Looking for the best camping lantern Australia has? Tired of your campsite not being well illuminated after sunset?  Then read on because we’ll help you find the best camp lantern 2024 has to light up your outdoor adventures.

When it comes to embarking on outdoor adventures, be it a serene weekend camping trip for two or a week long trip for a group of mates, having the best lantern for camping is an indispensable tool that stands out as a beacon of comfort and safety. 

These days the best camping lanterns Australia has offers many features, technologies, and designs to cater to the diverse needs of modern outdoor enthusiasts.  But with so many different features, it can become overwhelming deciding exactly just what is the best camping lantern.

So before you run out and buy yourself a couple of camping lanterns, it’s worthwhile thinking about your individual needs.  The best lanterns for camping can be expensive, so you want to make the right purchase the first time rather than realising that whatever you bought isn’t a good camping lantern.

This guide is a great start if you’re looking for the best camping lamp.  In this best camping lanterns reviews guide, we delve into the world of camping lanterns, exploring their various types, illumination capabilities, energy efficiency, durability, and unique features. We’ll also look closely at some of the top camping lanterns on the Aussie market.

This best camping lantern review covers a range of different options.  We look at options for the best rechargeable camping lantern, the best LED camping lanterns, the best solar camping lanterns and more!  So regardless of your needs and budget, you’ll no doubt find the perfect one in these camping lantern reviews.

So let’s start and find the best camping lantern 2024 has for you!

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Our Pick for the Best Camping Lantern Australia 2024: Tentworld Chief Lantern

If you don’t want to read our entire camp lantern reviews guide and just want our suggestion for what’s the best camping lantern, we recommend the Tentworld Chief Lantern.

Coming with a main lantern and three smaller removable torches – this Tentworld set may be the only lighting you need for your campsite.  With a combined 860 lumens, this large camping lantern will provide plenty of light to illuminate your entire campsite.  It also features a range of settings to customise the light to your needs.

The Tentworld Chief lantern is also fully rechargeable and has an excellent battery life of around 75 hours – providing plenty of light for all your camping trips.

Click here to purchase the Tentworld Chief lantern now, or keep reading below for our full review.

Best Camping Lanterns Australia Comparison Table

Before we get started on helping you choose the best portable camping lantern, we’ve compiled a comparison table so you can see the top 10 camping lanterns reviewed later in the guide.

The table helps you easily compare these top rated camping lanterns and their features side by side.  

Keep reading below for the full reviews.

ProductPower SourceHours of lightLumensCheck Price
Ledlenser ML6
Lithium Battery / USB70 hours750Check Price
Zempire Megadome V2
Lithium Battery / USB45 hours500Check Price
Tentworld Chief
Lithium Battery / USB75 hours860Check Price
3 x AA Batteries25 hours100Check Price
Luci Outdoor 2.0
Lithium Battery / Solar24 hours75Check PriceOutdoor 2.0
Darch Solar
Lithium Battery / Solar or USB20 hours150Check Price
Zempire Capsule
3 x AA Batteries20 hours25Check Price
BioLite Alpenglow
Battery / USB200 hours500Check Price
Coleman Rugged
Lithium Battery / USB20 hours300Check Price
Coleman Swagger
Lithium Battery / USB40 hours250Check Price

Things to consider when purchasing the best camp lantern

To ensure you are buying the best camp lamp for your camping style, consider the following factors:  

Battery type and runtime

Check the type of batteries the lantern uses and their runtime. These days most of the best camping lanterns 2024 have come with rechargeable batteries, or some even have built in solar panels.  However, some cheap camping lanterns still use disposable batteries (AA, AAA).

Regardless of the battery type, check the estimated battery life on various settings on a single set of batteries or a full charge. The best rated camping lanterns offer a good balance between brightness and battery consumption.  Rechargeable lanterns are more cost-effective and environmentally friendly in the long run.

Brightness and illumination

The brightness of a light is measured in lumens.  Look for lanterns with a minimum of around  100 lumens.  However, to clearly light up your entire campsite, you’ll want a super bright camping lantern with 400 lumens or even more.

The best outdoor lanterns for camping usually have multiple brightness settings – low, medium and high.  This means you can save battery power with a lower setting and crank up the brightness when necessary.

