for camping.

NameImageSize (metres)WeightFrame /CanopyCheck Price
Coleman Lighted Coleman Light Up Gazebo2.4 x 2.4
3 x 3
18 kg
19 kg
32 mm Steel / 150D Polyester Check Price
OZtrail Shade DomeColeman Dome Gazebo4.2 x 4.217 kg32 mm Steel / 150D Polyester Check Price
Oztrail Deluxe Oztrail Deluxe3 x 3
4.5 x 3
6 x 3
23 kg
29 kg
39 kg
32 mm Steel / 300D PolyesterCheck Price
Adventure Kings Kings Gazebo3 x 3
4.5 x 3
6 x 3
22 kg
30 kg
37 kg
25 mm Steel / 420D PolyesterCheck Price
Coleman Heat ShieldAnaconda Gazebo3 x 320 kg
25 mm Steel / 300D PolyesterCheck Price
Wanderer Heavy Duty Wanderer Heavy Duty Gazebo3 x 3
4.5 x 3
6 x 3
23 kg
29 kg
40 kg
25mm Steel / 420D PolyesterCheck Price
Wanderer Anti Pooling Pro Wanderer Anti Pool Gazebo3 x 3
4.2 x 3
6 x 3
24 kg
27 kg
40 kg
25 mm Steel / 420D PolyesterCheck Price
Wanderer ExpressWanderer Express Gazebo3 x 324 kg28 Steel mm / 150D PolyesterCheck Price
Outback Connection BreakawayOztrail Fiesta Gazebo3 x 3
6 x 3
29 kg
43 kg
30mm Steel / 420D PolyesterCheck Price
Oztrail Commercial Deluxe Oztrail Commerical Gazebo2.4 x 2.4
3 x 3
4.5 x 3
6 x 3
21 kg
23 kg
32 kg
43 kg
32mm Steel / 300D PolyesterCheck Price

Choosing the Best Portable Gazebo for Camping

When buying an outdoor gazebo tent, many people buy the cheapest one they can find, which is the right size for their camp set up.  But if you want an outdoor camping gazebo that is easy to transport and set up, keep you well protected and last for many years of camping trips, there are a few other things you should consider.

To buy the best camping gazebo 2024 has, consider the following factors.


The first thing you need to consider is what size gazebo to purchase.  Generally, a standard size is a 3×3 metre gazebo, or you can get a double gazebo which is a 3 x 6 metre gazebo.  For a small camping gazebo, you can get some that are 2.4 x 2.4 metres, and there are a few other in between sizes too.

In terms of which size to buy – this is different for everyone.  You need to consider how many people you’re trying to provide shelter for and what camping gear you want to keep underneath.

For example, we’re a family of 3, but often we have others camping with us.  So we need a gazebo big enough for us all to sit under in our camping chairs at the table.  We also like our gazebo to cover our camp fridge.  So for us, the standard 3m x 3m is plenty big enough.  It would be nice to have the larger sized gazebo at times, but bigger also means heavier and harder to put up.

Gazebo for Camping

Speed and Ease of Set Up

I can’t stress how important it is to have an easy up gazebo. In fact, you want all your camping gear to be easy to set up because if it’s too hard or takes too long to set up, that’s when camping just becomes a real chore.

The good news is, these days, pretty much all gazebos are the pop up gazebo tent types.  The best pop up gazebo Australia has, goes up and down in literally minutes, with the longest part being tying down the guy ropes and pegs. So if it’s not a pop up camping gazebo – then I wouldn’t recommend you buy it.

However, a double pop up gazebo can take a little more time to set up – mainly because it’s heavier and will require additional people to put it up.

Durability: Frame and Canopy Strength

The main area where camping shelters and gazebos differ is their durability – I mean, remember my story about the leg snapping from our cheap pop up gazebo?  At times the Aussie elements can be quite harsh – whether that be rain, wind or sun – so you want a gazebo that can withstand whatever comes its way.

When it comes to an outdoor gazebo tent, you want to ensure both the frame and the canopy are made from top quality materials.  

A thicker frame will, of course, be more durable than a thinner one.  This will also make the gazebo overall sturdier and longer lasting.  For the best heavy duty gazebo, look for frames that have been powder coated, which provides an extra layer of water protection, as steel frames can go rusty.

