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Ultimate Guide to the Best Kayaks Australia 2024

Are you looking for the best camping kayak or the best kayak for family trips away?  If you said yes, this best kayaks Australia 2024 guide has got you covered!

Having the best kayak Australia has can really make your camping trips or days out on the water so much more enjoyable!  Whether you’re a family, a couple, or a group of mates, it adds a whole other element to get out and paddle on the water.

Sure many places hire out kayaks these days – but those fees soon add up. However, if you have one of the top rated kayaks 2024 offers, you can go paddling whenever you like without being concerned about having money to hire one or being sure to return it in the allocated time frame.

Kayaks can be heavy, though and difficult to transport and store, which is why we sold our hardshell double sit on top kayak a few years back and opted for an inflatable kayak.  While we really did love our hard shell kayak, we’re finding we get a lot more use out of our inflatable kayak – you can read more about our inflatable kayak here.  However, if you’ve got your heart set on a hard shell kayak or plan on using your kayak for long periods at a time, read on!  This guide is for you.

In this kayaks best 2024 guide, I take you through all the things you need to think about so you purchase one of the best kayaks for sale that is perfect for you.  Then in the review section, we’ll take a closer look at our pick for the top 10 best kayaks currently on the Aussie market.

No matter what sort of kayak you’re after, whether it be the best all round kayak, the best kids kayak, the best fishing kayaks Australia has, the best 2 person kayak Australia has for sale, or even just the cheapest kayak, you’ll no doubt find what you’re after in this guide. 

So let’s get into it and find you one of the best rated kayaks 2024 has!

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Our Pick for the Best Kayak Australia 2024: Hobie Mirage Passport

Don’t fancy reading our entire top kayaks 2024 guide and just want to know our recommendation?  We recommend the Hobie Mirage Passport – while this is one expensive kayak, it’s heads and shoulders above the rest and definitely the one to buy if you can stretch the budget. 

The Hobie Mirage Passport is a pedal powered kayak, which means you’ll be cruising through the waterways fast!  Steering is easy too, with a hand controlled rudder to change directions.  The pedals are completely adjustable so that everyone can use them, plus it comes with the most comfortable seat, so no sore backs either.

This kayak comes with all the necessary accessories such as a paddle, paddle holder, fishing rod holders, loads of storage, cup holder, carry handles and mounts for adding additional accessories.

Keep reading below for our full Hobie Mirage Passport review, or click here to check it out now.

If the Hobie Mirage is out of your price range – then our second pick is the Kings single or tandem.

Top Rated Kayaks 2024 Comparison Chart

In the comparison chart below, we’ve listed all the top ten kayaks reviewed in this guide.  The chart provides a quick and easy way to compare the kayaks and their features side by side so you can determine which is the best type of kayak for you.

For further details about these kayaks, keep reading the best 10 kayak reviews below.

LengthCheck Price
Glide Cruiser RecreationalSingle17 kg130 kg2.6mCheck Price
Kings Deluxe RecreationalSingle or
26 kg
34 kg
145 kg
250 kg
Check Price
Glide Reflection II RecreationalDouble34 kg280 kg3.7mCheck Price
Glide Junior Recreational / KidsSingle8 kg60 kg1.8mCheck Price
Seaflo YouthFishing / KidsSingle10 kg55 kg1.85mCheck Price
Kings Pro FishingSingle32 kg32 kg3.3mCheck Price
Pryml Spartan Compact FishingSingle24.9 kg140 kg2.35mCheck Price
Hobie Mirage Passport Fishing / PedalSingle34 kg147 kg3.2mCheck Price
Pryml Legend GhostFishingSingle28 kg140 kg2.63mCheck Price
Seak Mako FishingSingle35 kg140 kg3.9mCheck Price

How to Choose one of the Best Kayaks Australia Offers

When it comes to buying a top kayak, it’s different for everyone as it really depends on what you want to use it for and a range of other unique factors.  What is a good kayak to you is most likely completely different to the next person.  So that you buy the best kayak 2024 has that is perfect for you, consider the following factors.

