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21 Best Camping Gifts for Dad – Australia 2024

Are you looking for some Father’s Day camping gifts?  

Check out this awesome guide which covers 21 of the very best camping gift ideas for Dad!

I recently asked our Queensland Camping Facebook group for their suggestions for some of the best camping gifts for Dad.  I was so impressed with all the great ideas our members came up with that I thought I’d put them all together in this article and share them with everyone!

If you’re stuck for Father’s Day camping gift ideas Australia has – with this awesome camping gifts guide – you’ll have no excuse not to know what to buy Dad!  You don’t even need to leave your house to buy them because we’ve provided links so you can buy them right now – before you even finish reading this gift guide!

So let’s get straight into it and look at some of the best camping gifts for him that he’s going to just love!

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List of the 21 Best Camping Gifts for Dad – Australia 2024

If you can’t be fussed reading all of this camping gifts for Dad’s guide – then here is a quick list of all the Father’s Day gift ideas for campers in a simple list.  Just click on the link, and it will take you straight to either BCF or Tentworld, where you can buy them online.

If you need more detailed camping gift ideas for Dad – keep reading below.

All the Best Father’s Day Camping Gifts

Below we’ve got all the details on some of the best camping gifts Australia has for your Dad!

Yeti Rambler Colster Stubby Cooler

One of the most recommended camping presents for Dad among our Facebook members was pretty much anything from Yeti!  So why not start with this awesome Yeti stainless steel stubby cooler to keep Dad’s drink nice and cold?  These make the best camping and caravan gifts for Dad.

The Yeti stubby cooler is made with kitchen grade stainless steel. It features a double wall vacuum insulation which will keep Dad’s drinks cold for ages – long after his can is empty, that’s for sure, and with the No Sweat Design, you don’t have to worry about Dad getting his hands too cold either.

These stubby coolers are the absolute bomb and make such great outdoor gifts for Dad.  Seriously you buy this for your Dad, and he will totally consider you his favourite child!

Click here to buy the Yeti Rambler Colster Stubby Cooler now.

Evakool Travelmate 80L Dual Zone Fridge / Freezer

If you really want to get in Dad’s good books, then get him this Evakool dual zone fridge/freezer.  Or for the mums reading this, you can buy it for the family, but you know, dress it up like an awesome gift for Dad!

With the Evakool Travelmate fridge/freezer, say goodbye to wet and soggy containers swimming in icy water and say HELLO to an endless cold supply of food and drinks for your entire camping trip!

With 80l, there is plenty of room for the family camping trip – plus, with the dual-zone you can have frozen ice cream and cold drinks at the same time!!!!

This fridge/freezer also features all those super fancy things like an LED display and a USB port so Dad can charge his phone and is super durable, so it will deal with all kinds of camping adventures.

So if you want family camping gifts – sorry, I mean great camping gifts for men – then you really can’t go wrong with this dual zone fridge/freezer.  

Click here to buy the Evakool Travel Dual Zone Fridge / Freezer now.

Outdoor Connection King Rocker Chair

Is Dad in need of a new comfy camping chair?  If you said yes, check out this rocking camping chair – I can tell you it’s comfy because I’ve tried this out myself!

With the Outdoor Connection King Rocker Chair, Dad will have the perfect place for his afternoon nap.  Plus, there is room for Dad’s drink as well and his phone on the other side.

This chair is made with a strong powder coated steel frame, durable 600 D fabric, and a has a padded cover.  It can also accommodate our bigger Dads (you know, Dad’s with big beer bellies) too, with a weight capacity of up to 130kg.

Super comfy, luxurious chairs make the best camping gear gifts for Dad – so go and check this one out.

Click here to buy the Outdoor Connection King Rocker Chair now.

Coleman Headlamp

If you’re looking for small camping gifts or cheap camping gifts for Dad, how about this Coleman Headlamp.  Headlamps are awesome while camping, as your hands are free while you’re going about your business.  Plus, having it permanently on your head or around your neck, it’s there when you need it.

This particular headlamp is lightweight and compact, and it has four settings for high, medium and low light, as well as red for night vision.

These Coleman headlamps certainly make useful camping gifts and are perfect for practical Dads.

Click here to buy the Coleman Headlamp now.

Yeti Rambler 900ml Tumbler / Coffee Mug

Yep, another Yeti product – so we’ve got Dad’s cold beverages taken care of – but with the Yeti 900ml coffee mug, now you’ve taken care of Dad’s coffee too.  In fact, these can be used for hot or cold drinks so that Dad can use it all day!  Talk about a super practical present – these are excellent camping Dad gifts Australia has!

Just like the previous Yeti stubby coolers, these tumblers are made from kitchen grade stainless steel and have a double wall vacuum insulation.

I reckon the guys from our Facebook group were right, and you really can’t go wrong with any of the Yeti products when it comes to good camping gifts for guys this Father’s Day.

Click here to buy the Yeti Tumbler / Coffee Mug now.

Yeti Rambler Travel Mug

Very similar to the previous tumbler is the Rambler travel mug – however, the travel mug features to Yeti strong hold lid, which is perfect for enjoying your hot drinks absolutely anywhere without fear of spillages.