Quality canopies come with a thicker fabric.  Fabric thickness is determined by denier – usually, you’ll just see a number followed by a “D”.  The higher the number, the more durable the fabric -with most gazebos being between 150D to 500D.  Also, look for double stitching, full internal sealed seams and reinforcement to prevent rips and tears.

Weatherproof: Wind, Rain and Sun Protection

Given the main reason you purchase a camping gazebo tent in the first place is to protect you from the elements, your gazebo must be weatherproof.

As mentioned above, the thicker the fabric’s denier, the better the quality of the canopy and, therefore, the better protection it offers.  But you’ll also want to ensure it has a high UV rating for protection from the sun – look for one with a UPF50+ for the ultimate protection.  Also, look for gazebos with a silver coated backing for even further sun protection.

In terms of how waterproof the gazebo is, the best waterproof camping gazebo will list its waterproof rating.  The higher the rating, the more waterproof it is.  Although sometimes, the main issue with gazebos in heavy rain is water pooling on the canopy, which then eventually drips.  A dome gazebo is better in heavy periods of rainfall as the water will run straight off.  These days the best waterproof gazebo Australia has, feature anti pooling arms which sit under the canopy and prevent water from pooling.

Sealed or heat taped internal seams also make a camping pergola extra watertight.

Walls and Mesh Screens

Gazebos are super versatile these days, with many coming with the option of adding walls or inner mesh screens, so you’re even further protected from the elements and insects.  Some gazebos you buy will include a wall or two, while for others, this is an optional extra. 

While a camping gazebo with walls won’t be necessary during perfect conditions, they really are the best gazebo for rain and wind Australia has, as they provide a safe place to escape the elements.  Whereas inner mesh screens are fantastic when camping at those locations where you can’t get rid of the flies, mosquitoes, or midges no matter what you do.

If you think adding walls or a mesh inner screen is something you may want to do down the track, ensure the gazebo you purchase allows you to add walls, as not all do.

Height Adjustable

The best quality gazebo comes with the ability the adjust its height.  While most of the time you’ll likely have it on the highest height setting, having the ability to make your camping marquee lower means you can better block out the sun as it moves position throughout the day or rain if its intensity increases (essential if sleeping under your gazebo in a swag).

Camping Gazebo

Weight and Portability

If you’re looking for the best quality portable gazebo, then it can be rather heavy – particularly if you decide to go for an extra large camping gazebo.  The best portable gazebo Australia has is one that comes in a  wheeled bag, so you can easily move it from the car to your campsite.  Ensure the bag is heavy duty too, ensuring it won’t rip or tear over time.

However, if you’re towing a camper trailer or van and weight limits are an issue for you – then you will really need to pay special attention to how much the camping gazebo tent weighs.  

Guy Ropes and Pegs

Your portable gazebo tent will come with its own guy ropes and pegs, but at times these aren’t always the best depending on where you’re setting up camp.  

For example, sometimes it’s not possible to peg down your gazebo, in which case you’ll want some base pods or sandbags to hold it down.  Or if you’re camping on sand, then the standard pegs aren’t ideal for this, so having a few sand pegs will come in handy.

Also, for guy ropes, ensure you have ones with reflective strips on them so they can easily be seen at night. So many people have tripped over these buggers after dark – me included!


Lastly –  how much do you want to spend?  If you’re only planning on a camping trip once a year or every few years, then you can probably get away with something like a cheap gazebo for sale.  However, keep in mind that you do get what you pay for – and you might end up paying twice anyway when you have to replace it in a few years.

Whereas if you invest in a top quality heavy duty gazebo straight up – it will last you years of regular camping trips.  So if you can, do purchase yourself a heavy duty gazebo.

The Best Camping Gazebo Reviews 2024

Hopefully, after reading the above, you better understand what would make the ideal gazebo for you.  Keep reading our best rated portable gazebo reviews below to find the perfect one for you. 

Coleman Instant Up Lighted Gazebo Review

Coleman Light Up Gazebo
The Coleman Lighted Instant Gazebo is the way to go for a great quality gazebo that also includes lights.  This all in one lighted gazebo is awesome if you’re looking for something to take camping with you and don’t yet have a good set of lights.

This Coleman gazebo has been made with a thick steel frame and legs, which have been wind tested to speeds of up 65 km ph – perfect if you’re after the best gazebo for high winds.  It also features a 150 denier polyester canopy with a UV50+ rating to keep you well protected from the harsh Aussie sun.