Sit in or Sit on Kayaks

Most recreational style kayaks are what you call sit on kayaks, as opposed to sit in kayaks (as pictured above).  With the sit on top kayaks for sale, the kayak is completely open, whereas a sit in kayak has an enclosed hull that you sit inside so that your legs are covered while sitting in the kayak.

A sit in kayak is great for colder climates, as your legs will stay dry and, therefore, warmer.  However, the downside of a sit in kayak is if (or when) you capsize, it is much harder to get out than if you were sitting on the kayak.  Also, if you get water inside the hull (the enclosed area) when capsizing, you’ll need to get the water out before continuing kayaking.

A sit on kayak tends to be much more common here in Queensland.  Given our climate is much warmer, it doesn’t matter if your legs get wet in most cases.  Plus, they are far easier to get in and out of, particularly if you’ve capsized.  For this reason, all the kayaks featured in this guide are sit on top kayaks.

Types of Kayaks

The types of kayaks vary depending on the activities you want to use them for.  For example, perhaps you want the best kayaks for camping to take the kids out for a bit of a paddle, or you’d like a kayak to take out on day trips to explore the waterways.  Maybe you want to get some mates together and fish for the day or on an overnight camping trip.

Below we’ve covered some of the more popular types of kayaks, but in addition to these, you can also get kayaks specifically for surfing, whitewater rafting, racing, sailing, diving and more. 

Before deciding the best type of kayak for you, take the time to really think about what sort of activities you’ll be using it for.

Recreational Kayaks

A recreational kayak is the best all around kayak.  They are the best beginner kayaks, too and ideal for doing the odd bit of fishing or short day trips out on the water.  

Recreational kayaks tend to be wider for increased stability, which also decreases the chances of capsizing and are easy to maneuver – which is one of the reasons they are the best kayaks for beginners.

The downside of recreational kayaks is that they don’t track (keep a straight line) well and aren’t designed to be used over long distances or long periods.  They’re only best to be used in calm waters as they don’t work well with waves or rapids.

You’ll also find a few recreational kayaks designed especially for kids.  To enable the kids to paddle these kayaks easily, you’ll find the kid’s kayaks super lightweight and much shorter.

Recreational kayaks can be either sit in or sit on kayaks.

Inflatable Kayaks

Inflatable kayaks are generally designed to be recreational kayaks in that they tend to have a wide and sturdy hull making them stable and excellent for calm waters.  They are great for those after the best family kayak or those after the lightest kayak. Inflatable kayaks are also perfect for beginners just wanting a kayak to paddle about in calm waters.

The benefit of an inflatable kayak over a rigid kayak is they are lightweight and pack down into a carry bag (some even come in a backpack), so there is no need for any special accessories for your vehicle to transport it. However, the downside of inflatable kayaks is that they must be inflated before use and deflated after use.  And while they are sturdy, if they do happen to get a tear, the kayak will need to be patched before using again.

Inflatable kayaks can be either sit in or sit on kayaks.

If you’re interested in an inflatable kayak, you can read our guide on choosing one here.

Touring Kayaks

Touring kayaks are best for those who want to go on long trips and explore the waterways.  These kayaks are longer and narrower than recreational kayaks, so they can efficiently move through the water. In addition, touring kayaks are better than recreational ones at staying on track (moving in a straight line), which takes less effort to paddle.  The best day touring kayak also has more storage space than a recreational kayak, so you have somewhere to keep all the things you need while out and about.  

The downside to even the best touring kayak Australia has is that the narrow shape makes them less sturdy and more likely to capsize if you’re not overly experienced.  Also, the long length requires experience to turn corners, so they are not the best kayak for beginners.

Most touring kayaks are sit in kayaks to maximum storage; however, a day touring kayak may well be a sit on kayak.

This guide doesn’t include any touring kayaks Australia has, as it focuses on kayaks for camping trips.

Sea Kayaks

Sea kayaks are somewhat similar to touring kayaks in that they are long and narrow; however, they have a higher rocker (the curve from bow to stern) to help them deal with oncoming waves.  Like the touring kayaks, the long length and narrow width of sea kayaks make it easier for them to track straight.  The best sea kayak Australia offers also has plenty of storage space.

