If you want a great sleep on your camping adventures, then you’re going to want to invest in the best mattress for camping Australia offers.  Now that might sound easier then you think- just go to the local camping store and ask for the most comfortable camping mattress right?  Wrong!  

You see the thing is, while there are of course some great quality camping mattresses out there, at the end of the day it’s going to come down to personal preference. What one person thinks is the best camping mattress Australia has, someone else will have a completely different opinion.

Nevertheless, there are many factors to consider when it comes to the best sleeping mattress for camping.  There is a range of different types; there are cheap camping mattress options as well as top of the range options, there are lightweight camping mattress options as well as thick, luxurious ones.

So if you’re on the hunt for a good camping mattress, then this guide will be a great place to start.  This guide will take you through everything you need to consider to ensure you purchase the comfiest camping mattress for you.  

Also in the best camping mattress review section, I’ll also take you through some of the very best top rated camping mattress options currently on the Aussie market.

So let’s get into it and find you a comfy camping mattress!

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Our Pick for the Best Mattress for Camping Australia 2021: Zempire Monstamat

If you don’t have time to read this entire guide and just want to hear our recommendation for a top camping mattress, then we recommend the Zempire Monstamat camping mattress.  These are fairly expensive sleeping mattresses, but they are top quality self inflating mattresses designed to provide you with great night sleep.  Plus they are lightweight and pack up compactly so are easy to transport as well.

Read our full review on the Zempire Monstamat below or click here to buy now.

Best Camping Mattress Australia 2021 Comparison Table

Below is a handy comparison table for you so that you can see all the best rated camping mattress options reviewed in this guide and their features side by side.

For further details on these options keep reading below.

NameImageTypeSizes/Options AvailableCheck Price
Coleman All Terrain Double HighAir MattressQueen or XL SingleCheck Price
Aerobed Active Beds with Pump
Air MattressQueen, Double or TwinCheck Price
Wanderer Double High Air
Air MattressQueen, Double, Twin & the option of built in pump or with head restCheck Price
Oztrail Velour
Air MattressQueen, Double, King Single or SingleCheck Price
Zempire Monstamat
Self Inflating MattressTwin, King Single or SingleCheck Price
BlackWolf Hexatherm 3D Self Inflating MattressQueen or SingleCheck Price
Wanderer Tourer Extreme 4X4
Self Inflating MattressQueen, Double, King Single or SingleCheck Price
Oztrail Leisure
Self Inflating MattressQueen, Double or King SingleCheck Price
Oztrail Swag Mats
Foam Mat75mm standard or jumbo and 50mm standard or jumboCheck Price
Oztrail Camper Earth Mats
Foam MatOne sizeCheck Price

How to Choose the Best Camping Mattresses

Ok as we said up front, there is quite a bit to think about when it comes to finding the most comfortable camping bed.  So to ensure you purchase one of the comfy camping beds that’s perfect for you – do yourself a favour and take some time to consider the below factors.

Types of Camping Mattress

When it comes to the best mattress for tent camping, the first thing you’ll need to decide is what type of mattress you want.  The three main types you have to choose from are air mattresses, self inflating mattresses and foam camping mats or pads.  Each type has its advantages and disadvantages which I’ll briefly cover below.

Camping Air Mattress 

Perhaps the most common type of camping mattress is the air mattress.  As the name suggests, a camping air mattress is filled with air, either inflated by a pump or the old fashion method – by blowing air into them by mouth.

Camping air beds tend to be among some of the cheapest types of mattresses you can purchase for camping, although having said that you can get some pretty top quality air mattresses that come at a pretty penny too.

Keep in mind a cheap inflatable camping mattress will have you bopping along, like you’re on a boat, then finding yourself pretty much on the ground halfway through the night as the air slowly comes out.

At the other end, the best air mattresses for camping comes with multiple layers which has you higher off the ground and provides more stability, so you’re not bopping all over the place.  We’ve been sleeping on an All Terrain Coleman camping mattress for a few years now and can’t believe how stable it is.