Once the sun goes down, it’s then time to turn on the integrated strip lighting. The strip lighting provides 450 lumens of light which is plenty bright enough to light up your campsite for the evening.  

Thanks to the spring loaded hub; this Coleman camping gazebo is also easy to set up.  Plus, the easy setup gazebo is exceptionally light, being the lightest gazebo in these reviews despite including the additional lighting strip.

Available in two sizes – a standard 3 x 3 metres or the smaller 2.4 x 2.4 metres, these gazebos also come with a one year warranty.

Click here for more information and to check the price.

OZtrail Shade Dome Review

The OZtrail Shade Dome is a unique gazebo by camping giants OZtrail.  Firstly it has a unique dome shape compared to the usual square / boxy shape gazebos come in.  Also, the dome gazebo camping product has an unusual size at 4.2 x 4.2 metres square.  Considering the size, these are super lightweight gazebos and are decent quality too. 

This OZtrail dome gazebo features a sturdy steel frame. The canopy is made from a 150 denier polyester with a silver coated backing to cut out the sun’s harmful rays.  It’s also fire retardant, has a 1000mm waterproof rating and is fully seam sealed.

The great thing about the dome design is that water won’t pool on the roof.  In addition, the steel shock corded poles provide great strength in windy conditions.  Combined, this offers great shelter when the weather turns bad.  Plus, the inclusion of a single wall offers additional protection from the rain or sun.

The dome top gazebo packs away nice and compactly and is easily stored and transported in the included carry bag.

Coming with a one year warranty, the OZtrail Shade Dome is another great option for those campers after a top quality gazebo.  

Click here for more information and to check the price.

Oztrail Deluxe Gazebo Review

Oztrail Deluxe

For an excellent mid priced gazebo – the Oztrail Deluxe gazebo is a perfect choice!  Made from top quality materials, featuring anti pooling technology and coming in a range of different sizes, this OZtrail gazebo will keep you well protected no matter what the weather has in store for you.

This Oztrail camping gazebo features a sturdy frame made from heavy duty powder coated steel with thick 32mm tubular steel legs. It also has reinforced cross gables to provide increased strength during windy conditions making it a great all weather gazebo.

The canopy is made from a fire retardant heavy duty 300 denier polyester with triple layer (600 denier) reinforced points in key sections to ensure the shelter is long lasting.   Underneath the canopy is a silver coating to protect you from 98% of UV radiation.  It also features anti pooling bars, which creates just enough tension in each corner to prevent the rain from pooling in the middle of the gazebo.

The gazebo is quick and easy to set up, coming with oversized buttons so you can quickly adjust the height.  This gazebo has three heights, including 193mm, 208mm or 223mm.  It also comes in three sizes – 3 x 3 metres, 4.5 x 3 metres, or 6 x 3 metres.  So no matter how big or small your camping set up, there is the perfect sized gazebo for you.

The Oztrail Deluxe gazebo packs down since and compactly and the compact gazebos easily store away in the included heavy duty carry bag with wheels to make it easy to transport.

Overall, if you’re after a great quality and priced gazebo to keep you sheltered while camping, you really can’t go wrong with the OZtrail Deluxe.  It is jammed packed with features and yet still comes at a good price.  It also comes with a one year warranty.

Click here for more information and to check the price.


Adventure Kings Gazebo Review

Kings Gazebo

For those looking for the best cheap gazebo tent – then the Adventure Kings has got you covered with their range of heavy duty gazebos.  These are by far the cheapest gazebos in these best gazebo reviews Australia guide.  However, don’t let that low price tag fool you – the Adventure Kings gazebo is made from similar materials to many others in this guide.

The Adventure Kings camping gazebo has a reinforced heavy duty steel frame with thick 30mm legs and a hammertone finish.   The canopy is made from a 420 denier waterproof polyester with a protective polyurethane coating.  Plus, the Kings gazebo sun shade has a higher than usual peak to ensure water runs off rather than pools on top.

These Adventure King gazebos come in three sizes – either your standard  3x 3 metres, a mid sized 4.5 x 3 metres and a larger 6 x 3 metres.  In terms of head clearance – these cheap camping gazebo options have one of the smallest – however, with a head height of 2.1 metres, that is still more than enough for most people.  It also has three height adjustments, so you can bring it down if you need additional protection from the sun or rain.