Sea kayaks have been designed to perform well in the ocean, so they are not great on calm waters and so don’t perform as well as a recreational kayak. Also, their shape and higher rocker are not the most stable kayak or as easy to manoeuvre, so it isn’t the best kayak for beginners.

Most of the best sea kayaks Australia has are sit in kayaks to maximum storage. However, some sea kayaks with less storage space may be a sit on kayak.

This guide doesn’t include any sea kayaks as it focuses on kayaks for camping trips.

Fishing Kayaks

Fishing kayaks are somewhat similar to recreational kayaks in that they are wider and shorter than touring or sea kayaks.  This is to provide maximum stability.  The main difference between a fishing kayak and a recreational kayak is a fishing kayak comes with a range of accessories, especially for fishing.  The best fishing kayak Australia has tends to come with rod holders, gear tracks, mounting points for a motor, or even a pedal powered system.  Some of the best kayaks for fishing even allow you to stand up. 

Fishing kayaks are far heavier than recreational kayaks with all the additional accessories.  However, putting the weight aside, they can just as easily be used for recreational activities as they can for fishing trips.  However, their shorter length and wider width are not ideal for touring or the sea.

Fishing kayaks can be either sit in or sit on kayaks.

SUP Hybrid Kayaks

Stand up paddleboarding has become super popular, and so another great option for those after a recreational kayak is a SUP hybrid kayak.  These hybrid kayaks are stand up paddleboards but come with the option of a seat so that you can use your board like a kayak as well.

The problem with a SUP hybrid kayak is they are neither an excellent SUP nor an excellent kayak.  However, they can be lots of fun for those after something to have a bit of fun in the water and not after anything too serious.

This guide doesn’t include any SUP hybrid kayaks; however, you can find some in our guide on choosing an inflatable SUP here.

Pedal Powered Kayaks

Another option is a pedal powered kayak.  This type of kayak uses bicycle like pedals that turn a prop or power a pair of fins, and you steer using a hand control that moves a rudder.

A pedal powered kayak’s beauty is that your hands are free to fish or take photographs or use binoculars for wildlife watching.  Also, given most people’s legs are more powerful than their arms, you tend to be able to go for longer stretches in a pedal powered kayak without tiring.

The downside with a pedal powered kayak is that there is no such thing as a cheap pedal kayak – they are crazy expensive!  They are also far heavier, so you may well need a trailer to transport the kayak, as your vehicle’s rooftop may not have the weight capacity to transport them.  However, the couple of pedal powered kayaks reviewed in this guide are fine for transporting on your vehicle’s rooftop.

Number of Seats

While kayaks with just one seat are more common, it is also possible to get a 2 person rigid kayak, and although less common, you can also get three seater kayaks.  Kayaks with multiple seats are fantastic for families looking for one of the top rated recreational kayaks.

Of course, the downside with top rated tandem kayaks or even the best 3 person kayak is they are longer and heavier, so you’ll need more space to store them and more muscle power to maneuver them on and off your vehicle.

Maximum Weight Capacity

Kayaks come with a maximum weight capacity, which is the total weight the kayak can safely carry.  Kayaks generally have a weight capacity above 100kgs, so more than enough to accommodate most people.  However, if you plan on bringing a bit of gear with you, it’s important to take the time to consider your weight plus the weight of your gear to ensure the kayak can safely accommodate it all.

Weight capacity is particularly important if you’re looking for the best double kayak or three person kayak – or even if you plan to buy a single kayak and squeeze in a small child.


Except for inflatable kayaks, kayaks can be extremely heavy.  Given that you’re going to be transporting the kayak on the roof of your vehicle, you must check your vehicle’s roof weight capacity and match this to the kayak you purchase.

Also, keep in mind that it’s hard work lifting a kayak up and down from your vehicle’s roof – so looking for the best lightweight kayak Australia has is ideal – however, a good quality lightweight kayak will be more expensive. Although you can also get reasonably cheap lightweight recreational kayaks, the quality won’t be there.


Kayaks are made from various materials, including wood, polyethylene, and composites such as glass fibre and graphite.  The material used to make the kayak impacts its quality, weight and price tag.