At 591ml, the Rambler travel mug is massive and big enough for the largest coffee.  With this size, Dad can enjoy his coffee all morning without having to get a refill.

Now the stronghold lid is the real stand out feature of this Yeti product.  This lid has a magnetic dual slider which ensures the mug is completely leak resistant – so even if the mug gets knocked over – Dad’s coffee ain’t going anywhere!  This is perfect when out camping or fishing and there are uneven surfaces.  Plus, the handle means you can get a strong grip on the mug and being elevated means you can still get it into a standard cup holder.

Like all Yeti drinkware, the travel mug is dishwasher safe and made with durable kitchen grade stainless steel.  It also has double wall vacuum insulation to keep beverages hot or cold until the very last drop.

No matter what outdoor adventures your Dad’s into, this rugged travel mug is the perfect companion for him.  Coming with a 5 year warranty, you know this is one travel mug Dad’s going to have for years.

TAS Folding Shovel


Another great idea when it comes to camping gear for Dad on Father’s Day is this TAS Folding Shovel.  A shovel can be handy for so many different reasons while camping, such as turning the coals over on the fire or even for the 4WD camping Dads.

This particular shovel is lightweight and compact and comes with its own carry bag.  The shovel’s edge can even be used as a saw, and fold the spade back, and you’ve got a pick.  This is a great multiple tool in one and one of the great gifts for camping Dads. 

Click here to buy the TAS Folding Shovel now.

Ezy Anchor Coastal Screws

Walking through the aisles of Tentworld this morning, and Andy pulled these off the shelf, saying, “now these would be super handy”, so there is real life proof that these are great camping trip gifts for Dads!

These screws make easy work for tent pegs and guy ropes.  All Dad needs to do is get his cordless drill or impact driver, secure it at the top of the screw, position it in place, turn on the drill, and voila, the tent poles and guy ropes are securely in place. Of course, it’s the same for removing them too.

It might sound like one of the boring camping related gifts, but seriously Dad will love how quick camp set up is with these screws, and he can get onto having that beer in his new Yeti stubby cooler way quicker!

Click here to buy the Ezy Anchor Coastal Screws now.

Enegitech Cordless Impact Driver

If you get Dad those screws, but he doesn’t have a cordless drill or impact driver, you’ll have to get him one of them too!  This is just a cheap impact driver set that comes with rechargeable batteries and can be used while camping and for some basic jobs around the house.  The Galax Pro is another good one to consider.

The Enegitech is lightweight and comes with 2 Lithium-ion batteries.  Another one of the great Father’s Day camping gifts Dad will really appreciate.

Click here to buy the Enegitech Cordless Impact Driver now.

Great Northern Brewing Co BBQ 10 Piece BBQ Tool Set


If you’re looking for camping cooking gifts for Dad, he will love this ten-piece BBQ toolset.  Oh yeah, look out because, with this toolset, Dad will be the BBQ king of the campground.

This BBQ tool set comes with everything Dad needs to show off his BBQ skills!  It has a fork, thongs, spatula, skewers, basting brush and even an apron.  Plus, it all comes in a really neat carry case. So it’s perfect for camping, caravans or even just BBQs in the park.

If Dad doesn’t already have a BBQ toolset for camping, honestly, I think this would have to be one of the top 10 camping gifts you should be considering. So now, when camping with Dad, you’re guaranteed a good feed!

Click here to buy the 10 Piece BBQ Tool Set now.

Weber Frying Pan

If your Dad likes to cook while camping, then another one of the cool camping gifts for Dad is this Weber frying pan.

This frying pan has been designed for the Weber Q and Family Q but can be used with any BBQ really.  It has a great platinum teflon coated surface and even comes with a detachable handle which is awesome when packing things away.

This is such an awesome camping gift for Dad because he will love having such a top quality fry pan for camping, AND he’ll cook you some awesome bacon and eggs with it as well – WINNING!

Click here to buy the Weber Frying Pan now.

XTM 160W Folding Solar Panel

Surprise Dad this Father’s Day with a solar panel so he can start being a little more self sufficient on those camping trips.  Plus, we all know the unpowered sites are usually in way better positions!

This folding solar panel is made with a lightweight aluminium frame and comes with folding legs so it can be set up on any surface, even uneven surfaces.  It folds up reasonably compactly too, which is great for transporting.

All Dad needs to do is hook this up to his deep cycle battery, and he can power up a range of appliances.

Outdoor camping gifts like solar panels are such a good idea – plus, it sets you up for some other camping themed gifts for Christmas, his birthday and next Father’s Day too.

Click here to buy the XTM 160W Folding Solar Panel now.

Dometic Waeco CoolPower RAPS 44AH Battery Pack

Talking about deep cycle batteries – if Dad doesn’t have one – check out this top quality Dometic Waeco one – another one of the great camping equipment gifts for Dad.  This heavy duty portable battery is great for powering up his camping gear like a portable fridge/freezer.

All he needs to do is charge the battery up before his trip, and he can use his solar panels you bought him while he’s camping to top up.  This is definitely one of the best camping presents for him he’ll really love.