The Adventure Kings gazebo is a great option if you’re just starting out and looking for the best affordable gazebo.  Despite its low price tag, it is made with great quality materials – really, the main issue is it doesn’t come with a bag – but these can be purchased separately later when you’ve got a bit of spare cash.

Click here for more information and to check the price.

Coleman Heat Shield DeluxeTent Review

If you’re one of those people that really suffer in the heat, then you’re going to want a Coleman Heat Shield Deluxe Gazebo. These are also a great option to consider for anyone who owns a tent from the Coleman Gold Series or the Northstar Series as they seamlessly connect together.

So the awesome feature of these tents is the heat shield technology.  This basically means that a special black liner has been added to the inside of the canopy, which blocks out 98% of UV rays and offers 50UV protection.  Plus, it reduces the temperature under the canopy by a whopping 10%!  That is a huge advantage for those hot summer days in Queensland.

In addition to the heat shield technology, this Coleman tent comes with all the standard features you’d expect from a Coleman tent.  The tent is made with a tough 300 denier polyester seam sealed canopy and has a heavy duty D shaped steel frame with steel welded feet for extra sturdiness.  It is also fast to set up and is fully height adjustable with pinch free frame adjustment locks, so there is no need to worry about your fingers getting pinched.  It’s also just as easy to put away and comes with an expandable gusset, so you’re not trying to do the impossible when stuffing it into the included wheeled carry bag.

As mentioned, this Coleman tent seamlessly connects with the Coleman Gold Series and Northstar Series tents so that you can reduce the number of poles required for set up.  This means you’ll save space and weight – an excellent advantage for camping.  Even if you don’t have one of these tents, you can add optional walls for additional protection.

This good quality gazebo tent has also been wind tested to 100km/h, has a roof air vent for ventilation and comes with heavy duty pegs, adjustable guy ropes and a one year warranty.

If you love to get away during the hotter Queensland months but are not a fan of the heat, then you really do need to consider investing in the Coleman Heatshield gazebo.  It only comes in one 3×3 metre size, and while it is certainly not a camping gazebo cheap option – it is comparable to all the other top quality gazebos in this guide.

Click here for more information and to check the price.


Wanderer BCF Gazebo Tent – Heavy Duty Review

Wanderer Heavy Duty Gazebo

Wanderer is the BCF brand that offers yet another perfect option for those after a low to mid price gazebo.  We cover a few Wanderer options in this camping gazebos Australia guide – starting with this Wanderer Heavy Duty range.

The gazebo canopy of this range is made from a 420 denier polyester with a silver coated back to protect you from UV radiation.  The frame is a heavy duty powder coated steel that has a hammertone frame construction for added strength.

Thanks to the easy to use locking mechanism, you’ll have this BCF gazebo tent up in seconds.   You’ll then be able to choose from three heights, with a maximum height of 3.3 metres.  It then all packs away in the wheeled carry bag, making it easy to transport and store.

It is worth noting that BCF openly states that these gazebos are not ideal for strong wind or rain – so if you’re expecting bad weather, it may well be worth investing in one of the previous gazebos that clearly state they are designed for windy and rainy conditions.  While this sort of gazebo will do you just fine when the weather is good – if the weather turns nasty, the hinges and legs can easily snap – and then you’ll just be forking out for a new gazebo anyway.

Three different sizes are available in the Wanderer heavy duty range, including your standard 3 x 3 metres or a mid size 4.5 x 3 metres. 

The Wanderer heavy duty range of gazebos also come with a one year warranty.

Click here for more information and to check the price.

Wanderer Anti Pooling Pro BCF Gazebo Review

Wanderer Anti Pool Gazebo

If you like the Wanderer range of gazebos but want to ensure you’re well protected in wet weather – then it’s worth investing a little more for the Wanderer Anti Pooling gazebo.

These gazebos are made with the same material as the previous Wanderer gazebo, being a powder coated steel frame and a 420 denier polyester canopy.  The canopy, of course, also features the silver back to protect from the harsh Aussie sun.  In addition, the canopy is fully seam sealed, and the frame features the anti pooling design, which ensures rain rolls off the sides rather than pooling in the middle.  Combined, this ensures you remain well and truly dry once the rain rolls in.