Lighting technology

Various lighting technologies are available, including LED, incandescent, and fluorescent. LED lanterns are popular for their energy efficiency, long battery life, and durability.

Durability and water resistance

Camping involves exposure to the elements and the chances are your light will be dropped on the odd occasion, so for a long lasting camping lantern, it’s important to purchase one that is durable and water-resistant. 

Look for lanterns with an IPX rating that indicates their water resistance level. The best outdoor camping lanterns have higher ratings and can withstand rain and splashes better.

Portability, weight and size

Like all gear you take camping, the weight and portability of lanterns are crucial. The best outdoor camping lantern is lightweight and packs away compactly, so it won’t add excessive weight to your gear. You can even get a collapsible camping lantern which is particularly convenient for packing and storage.

Don’t be fooled into thinking the bigger the size of the lantern, the brighter illumination – as this is often not the case.  It’s quite surprising how bright top quality small camping lanterns can be.

Ease of Use 

The last thing you want is to struggle with complicated controls in the dark. The best outdoor lantern for camping is one with intuitive interfaces and easy-to-operate buttons or switches.

Hanging and Mounting Options

A lantern’s design should make it easy to hang or mount in various locations, whether inside a tent, on a tree branch, or suspended from a hook.

Additional Features

Some lanterns come with extra features. For example, you can get a camping lantern with USB port for charging devices, integrated flashlights or spotlights, or even Bluetooth connectivity for playing music.

Price and Value

Which camping lantern you buy will often be determined by your budget.  But do consider the overall value, including the lantern’s features, durability, and performance, rather than just focusing on the price alone.  

Often even buying the best cheap camping lantern will end up costing you more in the long run if it doesn’t do the job and you end up replacing it in the long run.

Best Camping Lanterns Reviews Australia 2024

In the lights for campsite reviews below, we’ve listed some great options from some of the best camping brands currently in Australia.

Ledlenser ML6 Camping Lamp Review

For campers, after the brightest rechargeable camping lantern on the market, then the Ledlenser ML6 is the one to buy.  With a whopping 750 lumens, this is the brightest camping lantern in these reviews and perfect for anyone after the best LED camping lantern 2024 offers.

This is such a powerful camping lantern that even the largest campsites will be well lit. Plus, these best rechargeable camping lanterns seamlessly adjust the beam from a focused spotlight to a broad floodlight, perfect for navigating dark paths and creating ambient lighting inside your tent.

This best camping LED lantern has a great battery life.  With up to 70 hours of light on the lowest setting, you’ll get reliable illumination for several nights without recharging it. 

The super bright LED camping lantern is easily powered up using a USB source, such as a power bank or solar panel, so you’ll never be left in the dark.  And you can use this best rechargeable lantern camping source as a power bank for smart devices with the handy USB port.

The lantern’s sturdy construction feels built to last, and thanks to its IP54 rating, it’s water-resistant, so it handles light rain without a hitch. 

The lantern’s comfortable handle makes it easy to carry or hang, while its magnetic base means you can stick it to something metal – this is ideal whether you’re after the best lantern for tent camping or something for awning poles.  Plus, the intuitive controls allow for seamless adjustments between brightness levels. 

The ML6 Led Lenser camping lantern really is one of the best camping lantern rechargeable options currently on the Aussie market – but it also comes with a high price tag.  Still, with all its outstanding features, it may be the only camp light you ever buy.

Click here for more information and to check the current price.


Zempire Megadome V2 Camp Lantern Review

The Zempire Megadome V2 LED Lantern is a great light source for any outdoor enthusiast seeking reliable and versatile illumination.  

With up to 500 lumens output, this high lumen camping lantern effortlessly lights up your entire campsite, making it easy to set up tents, cook meals, and engage in activities long after the sun has set. Plus, thanks to the convenient hook, this best LED lantern for camping can be hung from pretty much anywhere, making it perfect for tents and other areas of your campsite.  

This portable LED camping lantern has an adjustable top diffuser and frosted side panels to create a pleasant and even light distribution, eliminating harsh glares and shadows. The adjustable brightness settings allow you to tailor the light intensity to different scenarios, conserving battery life when full brightness isn’t necessary.