A great advantage of a camping air bed is they do tend to be lighter, cheaper and pack up more compactly than even the best self inflating mattress.  However most people say they are not as comfortable, plus you need something to pump them up with.  Some are a real pain to inflate too and can be almost impossible to deflate – at least when you want them to deflate anyway.  Plus if you get a puncture in your blow up camping mattress while camping, then you’re in real trouble!

Read our full guide on choosing an air mattress here.

Self Inflating Mattresses

Self inflating mattresses are growing more and more popular these days and anyone serious about their camping, or away for many nights at a time tends to have a self inflatable air mattress or at the very least have one on their to buy list.

A self inflatable camping bed is filled with an open cell foam that expands and fills with air when the valve is opened.  Compared to a camping blow up mattress, the best self inflating camping mattress feels cushier due to the foam inside as opposed to the air.  However this is also why a self inflating mattress is heavier and bulkier.  A camping self inflating air mattress is also really expensive compared to even your very best camping air mattress.

Basically if your budget allows it, and space is not an issue – then a self inflating mattress is the way to go every time.

Read our full guide on choosing a self inflating mattress here.

Foam Mats / Pads

The final option is a foam mat or pad.  These types of camping mattresses are made with a closed cell foam and don’t require inflation of any kind to set up.  All you need to do is unroll the mat and away you go.

The big advantage of a mattress pad for camping is they are relatively cheap, lightweight and there is no risk of a puncture.  The downside?  Even the best sleeping mat is really uncomfortable!  Foam mats are so thin that most people will feel pretty much like they are sleeping directly on the ground.

To be honest, the only reason I’d consider buying a foam mat for camping is if you’re hiking to your campsite and need to carry all your gear with you.  Otherwise, if you value a good night’s sleep, then do yourself a favour and buy either an air mattress or a self inflating mattress.


Ok now you’ve decided what type of mattress is the best tent mattress for you, you’ll need to consider what size mattress you need.  While most come in your typical single, double, queen or king – you might want to double check the actual dimensions, because despite what size they say they are, they might not be your standard sizes. 

The main issue tends to be for those on the tall size, as some mattresses short change you lengthwise.  I’m sure you don’t want to have your tootsies hanging off the end of the mattress.

Also, while we are talking about the size of the mattress, you might want to consider your weight as well.  Some mattresses, particularly air mattresses, will have a weight capacity.  You certainly don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night on the ground because your weight was too much for your air mattress.

Weight and Packed Size

You’ll also want to consider how much space you have in terms of transporting your camping mattress.  If you don’t have a lot of space, then you’ll want to consider either an air mattress or a foam mat.  If space is no issue, then invest in the best inflatable mattress for camping you can afford.

Even within mattress types, the weight and size can vary quite a lot.  So don’t just purchase one thinking you’ll easily be able to throw a few of them in the back of the car.  Do your homework and make sure you’ve got plenty of space to transport the mattresses you’re thinking about.


Once you’ve considered all the above, you might also want to think about durability – basically how long do you want it to last?  And this often comes down to how much you want to spend.

If you want your camping mattress to last more than one camping trip, you’re going to want to invest a bit of cash upfront.  Sure you can buy some dirt cheap camping mattresses, but you’ll end up having to replace them every few trips, and they won’t be comfortable anyway – so what’s the point?

For comfy camping beds that will last, look for ones with thick fabrics.  The best way to do this is to check the denier rating – usually, you’ll see something like 150D.  Basically the higher the number, the more durable the fabric and the less likely you’ll get a puncture or tear.

Mattress Insulation

While you think a mattress is just for sleeping on, it can also contribute to your overall level of warmth.  The mattress’s ability to insulate you from the cold ground is measured in R-value and the higher the number, the warmer you’ll be.

If you’re only camping in the middle of summer, this may be less important to you.  But if you’re camping during the colder months, then it’s definitely worth paying attention to it.  If you want something good for year round (except in extremely cold weather), then look for something around an R value of 3.  For super cold weather, you’ll want something 5 and above.