Of course, like all good gazebos on the market today, the Wanderer Anti Pooling Pro requires no assembly and pops into place fast.  Use the finger friendly push button to lock the frame into place and adjust the legs to one of the three available heights.  It all then packs away compactly in the included carry bag, which has wheels making it easy to transport and store.

The Wanderer Anti Pooling Pro comes in three sizes: the standard  3x 3 metres, the mid 4.2 x 3 metres size, and the large 6 x 3 metres gazebo.  These gazebos also come with a one year warranty.

Once again, BCF clearly states that these gazebos are not ideal for heavy rain or strong winds.  So if this is a concern for you – consider buying one of the previous gazebos designed to withstand such conditions.

Click here for more information and to check the price.

Wanderer Express Gazebo Review

Yet another gazebo by Wanderer – the Express is their entry level option.   At 3 x 3 metres – this is your standard sized gazebo and perfect when the budget is tight but you need some shelter on your camping trip. 

This gazebo comes with a heavy duty frame and a 150 denier canopy, so certainly not as top quality as the other Wanderer gazebos featured in this guide.  Nevertheless, the canopy does feature the all important UPF50+ sun protection, which is a necessity when camping in Queensland.

Despite being one of the cheaper gazebos in this guide, it comes with its own durable wheeled carried bag, which makes it easy to get it from the car to the site.  Plus, it comes with all the necessary pegs and guy ropes.

Overall the Wanderer Express Gazebo is not a bad shelter option for the first time camper.

Click here for more information and to check the price.

Outdoor Connection Breakaway Review

Outdoor Connection has got you covered, whether you’re after a small or large size gazebo.  Their Breakaway range of gazebos is of great quality and come at a decent price point, particularly considering they come with a one year warranty.

These gazebos are constructed from strong and durable powder coated steel with a hammer tone coating.  The frame is also height adjustable, with four settings available at a simple push of a button. 

You’ve then got a sturdy 420 denier polyester canopy with a grey PVC on the underside to ensure you’re well protected from the sun. In addition, the 3×3 canopy has a 4000mm waterhead rating, while the 6×3 has a massive 5000mm waterhead rating.  Both sized gazebos also feature heat sealed taped seams to keep you dry during a downpour.

These gazebos also come with all the necessary peg and guy ropes, and a heavy duty wheeled carry bag made with a durable 800 denier fabric.

With a choice of your standard 3×3 or the massive 6×3 – no matter your camp size, Outdoor Connection has the right sized gazebo for you.  Although these gazebos are a little heavier than most others of similar size, much of that extra weight is due to the superior features.

Click here for more information and to check the price.

Oztrail Commercial Deluxe Gazebo Review

Oztrail Commerical Gazebo

Last but not least, we have the OZtrail Commerical Deluxe range of gazebos.  These gazebos are for those after the top of the range camping gazebo.  These OZtrail gazebos feature the best of the best in terms of quality- yet when you consider their price tags – they really do offer great value for money too.

Let’s start with the frame.  The Oztrail Commerical Deluxe range features super strong powder coated steel with thick tubular steel legs.  It also includes anti pooling bars to create tension in the canopy and prevent rain pooling in the centre.

The canopy is made from a whopping 500 denier fire retardant polyester- the highest quality of all the gazebos in these reviews.  In addition, the canopy has 600 denier polyester reinforcing points in key wear areas and heat taped seams to keep it absolutely watertight.  The canopy’s interior has the all important silver coating, which prevents more than 90% of UV radiation.

These gazebos are height adjustable, with the choice of three different head clearance heights of 193cm, 208cm and 223cm.  They also come with a heavy duty wheeled carry bag and a one year warranty.

If you’re looking for a top quality gazebo that will last you years and years, then you really can’t go wrong with one of these OZtrail Commerical Deluxe gazebos.  They come in four sizes: a compact 2.4 x 2.4 metres (perfect for couples after a compact camping shelter), a standard sized 3 x 3 metres, a mid sized 4.5 x 3 metres, and the large 6 x 3 metres.

Click here for more information and to check the price.


And there you have it, our ultimate guide to the best camping gazebos.   We have plenty of other guides to help you with camping, including pop up tents, camping fridges and we even have the ultimate camping checklist here.  Maybe you might also be interested in our guide on choosing the best inflatable kayak

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