Below we’ve briefly covered some of the more common materials used to make kayaks and their pros and cons:

Polyethylene plastic (PE/Rotomoulded): Cheap, abrasion-resistant, stable and durable, although these are the heaviest kayaks and are sensitive to UV rays, so they will degrade after an extended time in the sun. 

ABS plastic (Thermoform): Slightly more expensive than polyethylene but offers similar durability although lighter and better UV resistance.

Composites (fibreglass with reinforced plastic): Lightweight, durable and fast in the water. They aren’t impacted by UV rays, although they aren’t as abrasion resistant as other materials, as they are vulnerable to sharp objects such as rocks.  Kayaks made with composite materials are far more expensive than those made with other materials.

In this guide, we only cover kayaks made from polyethylene and thermoform.


Apart from the kayak itself, you’ll need at least a paddle, but there is also a range of other accessories to make your time in your kayak more convenient, comfortable and enjoyable.  Some kayaks may come with some of these additional accessories included in the purchase price, although in many cases, you will need to buy these accessories separately and factor that into your kayak budget.

Here are a few accessories to consider:

Skegs, tracking fins and rudders: These accessories help a boat track straighter in the wind.  A skeg is a dropdown fin that helps prevent a side wind from blowing the boat off course.  A tracking fin provides a similar benefit, but unlike a skeg, it cannot be retracted while you’re paddling. You’ll often see these on inflatable kayaks.  A rudder is a fin that flips down from the back of a boat and does the same thing, except that it’s not fixed in one position. Instead, the rudder can be constantly readjusted via foot pedals or hand controls.

Seats: You’ll want to put a seat in your kayak for the most comfortable kayak. Seats range quite a lot in the level of comfort they provide as well as price, so consider how long you intend to spend in your kayak at any given time and choose a seat accordingly.

Paddles: Sometimes paddles come standard with your kayak; other times, they don’t.  A paddle really is an individual thing and should be matched with your height, the width of your kayak and your level of experience.  Paddles are also made from various materials and come in different weights, comfort levels, and prices.

Life Jacket: While not really an accessory for your kayak, a life jacket is vital to ensure your safety while out in your kayak.  There are all sorts of life jackets depending on your activity, such as recreation, fishing, touring etc.

Other accessories: phone holders, rod holders, paddle holders, drink holders, and cockpit cover – there are plenty of different accessories available for your kayak.


As you can see from above, there is quite a lot to think about regarding the best kayak to buy.  If you go for the best quality kayak, which is lightweight, has excellent weight capacity and is made from great quality materials, you can expect to pay a pretty penny.

Many people are just looking for one of the good kayaks to have a bit of fun with on the odd weekend or camping trip.  In these cases, you probably don’t want to spend the earth, and in many cases, it’s probably best to look online and buy a second hand one – there tends to be plenty available.

At the end of the day, think about what are the essential features for you, and keep this in mind when looking at the various kayaks for sale.  Don’t get bogged down by features that are not necessary for you and end up paying for things you don’t even need.

Top 10 Best Kayaks 2024 Reviews

Hopefully, after reading the above, you better understand what would make the ideal kayak for you.  Keep reading our best kayaks 2024 reviews below to see which one meets your needs. 

Glide Cruiser Kayak Review 


  • Seats: Single
  • Weight: 17 kg
  • Weight Capacity: 130 kg
  • Length: 2.6m
  • Included accessories: NA

The Glide Cruiser kayak from BCF is one to consider for those after a cheap, lightweight kayak.  This is the most affordable, lightest sit on top kayak in these reviews (apart from the kid’s kayak), and it’s super easy to transport and maneuver in the water.  Although it doesn’t come with any accessories, so you’ll need to factor in the cost of at least a paddle if you’re interested in this kayak.

Made from high density polyethylene, these best rated kayaks are made tough.  They feature a moulded backrest and have front and rear bungee storage area for any gear.  The kayak also comes with multiple footrest positions to ensure you’re super comfortable no matter your height.