Another way to boost your insulation is by adding a foam pad under either your air mattress or self inflatable mattress.  This will provide a barrier between the ground and your mattress.

Ease of Inflation and Deflation

Now this one doesn’t apply to a foam mat but is important to consider for those after an air mattress or self inflating mattress.  Pretty much you’ll find that how easy a mattress is to inflate and deflate is pretty much matched to the price.  So the more expensive, the easier it will be to inflate.

While you’ll generally just want the one inflation point, a camping mattress with multiple deflation points helps with packing up.  Seriously, I just don’t get how easy air can escape from a mattress during the night, but when it’s pack up time, it seems to take forever!

Another thing to look out for is air beds which come with a built in pump.  This is so good for those after an air mattress.  No need to bring a separate pump just for blowing up the bed or having to cart the bed over to the power so you can plug in your pump.  

Gosh back in the day I used to just have an air pump that plugged into my car cigarette lighter, and I’d somehow have this double air mattress IN the car being pumped – crazy!

The Best Camping Mattress Review Australia 2021

Ok so hopefully by now you have a better idea of what type of camping mattress you’re after.  To help you find the perfect mattress, below we’ve taken a closer look at some of the best camping mattresses currently available on the Aussie market.

All Terrain Double High Coleman Camping Air Mattress Review

First up the All Terrain Double High Coleman camping air mattress.  We’ve had this air mattress for a few years now, and as far as air beds go, we’re impressed. It’s rugged, lightweight and surprisingly compact when folded up.

The Coleman All Terrain range of air mattresses are made with their puncture guard bonded fabric which is said to be 47% more puncture resistant, 25% more stretch resistant and 30% lighter than your standard Coleman airbed.  Plus with its double lock, it is also said to be leak free – so no more waking up in the middle of the night on the ground.

To ensure you’re comfortable throughout the night, these air mattresses feature a network of coils that provide better support, a bonded fabric surface which ensures the air stays in place and a top layer of brushed polyester over the laminated PVC.  Plus the additional height makes getting in and out of the bed that much easier.

We have the queen size mattress, which is lightweight at just 5kg and surprisingly compact too, just roll it up and tuck it away in the built in storage pocket.  This compact travel air mattress is also the perfect size for your standard sheets.

As well as the queen size, these Coleman All Terrain air mattresses also come in a single high version in either an XL single or queen size.

If you’re looking for the best air mattresses for camping these are certainly a great one to consider.

Click here for more information and to check current pricing.


Aerobed Active Beds with Pump Review

If you’re looking for a top quality queen size camping air mattress with built in pump, then the Aerobed Active Beds is one to consider.  With the built in rechargeable air pump, you’ll be able to inflate your bed no matter where you are.

For maximum comfort, this air mattress for camping features coil construction to ensure equal air distribution throughout the bed.  This ensures you have a comfortable night sleep, as does the velour surface and the built in pillow (no need to bring additional pillows!). Plus these blow up camping beds have anti roll technology to ensure you have an even sleeping surface.  It’s also easy to store away with the portable carry bag.

This air bed is only a single height, and despite this weighs more than the previous Coleman double height All Terrain – but having the built in air pump is a real bonus.  In fact, this full size air mattress for camping can be inflated in around 60 seconds.  You can also use the pump to help deflate the bed fast.

Other great features of this best blow up mattress for camping include the heavy duty puncture resistant vinyl with electronically welded seams, and the bed is rated to a capacity of a huge 296kg.

If you’re after a comfortable air mattress with a convenient built in air pump, the Aerobed is one a great one to check out.  It’s often recommended as an excellent quality bed in various air mattress for camping reviews and given it comes with a 2 year warranty on the pump and 1 year warranty on the mattress; you know you’re purchasing a quality product.

Click here for more information and to check current pricing.