The Megadome V2’s battery life is also impressive. With a run time of up to 45 hours, you should be able to use the outdoor LED camping lantern for multiple nights without recharging it.  

For charging, this best rechargeable LED camping lantern has a USB port making it easy to power up with a power bank or solar panel. Plus, you can use it to power up your phone and other devices.

The Megadome V2 is constructed with high-quality materials that feel rugged and sturdy. With an IPX4 rating, the USB rechargeable camping lantern has a water-resistant design that handles a light drizzle without any issues.

The Zempire Megadome V2 Lantern is perfect for those after mid range priced rechargeable battery camping lanterns.  Its impressive brightness, adjustable settings, efficient battery life, and durable design make it a reliable lighting companion for all your outdoor adventures. 

Click here for more information and to check the current price.


Tentworld Chief Rechargeable Camping Lantern and Torch Set Review

The Tentworld Chief Rechargeable Lantern and Torch Set is a game-changer for outdoor enthusiasts seeking reliable and versatile lighting solutions. This best rechargeable lantern for camping set offers a powerful lantern and three removable smaller lanterns, providing an all-in-one lighting solution that caters to various camping scenarios.

At the heart of this set is the Chief Rechargeable Lantern, a robust and efficient source of illumination that provides 360 degrees of light and an impressive output of 560 lumens. This is one of the brightest LED camping lantern options on the market, perfect for lighting up large campsites or tents. 

With multiple lighting modes, including a dimming switch and a convenient carry handle allowing you to hang it from a rope, tree or awning – you can use this portable outdoor LED camping lantern just about anywhere. 

What truly sets the Tentworld Chief apart is the three detachable small camping lanterns. These smaller lanterns can be hung around the campsite.  You can use the powerful magnet mount or fold out hook mount to attach them to a gazebo or use them as a torch when moving around the campsite.  Each mini camping lantern also has multiple light modes with 100 lumens of light.

A rechargeable battery powers the Chief – all four lanterns can be charged at once when connected to power with the included micro USB cable.  Plus, the lantern has a long-lasting battery life (up to 75 hours), ensuring you won’t be left in the dark unexpectedly. 

The lantern can be recharged via USB so that you can power it up with various charging sources – a power bank, solar panel, or car charger.   You can even use the USB camping lantern to charge your phone or any USB chargeable device.

The Tentworld Chief is built to withstand the rigours of camping. With a waterproof rating of IP44, the set is designed to be weather-resistant and impact-resistant, ensuring it remains operational even in challenging conditions.

While on the pricey side, the Tentworld Chief 860 Rechargeable Lantern and Torch Set is one of the most powerful camping lantern options currently on the market.  Its impressive brightness, versatile lantern-to-torch conversion, rechargeable battery, and rugged construction make it one of the best rechargeable camping lantern 2024 options. 

Click here for more information and to check the current price.


OZtrail Portable Camping Lantern Review

For those after the best budget camping lantern, you can’t go past the OZtrail portable camp light – the cheapest in these reviews!

For cheap camping lanterns, the brightness of the OZtrail Portable Camp Light is remarkable, with 100 lumens. With its adjustable LED settings, it offers the perfect balance between luminosity and energy conservation. It also has a decent run time of 25 hours on the lowest setting and operates on 3 x AA batteries.

This compact camping lantern is lightweight, making it easy to pack without taking up precious space. Plus, the built-in hanger and magnetic base add to the convenience factor, allowing you to hang it anywhere.

The OZtrail Portable Camp Light is perfect for anyone after the best small camping lantern on a budget. Despite being a battery operated camping lantern, for the price, it has impressive brightness, a compact design, efficient battery life, and adaptability, making it ideal for illuminating campsites, tents, and outdoor spaces. 

Click here for more information and to check the current price.

Luci Outdoor 2.0 Camping Solar Lantern Review

The Luci Outdoor 2.0 Solar Powered Lantern is an innovative lantern that harnesses the sun’s power to provide reliable illumination during your camping trips.  These cool camping lanterns are compact, lightweight and super affordable.

The Luci camping solar lantern has an inflatable design that allows it to collapse to a mere 1 inch in thickness, making it incredibly easy to pack away.  The inflatable camping lantern is made from durable, waterproof PVC material that can withstand the elements, ensuring its longevity even in adverse weather conditions. 