These kayaks under $300 are perfect for camping trips by the lake, river, or anywhere with calm waters.  These kayaks have a wide base making them ultra stable so ideal if you’re after the best kayak for beginner or even kids looking to have a bit of fun in the water.

Weighing in at just 17 kgs and with a relatively short length of just 2.6 metres, these kayaks are really easy to transport. In addition, the kayaks have a 130kg weight capacity, so they can easily accommodate the heaviest person in your group; even a lightweight adult and child could ride together on these top rated sit on top kayaks.

While the Glide Cruise sit-on kayak doesn’t come with any extras (not even a paddle), you can’t go wrong with the price.  By far the cheapest kayaks in this kayak guide, this Glide is perfect if you’re just after the best budget kayaks or even some lightweight kayaks for seniors Australia has.

Click here for more information and to check the price

Kings Deluxe Kayak Review


  • Seats: Single or double
  • Weight: 26 kg / 34 kg
  • Weight Capacity: 145 kg / 250 kg
  • Length: 2.85m / 3.7m
  • Included accessories: 4 rod holders

The Kings single is another great option for those after inexpensive top recreational kayaks who might also enjoy the odd bit of fishing.  This particular sit on top kayak Australia sells comes in the choice of a single or a tandem option.

With the single sit on top kayak option weighing in at 26kg and with a length of 2.85 metres, the King’s kayak is the perfect balance of being light and small enough to transport and providing plenty of space for you to be comfortable.  The tandem option weighs in at 34 kgs and has a huge weight capacity of 250kgs – which should be more than enough for even the heaviest adults.

This best recreational kayak under $500 (for the single option) also has plenty of space for your gear with three separate storage areas.  There’s a storage compartment up the front for keeping things you don’t want to get wet.  While behind the seat is a bungee cord storage area.  There’s also a small storage area perfect for keeping things like your phone, wallet and keys.

The Kings Deluxe kayak has a range of features that will come in handy if you’re after a fishing kayak. For example, four flush mounted rod holders are moulded into the kayak – two on each side of the hull.  The fishermen will also appreciate the flat footwell, making it possible to stand while casting.

Other features of these inexpensive kayaks include front and back carry handles, extra tie down points throughout the hull for securing your gear and adjustable footrests, so you can ensure whoever is paddling the kayak is comfortable.

These Kings kayaks are made from rotomolded high density polyethylene, making them both lightweight and durable.  The high density polyethylene also improves the kayak’s resistance to UV rays, unlike other kayaks made with low density polyethylene.

While best used for calm waters such as rivers and lakes, the King’s kayak is suitable for choppy water thanks to its deep bow and transom.  This really does make the King’s kayak a perfect contender for the best general purpose kayak.

This King’s kayak is a great option to consider, whether you’re after the best single kayak or the best tandem sit on top kayak.  It really does tick all the boxes in that it’s lightweight, not too pricey and is a great all rounder being that it is perfect for recreation and a bit of fishing.  Just keep in mind that you’ll need to factor the cost of a paddle into your budget, as the kayak doesn’t come with one.

Click here for more information and to check the price

Glide Reflection II Kayak Review


  • Seats: Tandem
  • Weight: 34 kg
  • Weight Capacity:  280 kg
  • Length: 3.7m
  • Included accessories: NA

The Glide Reflection II is another option for those looking for the best sit on top tandem kayak.  It’s the cheapest tandem kayak in this guide, so perfect for those families or couples wanting something they can paddle together without a huge price tag.  In fact, this is the best tandem kayak for family as it accommodates two adults and one child.

Like the previous Kings tandem kayak, the Glide kayak weighs in at 34kgs and has a length of 3.7m.  It also has a similar durable rotomoulded design for durability, although the Glide is made from low density polyethylene.  The main difference though is the Glide Reflection has a huge weight capacity of 280kgs – most likely more than you could ever need, and it comes in at around $100 cheaper.

In terms of storage, this best 2 seater kayak has plenty.  There’s a small sealed hatch with a storage bag and pre moulded drink holder in front of each rider, so there is plenty of space for your items.  In addition, there is a bungee cord storage area at the rear for bulkier items.