Wanderer Double High Air Mattress Review

BCF also makes a range of great quality air mattresses too.  These Wanderer Double High air mattresses are of similar quality and price as the previous two air mattresses and come in a range of great sizes.

These mattresses are made from heavy duty PVC, with a soft topper to ensure both longevity and comfort.  Plus with the double height, they are easy to get in and out of and also provides a comfortable night sleep.  They come with a built in non return valve, so they are easy to inflate.  You also receive a repair kit with the bed in the unlikely event that you have a puncture while out camping.

In addition to this queen size air mattress frame camping option, there is also the option of purchasing the Wanderer Double High with a built in pump or with comfort rest on the end which is great for propping up pillows.  There are also single high options in either a twin, double or queen size.

Click here for more information and to check current pricing.

Oztrail Velour Air Mattress Review

If you’re after a cheap yet good quality air mattress, then consider one from the Oztrail Velour air mattress range.  These are the cheapest air mattresses in these air mattress camping reviews and come in a range of great sizes.

These cheap air mattresses are made from durable PVC and feature a soft velour top.  Despite being a cheaper mattress, it still comes with a range of great features to ensure a good night’s sleep including inner coil construction for great support and there are different air zones to absorb movement which helps avoid that “on the ocean” feel.

This is a lightweight mattress at just 4kg.  Other features of this best lightweight camping mattress include easy inflation thanks to the 2 stage inflation system and non return valve and an included repair kit in the unlikely event of a puncture.

The Oztrail Velour air mattresses come in the option of a queen, double, king single or single size.

So if you’re just looking for the best cheap camping mattress and not wanting to spend a small fortune on the families camping beds, these Oztrail Velour air mattresses are a good option.

Click here for more information and to check current pricing.

Zempire Monstamat Self Inflating Mattress Review

Right – time to move on to some of the self inflating mattresses in these reviews and first up we have the super popular Zempire Monstamat.  These self inflating mattresses are of great quality, and so it’s no surprise that they are also the most expensive mattresses in these self inflating camping mat reviews.

This self inflating mattress features fully bonded foam which prevents any cold air creeping up through your mattress.  The full size self inflating air mattress is 10cm thick and is made from a heavy duty 75D base but covered in a comfortable stretch fabric.  These mattresses are designed to be long lasting as well as providing a great night’s sleep.

Thanks to the 360 valve, the mattresses inflate fast, and then you spin the valve around for a quick deflate when it’s time to pack up.  Other features of this best inflatable camping mattress include an R value of 9.5 so will keep you nice and warm, even on cold nights, it’s lightweight at just 5kg, and it comes with its own carry bag and compression strap, so it’s easy to transport as well.

For anyone wanting the very best self inflating air mattress that money can buy, you cannot go past the Zempire Monstamat.  This mattress also comes in the option of a king single or single size.

Click here for more information and to check current pricing.


BlackWolf Hexatherm 3D Self Inflating Mats Review

Another top option when it comes to a self inflating mattress is the BlackWolf Hexatherm 3D self inflating mats.  BlackWolf mattresses are super popular and this is 3D option is no expectation, particularly when it comes to comfort.

These 3D self inflating mattresses are excellent for a great night’s sleep thanks to their body conforming design.  They also feature a Therma-cell covered foam inside which is awesome at ensuring the mattress is not overly heavy (it weighs just 5.5kg) as well as providing great cushioning and a warm place to sleep.   The mat is 10 cm thick and is made from a 100D stretch fabric with a TPU coating and a non slip base.

Setting up is easy with the super fast inflation thanks to the large valve.  The mattress also comes with a pump sack in case you need extra inflation, as well as a repair kit in the unlikely event you sprung a leak.  The included carry bag even doubles as an air pump so you can add extra air manually if required. 

If you’re after a great priced queen self inflating camping mattress you can’t go wrong with the BlackWolf Hexatherm 3D Self Inflating mattress.  It also comes in the option of a single size if you’re after one for the kids.