Click here to buy the Dometic Waeco CoolPower RAPS Battery Pack now.

Projecta DC/Solar 3 Stage Battery Charger

So Dad can charge his battery up before he leaves home, he’ll need a battery charger like this Projecta one.  This is a good all rounder battery charger designed to charge most 12V automotive, marine and deep cycle batteries.

With this battery charger, you’ll be giving Dad the gift of life – well, the gift of power, anyway.

Click here to buy the Projecta DC/Solar 3 Stage Battery Charger now.

XTM Recovery Boards

Got a 4WD camping Dad, and after some 4WD gifts for Dad? Then why not get him these recovery boards?  He’ll be sure to think of you next time he gets himself bogged in the sand and needs a hand to get out.

These XTM recovery boards will help Dad get out of both mud and sand and even come with a built-in shovel.  The boards come with various mounting points too, which is great for tying down as well as storing in the shed.

These recovery boards are great 4WD gift ideas for Dad.

Click here to buy the XTM Recovery Boards now.

XTM Snatch Kit

Another great gift idea for Dads who like to 4WD is this snatch kit.  With this snatch kit – provided there is another vehicle around, Dad will be on the move again when the recovery boards just aren’t doing their job.

This snatch kit comes with an 8T, 9M snatch strap, 2 x 4.7T shackles and a carry bag to keep it all organised.  It is another one of the perfect Dad camping gifts for those dads who love their off-road camping trips.

Click here to buy the XTM Snatch Kit now.

Wacaco Minipresso Coffee Maker

For the Dads who love their good coffee, why not treat them to this Wacaco Minipresso so they can get great quality coffee even while camping?  I reckon even Mum will thank you for this one – or Mum if you’re reading this – why not get this as a gift for him, and you can reap the benefits too!!!

This little espresso machine uses capsules just like a pod machine does to make awesome tasting coffee.  It’s easy to use – you just need to add hot water, the capsule and pump it.

I reckon Dad will go nuts over this coffee maker – he can take it camping with him or even to the office or work site.  It’s a super versatile gift – one of the perfect gifts for campers who have everything, and he’ll no doubt thank you for it.

Click here to buy the Wacaco Minipresso Coffee Maker now.

Wanderer 10×50 Binoculars

This is one that I should really be considering for Andy – he’s such a nature lover and so good at spotting wildlife when we travel – so I’d imagine he’d love getting his hands on something like this.  It’s also one of the more unique camping gifts Australia offers – but perfect for Dads that love being in the great outdoors.

These Wanderer binoculars have 10x magnification and a 50mm lens, so they are great at spotting things in the distance, even in low light conditions.  So if you’ve got yourself a bit of David Attenborough type Dad, then these binoculars are one of the perfect camping gifts for him Australia has.

Click here to buy the Wanderer Binoculars now.

Everclear Tritan Tumbler Set

If your budget doesn’t stretch enough to buy Dad a fancy pants Yeti stubby cooler, then the next best thing is a set of these cool Tritan tumblers.  These are great Father’s Day camping ideas, super cheap too, but don’t underestimate how much Dad will appreciate a great tumbler for his beer or JD- OMG, I loved it when we upgraded to good quality camping drinkware.

These tumblers don’t only look great; they are made super tough and will not break like typical glass – yet it has a look and feel of glass – you don’t feel like you’re drinking out of cheap plastic.  Well, that’s because $10+ for a single glass is certainly not cheap!  So if you don’t have a big budget, these tumblers are one of the perfect camping gifts for him.

Click here to buy the Everclear Tritan Tumbler set now.

Plano Guide Tackle Box

Need gift ideas for camping Dads that also love their fishing?  This is the ultimate tackle box with five different compartments to store all his favourite tackle gear.  There’s even an expandable rear pocket for additional gear.

The main compartment sits at a 15 degree angle, making it easier for Dad to access his gear while fishing.  The tackle box features durable covers and doors, non skid rubber feet and sturdy latches.  A lifetime warranty covers the whole kit and caboodle.

So if Dad’s got all his fishing gear all over the shop, make his day and grab him this Plan tackle box.

Click here to buy the Plano Guide Tackle Box now.

Leatherman Wave Plus Multi Tool

Last but not least, in this awesome camping gifts guide for Dad – we’ve got the Leatherman Wave Plus multi tool.  I reckon this is the gift for the dad that has everything!  Honestly, Dad will feel like MacGyver with this tool – and if you’re too young to know what that means – then man, I’m getting old!

With this Leatherman Wave Plus – no matter what goes wrong around the camping site – Dad will have it covered.  The multi tool features a whopping 18 different tools and is made from 420 stainless steel. This nifty gadget is not only built to last but is strong too.

The Leatherman Wave Plus Multi Tool is one of the super cool camping gadgets for Dad, perfect for the Dad that has everything.

Click here to buy the Leatherman Wave Plus Multi Tool now.

We hope you found this guide to the best presents for the camping Dad in your life helpful.  Remember, if you need help choosing other camping gear, we have a range of different guides, including camping fridges and camping chairs.


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