Although primarily designed as a recreational kayak, this best double person kayak also includes some fishing accessories.  There are two flush mount rod holders in front of each seat and two mounting plates where you can add additional rod holders if necessary.  Other features include moulded footrests and four carry handles.

Tandem kayaks can be heavy and pricey, but the Glide Reflection II is neither, making it an excellent choice for those after the best 2 man kayak and the lightest tandem kayak. In addition, it’s perfect for those camping adventures by the water and day trips. So whether you’re just looking for something for a bit of recreational fun or a bit of fishing, the Glide Reflection II is well worth checking out.

Click here for more information and to check the price

Glide Junior Kayak Review


  • Seats: Single
  • Weight: 8 kg
  • Weight Capacity:  60 kg
  • Length: 1.8m
  • Included accessories: NA

For families with little ones wanting to kayak themselves, you can’t go wrong with the Glide Junior sit on top kayak.  This kayak is super lightweight at just 8kgs and with a length of just 1.8 metres, it’s super easy for the kids to manage themselves.

These kayaks are made from lightweight yet durable UV stable plastic.  There’s not much to them except the two side carry handles for easy lifting.  There is also a moulded paddle holder, although the kayak doesn’t come with a paddle.

The Glide youth sit on top kayak comes in different colours, so all the kids can have a different colour.  There’s blue, green, pink or yellow, so there will be no confusion about who’s kayak is whos.

These kayaks are incredibly cheap and just perfect for the kids able to paddle their own kayaks.  They have a weight capacity of up to 60kgs, so your kids will get plenty of use out of them too.

If you’re after the best beginner kayak for your kids, something cheap and lightweight – do yourself a favour and grab a few Glide Junior kayaks.  They are a good cheap kayak and your kids will have heaps of fun with them.

Click here for more information and to check the price

Seaflo Youth Kayak Review


  • Seats: Single
  • Weight: 10 kg
  • Weight Capacity:  55 kg
  • Length: 1.85m
  • Included accessories: Back support, front storage bungee cord and rear storage mesh cover

If you’re a serious kayaking family and want to get your child something with all the bells and whistles, then consider the Seaflo Youth Kayak.  This is a good starter kayak for kids who love to paddle around with their friends and take their gear with them.

This is slightly heavier than the previous junior option but at 10kg and with a length of 1.85 metres, this kayak is easy enough for most kids to manage.  It also has a slightly lower weight capacity at just 55kgs, although this should be large enough to accommodate most children until they are big enough for a full size kayak.

The Puffin Pro is made from UV resistant high density polyethylene, making it a durable kayak built to last.  It features two moulded side carry handles and a front toggle handle to make transporting the kayak easy.

This good beginner kayak comes with a built in padded backrest, front and rear storage spaces with bungee cords and mesh for security, self bailing cup holders and moulded in footrest for optimum bracing.

If your kids will want to kayak for longer periods, they could really benefit from the additional back support.  If your kids are just after something inexpensive to paddle around in the calm water with the family and friends, then this could be the best buy kayak.

Click here for more information and to check the price

Kings Pro Fishing Kayak Review


  • Seats: Single
  • Weight: 32 kg
  • Weight Capacity:  175kg
  • Length: 3.3m
  • Included accessories: 4 rod holders, foot control rudder

If you like the look of the above Kings kayak but plan to go fishing more often than not, it’s well worth considering the Kings Pro fishing kayak.  Similar in design to the standard Kings kayak, the Pro fishing model comes with a few additional features to make fishing with your kayak convenient and comfortable.

The main feature fishos will love with this kayak is the foot controlled rudder system.  This kayak is incredibly stable too, thanks to its 83 cm width and it has a flat footwell which means you can stand up for casting. Plus, this sit on top fishing kayak comes with adjustable footrests, so you ensure you’re in the most comfortable position for paddling.

There’s also loads of storage space for all your fishing gear.   There’s a storage compartment up the front for keeping things you don’t want to get wet.  While behind the seat is a bungee cord storage area.  There’s also a small storage area perfect for keeping things like your phone, wallet and keys.

These top fishing kayaks are made from a roto moulded high density polyurethane and feature an extra deep V bow and transom to handle a bit of swell in the water.