Click here for more information and to check current pricing.


Wanderer Tourer Extreme 4X4 Self Inflating Mats Review

Next up we have the BCF range of Wanderer Tourer Extreme 4X4 mattresses.  These mattresses are priced quite similar to the Zempire Monstamat’s and come in multiple sizes.

These mattresses are made with a heavy PVC bottom and soft fabric on top for comfort.  And they are thick – these mattresses are 12 cm – the thickest in these self inflating camping mattress reviews, so you can be rest assured of great sleep.  Although the added thickness does add a bit of weight to these mattresses – at 9.5kg they are among the heaviest self inflating mattresses in these reviews.

The Wanderer mattresses are quick to inflate and deflate with 4 ports.  Plus you can blow in a bit of added air if need be.  This best inflatable sleeping pad also comes with compression straps, heavy duty carry bag, repair kit and a 1 year warranty.

If the added weight and size of these mattresses isn’t a concern and you’re just after the most comfortable self inflating mattress, you can’t go past the Wanderer range.  As well as this queen size, there are plenty of other sizes to choose from including a double or king single size.

Click here for more information and to check current pricing.


Oztrail Leisure Self Inflating Mats Review

OZtrail also makes their own self inflating mats which come in a range of sizes suitable for every member of the family.  

The Oztrail Leisure self inflating mats feature high density open cell foam for excellent support and a good night’s sleep and the brushed velour outer makes for a soft place to lay.  They are also quick to inflate and deflate with the two way flip valves and large air channels.  Plus the valves won’t allow air to escape, even if left open or the mattress has a puncture.

This queen size has the same dimensions as the previous Wanderer queen, yet it is the standard 10cm thick as opposed to the Wanderer’s luxurious 12cm thickness.  It’s also surprisingly heavier at 10kg.  So if weight is an essential factor to you, consider the previous Zempire or BlackWolf mattresses.

These mattresses also come with storage straps, a repair kit, carry bag and a 1 year warranty.  

As well as this queen size mattress, the Oztrail Leisure self inflating mattresses come in the option of a double or king single size.

Click here for more information and to check current pricing.

Oztrail Swag Mats Review

Another option for a camping mattress is a swag mattress like these Oztrail Swag mats.  These come in two different thickness, either a 75mm or a 50mm.  They are lightweight and pack up compactly, making them an excellent option for those after the best compact camping mattress.

These are high density, open cell foam mattresses, which have a breathable polycotton sleeping surface.  The base of the mattresses is water resistant which is great for avoiding dampness from the ground coming into the mattresses.

Choose between 75mm in either a standard or jumbo size as well as a thinner 50mm in a standard or jumbo size.   The standard sized mattresses are 60cm in width, while the jumbo is a little wider at 80cm.  The mattresses are really lightweight too at around 4kgs and for easy transporting, the mats come with a webbing strap with D ring locks.

While these swag mats may not be as comfortable as the above self inflating mattresses, they certainly are a great option to consider if you’re after something cheap, compact and lightweight for your camping trips.

Click here for more information and to check current pricing.

Oztrail Camper Earth Mats Review

If you’re just after the best hiking sleeping mat that will provide some level of comfort during the night, then take a look at the Oztrail Camper Earth mats.  These mats are super lightweight and compact so easy to carry on your next hiking camping trip.

At just 2cm thick, you’re obviously not going to have the best night’s sleep on this foam mat, but it will undoubtedly provide a sound barrier between the ground and your sleeping bag.  It packs down to just 28cm x 65cm, so easy to carry attached to your backpack and it weighs just 1.1kg, so won’t drag you down either.

While I certainly don’t recommend these mats for anyone looking for a great night’s sleep, if you’re after the best camping mat for your hiking camping trips, you can’t go wrong with this one from Oztrail.

Click here for more information and to check current pricing.


We hope you found this guide to the camping mattresses helpful.  Remember if you need help choosing other camping gear we have a range of other guides including sleeping bags, camping fridges and more.

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