Equipped with a high-efficiency solar panel, this best solar camping lantern can be charged during the day, eliminating the need to carry extra batteries. It takes about 7 hours to charge fully and provides up to 24 hours of continuous light on the low setting. 

The Luci solar power camping lantern has four different lighting modes. The transition between modes is smooth and intuitive, making it easy to customise the lighting to your preference.  On the highest setting, it has 75 lumens of output.

This lantern weighs in at just 125g, making it ideal for campers after not only the best compact camping lantern but the best lightweight camping lantern too.  This also makes it super easy to hang or mount inside your tent or suspend from a branch using the integrated handles. 

The solar powered camping lantern has aIP67 waterproof rating, ensuring it remains functional even if accidentally submerged in water, further enhancing its durability for outdoor use.

While not the brightest outdoors solar camping lantern, the Luci Outdoor 2.0 Lantern is s a reliable and eco-conscious lighting solution. Its compact design, exceptionally lightweight, solar charging capabilities, and versatile lighting modes make it the perfect choice for those after the best solar powered camping lantern.

Click here for more information and to check the current price.


Darche Solar Collapsible Camping Lantern Review

The Darche Solar Lantern is another great option for those campers after the best solar lantern for camping. Designed to provide campers with reliable illumination, this solar powered LED camping lantern offers an eco-friendly and versatile alternative to traditional lighting options. 

This Darche solar camping LED lantern is fitted with a high-quality solar panel; it absorbs sunlight during the day, converting it into power for illumination at night. However, you can easily charge the lantern on a shady day via the USB port.  The lantern provides up to 20 hours of consistent light with a full charge.

The Darche solar LED camping lantern provides a maximum of 150 lumens on the highest setting.  It also offers multiple brightness modes to accommodate various lighting needs. The seamless transition between modes is easily controlled through intuitive buttons, enhancing the lantern’s user-friendliness.

Its compact and lightweight (weighs just 117g) structure ensures easy portability, and the collapsible design makes this solar rechargeable camping lantern a space-saving addition to your gear. The inclusion of a handy carabiner enhances its portability and hanging options.

The Darche solar charged camping lantern has a rugged silicone construction and weather-resistant design, ensuring it can handle rain, dust, and mild impacts without compromising performance. The lantern’s robust build and IPX4 water-resistant rating guarantee its functionality in various weather conditions.

An integrated USB port allows you to charge small electronic devices, such as smartphones or cameras, using the lantern’s stored solar energy. 

For campers looking for one of the best solar lanterns for camping – this Darche collapsible LED camping lantern is another excellent option to consider. With its compact design, efficient solar charging capabilities, versatile brightness modes, and durable construction, this solar camping lantern with USB offers an eco-friendly and reliable camping light source.

Click here for more information and to check the current price.


Zempire Capsule Compact Camping Lantern Review

The Zempire Capsule is small and cheap, making it ideal for those after a cheap lantern to add to your camping light or something compact as a kids camping lantern.  Made by camping giant Zempire – you know with this tiny lantern that you’re getting a quality item despite its budget price tag.

At just 167 grams, the Zempire Capsule Light is super lightweight and compact too easily fitting in the palm of your hands.  This makes it easy to pack and store and is perfect for those campers looking for a children’s camping lantern.

With only 25 lumens of light – it’s certainly not going to light up your entire campsite – but it’s perfect for lighting your way around the camp or for the kids to take to bed with them at night.  The light will run for 20 hours with three AA batteries.

This best battery powered camping lantern has a flat base, making it easy to stand on a table, while the foldable handle allows you to hang it where needed.  Plus, if you plan on giving this lantern to the kids, you’ll be pleased to know it has a rubberised outer to protect it from knocks or drops.  

For compact and simple outdoor lighting, the Capsule Light from Zempire will do the trick.

Click here for more information and to check the current price.


BioLite Alpenglow 500 Lantern Review

The BioLite Alpenglow 500 Lantern promises to illuminate your camping experiences like never before. With multiple colour options and the ability to control the lantern from your mobile phone, this lantern may just be the most innovative option in this guide.