Other features of these top rated fishing kayaks include a paddle holder, extra tie down points throughout, front and back carry handles, four flush mount rod holders (two on either side) and two aluminium accessory rails so you can add a range of other gear.  For the ultimate fishing kayak, the King’s Pro fishing kayak also has the option of adding an electric trolling motor and motor mount.

The Kings Pro Fishing kayak is perfect for those after good cheap fishing kayaks to take on their camping trips.  These are the most affordable fishing kayaks in this guide and certainly the best fishing kayak for the price if you don’t want to spend a small fortune.  They’re also reasonably lightweight and can just as easily be used for recreational activities and fishing.

Click here for more information and to check the price

Pryml Spartan Compact Kayak Review


  • Seats: Single
  • Weight: 24.9 kg
  • Weight Capacity:  140 kg
  • Length: 2.35m
  • Included accessories: 4 rod holders

The Pryml Spartan Compact kayak is ideal for those after the best lightweight fishing kayak, which can easily work just as well for a paddle around the lake with the family.  At just 24.9 kgs, these are super lightweight for a fishing kayak, although the payoff is they have one of the smallest weight capacities at just 140kgs.  However, the 140kgs weight allowance should be enough for the recreational fisherman.

While these are good fishing kayaks, they are fairly basic in that they don’t have a load of bells and whistles to speak off.  However, they come with four built in rod holders so that you can have multiple fishing rods on the go at once.  These kayaks also have good storage with two sealed compartments and a large bungee cord storage area at the rear for bulky gear.  You’ve also got two side carry handles and one at the front.

The Pryml is perfect for those after super lightweight fishing kayaks – it is by far the lightest fishing kayak in this guide.  This makes them excellent for those wanting to spend as much time recreationally paddling with their kayak as they will taking it fishing.  However, if weight isn’t too much of a concern, I’d recommend you go with the previous Kings Pro fishing kayak – you get a lot more bang for your buck.

Click here for more information and to check the price

Hobie Mirage Passport Kayak Review


  • Seats: Single
  • Weight: 34 kg
  • Weight Capacity: 147 kg
  • Length: 3.2 m
  • Included accessories: Seat, paddle, 2 rod holders

If money is no object and you plan to spend loads of time in your kayak, you’ll want to get yourself the best pedal kayak 2024 has on offer – the Hobie Mirage Passport Kayak. Of course, these are crazy expensive kayaks, but you’ll be cruising the water in style with their pedal power.  They also come with loads of features and they have mounts that allow you to customise the kayak to suit your needs. 

Thanks to the pedal power, you’ll be powering through the water fast and efficiently in your brand new Hobie Mirage Passport.  No strenuous movements are required; with this best kayak with pedals, you simply move your legs in a walking style fashion to move the kayak along.  Steering is just as easy, with a handle situated by your seat.  Simply move the handle to move the rudder for easy navigation.

The pedals are completely adjustable too, so you can ensure they are in the perfect position depending on how tall you are.  This is excellent news, as it’s a great kayak for the whole family; kids and adults alike will love this kayak. 

You’ll find a set of kick fins underneath the kayak, which will ensure you stay on track.  They’ll even automatically “kick up” should they come in contact with anything in the water.  Simply push the crank to fold up the fins under the kayak if you’re in shallow water.  While the standard fins will have you powering through the water, you can upgrade to turbo fins for even more power.

Thanks to the breathable mesh seat, you’ll cruise along in comfort.  No more sore backs with this kayak!  Unlike most kayak seats, with the Hobie, the seat is elevated to keep you dry and has a pad on the seat and backrest to ensure you’re nice and comfortable.  A bonus is the seat is removable and can be used as a stand alone chair on the beach.

If you’re a fisherman, you’ll appreciate the two built in rod holders and the ability to stand up to cast a line, thanks to the traction on the standing platform. Plus, there is plenty of space to add accessories to your kayak, with a front accessory mount (perfect for adding a sail kit, a sunshade or a camera) and side gear tracks (ideal for cameras, cup holders or phones).

There is plenty of storage in the Hobie Mirage Passport, with a front and back bungee cord storage area and an 8 inch compartment in the centre.  Other features of this best pedal drive kayak include front and rear carry handles as well as a carry handle on either side of the kayak, a cup holder on either side of the seat and the kayak comes with a paddle, which can be secured to the kayak while not in use with a bungee cord.

Lastly, the Hobie Mirage Passport comes in great colours and has a stackable design, making transporting and storing easy if you have multiple ones for different family members.

As you can see, the Hobie Mirage Passport comes with so many great features that you’re guaranteed to have a great time out on the water.  This is a high quality kayak constructed from thermoformed polyethylene, making the kayak lightweight and one that will last for years.

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Pryml Legend Ghost Fishing Kayak Review


  • Seats: Single
  • Weight: 28 kg
  • Weight Capacity:  140 kg
  • Length: 2.63m
  • Included accessories: Deluxe seat, paddle, paddle holder, 2 rail mounted rod holders, 2 rear moulded rod holders and side rail system.

The Pryml Legend Ghost is a great mid range fishing kayak – perfect for those wanting the best without remortgaging their house!  Overall it’s not too heavy, got a great weight capacity and comes with plenty of great features to make your time fishing on the water comfortable.

This fishing kayak is 28kg, one of the heavier kayaks in this guide, but the payoff is that it’s not as expensive as others with similar features.  With this kayak, you’re getting things you usually need to pay extra for, such as a super comfortable and fully adjustable seat and a two piece aluminium paddle.  The kayak also comes with a paddle holder to have your hands free when the fish are biting.

In terms of fishing features, you’ve got two fixed rod holders behind the seat and two additional adjustable rod holders mounted on the sliding rail system – which you can mount extra gear. The Pryml Legend Ghost also comes with loads of storage with a bungee cord area behind the seat and two water resistant hatches where you can protect all your gear from the water.

The Pryml Legend Ghost is a wide and long kayak, offering plenty of stability in the water.  It also comes with side carry handles for easy transport.

Overall the Pyrml Legend Ghost is a good one to consider for those after a mid range priced fishing kayak with plenty of features.  If you can stretch your budget, there are certainly some better kayaks in this 2024 fishing kayaks guide that are much lighter and have a better weight capacity; however with the Pryml Legend Ghost, you definitely get good value for money. 

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Seak Mako Kayak Review


  • Seats: Single
  • Weight: 35 kg
  • Weight Capacity: 140 kg
  • Length: 3.9m
  • Included accessories: Raised seat and 5 x rod holders

For the ultimate fishing kayak, you’re going to want to consider the Seak Mako Kayak.  Not only is this kayak decked with all the essential fishing gear, but it also has a pedal powered rudder system, so perfect for those long days out on the water.

Comparing this kayak to the Hobie Mirage Passport, the Seak Mako is slightly lighter yet has substantially more length at 3.9m.  It’s also a lot cheaper too, so definitely worth considering if you’re after a pedal powered fishing kayak.

Thanks to the Seak Mako kayak’s simple to use foot pedal control rudder system beginners will finding tracking tremendously easy.

With this best kayak for fishing, you’ve got plenty of room for all your fishing gear with rear bungee cord storage as well as a sealed compartment in front of the kayak.  You’ve also got four built in flush mount rod holders as well as a centrally mounted adjustable rod holder.

The Seak Mako is constructed from moulded UV resistant high density polyethylene.  The kayak also has a comfortable raised seat with back support to improve your chances of staying dry the whole time.

While the Hobie Mirage Passport pedal kayak is ideal for those who are very serious about wanting to enjoy fishing and recreational activities out on the water, the Seak Mako is probably better suited for those taking their first foray into the kayak fishing world.  While either kayak will do, and the pedal system on the Hobie is convenient, the Seak Mako is much more affordable.

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And there you have it, our ultimate guide to the best kayaks.  We also have a guide on the best fishing kayaks, or perhaps you’re also interested in our guide on how to choose an inflatable SUP.  We have plenty of other guides to help you with camping, including roof racks, pop up tents, and camping fridges, and we even have the ultimate camping checklist here.

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