For such a compact little device, this lantern certainly puts out a lot of light with 500 lumens on the highest setting.  You can alter the brightness levels, allowing you to tailor the intensity of the light to your specific needs, whether you’re looking for gentle ambient lighting for reading or brighter illumination for cooking.

You can change the colour of the light to create the perfect ambience.  It’s got cool and warm white, candle flicker, cycling colour, multicolour, and single colour modes for versatility.  You can just shake it to access the special lighting modes, while other adjustable settings are easily controlled through intuitive buttons, enabling quick transitions between different modes.

One of the most fun aspects of the BioLite Alpenglow 500 Lantern is its compatibility with the BioLite Control Panel App. This app allows you to remotely control the lantern’s colour, brightness, and power status on your phone via Bluetooth. 

The lantern is charged via a USB and on a full charge, this lantern will run for up to 200 hours on the lowest setting, making it the longest lasting camping lantern in this guide!  The lantern can also serve as a power bank for your devices. Equipped with a USB port, it enables you to charge small electronics like smartphones, cameras, or GPS devices.

The lantern’s IPX4 water resistance rating ensures it can endure light rain or splashes without compromising functionality.

With its innovative features, customisable lighting, Bluetooth connectivity, and power bank capabilities, the BioLite Alpenglow 500 lantern is a fun yet functional addition to any camper’s arsenal. 

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Coleman Rugged LED Camping Lantern Review

The Coleman Lithium Ion LED Rugged Lantern is a shining example of rugged durability and advanced illumination technology in outdoor gear. As part of Coleman’s legacy of providing reliable camping equipment, this Coleman camping lantern promises to be a dependable companion for your outdoor adventures. 

The integrated lithium ion battery charges from any USB port, 240V or 12V outlet, eliminating the need for disposable batteries.  The USB port also doubles as a power bank, allowing you to charge small electronic devices, such as smartphones or GPS units, using the stored battery power. 

Once charged, you’ll get 300 lumens of light on the highest charge with an impressive beam distance of 12 metres. The Coleman rechargeable camping lantern battery life is impressive too, providing up to 5 hours of consistent illumination on a single charge. 

The Coleman LED camping lantern has a 360-degree design that casts light in all directions, effectively illuminating a wide area. In addition, the lantern has two brightness levels (high and low) to cater to different scenarios. Plus, the large bail handle allows you to hang it from various structures.

With a rugged exterior, reinforced handle, and impact-resistant construction, this best USB camping lantern is prepared for the knocks and bumps of camping. Plus, the lantern is water resistant with a rating of IPX4.

Once you return from your camping trip, you’ll love how the USB cable and adapter can easily be stored in the storage compartment at the bottom of the lantern.

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Coleman Swagger Lantern Review

The Coleman Swagger Lantern has a distinctive design and versatile features.  It is a simple to use and affordable lantern coming in a lightweight and compact package.

Powered by a rechargeable battery via the USB port, the Coleman Swagger Lantern provides reliable illumination.  Once fully charged, it provides up to 250 lumens of light on the highest setting.  The lantern also has multiple brightness levels, allowing you to customise it to your camping needs – put it on the highest setting while cooking or low while relaxing around camp.

Its battery life ensures up to 40 hours of continuous light on the lowest setting, making it a dependable illumination source throughout your camping adventure. An added convenience is the lantern’s built-in USB port, which enables you to charge small electronic devices using the stored battery power.

Being lightweight (125g), this lantern can be hung almost anywhere around your campsite.  It has a D-clip hook that allows secure hanging, while the magnetic backing enables attachment to steel surfaces.

The Coleman Swagger Lanterns’ robust build ensures it can handle minor impacts and resist the effects of weather, providing peace of mind during unexpected rain or rough handling. With its IPX4 rating, the lantern’s resistance to splashes and light rain enhances its outdoor reliability.

With its distinctive design, adjustable brightness settings, rechargeable battery, and power bank capability, the Coleman Swagger lantern is an ideal choice for illuminating your campsite.

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We hope you found this guide to the best camping lanterns.  If you’re after a different light source – read our full guide on the best camping lights here.  We also have a range of other guides, including the best esky for camping, camping stoves and camping chairs.