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Complete Guide to the Best Portable Fire Pits for Camping Australia 2024

Looking for the best portable fire pits for camping? Then read on because in this camping fire pits Australia 2024 guide, we’re going to help you find the best camping fire pits for sale!

There is nothing better when camping than sitting around a campfire, roasting marshmallows with the kids or having a few coldies with your mates.  It’s the perfect way to end the day and such a nice way to relax in the evenings.

While some campsites have designated campfire pits for you to use, these are mostly communal.  Campsites with individual campfire pits are far and few between, and while making new friends is lovely, sometimes it’s just nice to have a campfire right by your camp setup.

This is why having a portable campfire pit is so handy.  These days, there are some great portable fire pits for sale, which are lightweight, inexpensive, and allow you to have a campfire regardless of where you are (subject to individual campsite rules and government regulations, of course!).

While there isn’t a huge amount of choice on the Aussie market for the best fire pits for camping, more and more products are becoming available.  Their price has drastically come down too, which means now is a great time to buy one.

But which is the best camping fire pit to buy?  What things should you consider when looking for one?  Of course, you want a portable fire pit camping option that is safe to use and lightweight to transport, easy to set up, and one which will provide a great campfire.

In this fire pits portable camping guide 2024, I take you through everything you need to consider to ensure you purchase the best portable fire pit for camping.  Then in the review section, we’ll look at some of the most popular options currently on the Aussie market.

So let’s get into it and find you the best portable campfire!

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Our Pick for the Best Camping Fire Pit Australia 2024: Fireside Fire Pit

best portable fire pits for camping

Don’t fancy reading our entire best portable camping fire pit guide and just want to know our recommendation?  Well, we suggest the Fireside Pop Up Fire Pit.

We recommend the Fireside fire pit because it’s incredibly lightweight at just 3.6 kgs, assembles in seconds and has a large fire pit surface, so perfect for cooking camp meals.  It also comes with a carry bag and a low price tag too!  The Fireside portable fire pit is exceptionally good value.  This is the portable camp fire pit we have and so far, we love it.

Keep reading below for our full Fireside fire pit review, or click here to check it out now.

The Best Portable Fire Pits for Camping 2024 Comparison Chart

To help you buy the best campfire pit, below is a comparison chart, which lists all the collapsible fire pits that feature in the review section of this guide.  The chart provides a quick and easy way to compare each fold up fire pit and its features side by side, so you can easily determine which is the best one for you.

NameImageSize (Fire Area)WeightCheck Price
Fireside best portable fire pits for camping60 x 60 cm3.6 kgCheck Price
Adventure Kings  best portable fire pits for camping46 x 40 cm9.5 kgCheck Price
Winnerwell best portable fire pits for camping22 x 22 cm
33 x 33 cm
42 x 42 cm
58 x 58 cm
1.2 kg
2.5 kg
4.1 kg
8.7 kg
Check Price
Supa Peg Grand Frontier best portable fire pits for camping51 x 51 cm15 kgCheck Price
Darche best portable fire pits for camping31 x 31 cm
45 x 45 cm
4.5 kg
11.5 kg
Check Price
Slot Me In The Wedge best portable fire pits for camping58 x 41 cm14.2 kgCheck Price
SupaPeg Supa Cubebest portable fire pits for camping50 x 50 cm23 kgCheck Price
Coast to Coast
40 x 58 cm
20 kgCheck Price
62 x 62 cm10 kgCheck Price
Wolf and Grizzly29 x 28 cm1.1 kgCheck Price

Choosing the Best Camping Fire Pits for Sale

When it comes to buying the best fire pit camping product, it’s different for everyone as it depends on what exactly you want to use it for and a range of other unique factors.  So that you buy the best portable fire pit Australia has, which is perfect for you, it’s recommended to consider the following.

Fuel Source

When it comes to portable fire pits, there is a range of fuel sources, including wood, charcoal, gas and ethanol.  Now we at Queensland Camping think nothing beats a traditional wood campfire, so all the portable fire pits in this guide use wood (or charcoal) as their fuel source.  However, below we’ve discussed the pros and cons of each fuel source in case you have something different in mind.


Wood is one of the most popular fuel sources for lighting a camp fire pit – or any fire pit for that matter.  Wood provides a lovely ambience, with strong heat, a beautiful crackle sound and those gorgeous darting amber flames.  A camping firepit that uses wood is also reasonably cost effective compared to other fuel sources.

The downside to a wood fuel campfire is they are harder to start and snuff out – although I think many campers would agree that that’s half the appeal.


Generally speaking, charcoal is a safer fuel source than wood as they don’t tend to get the same sparks and burning debris flying like wood can.  So when it’s windy, charcoal is certainly a better option for a folding camping fire pit.  In addition, charcoal is easier to get going than wood and keep going.  Charcoal also tends to be less smokey than wood fires which is good for those sitting around the fire and cooking food.

On the downside, charcoal has a lower heat content than wood – with wood being able to burn for hours.  Also, charcoal is much dirtier to deal with, leaving a black powdery substance everywhere that comes in contact with it.


One of the main reasons one might choose a gas campfire is it’s much easier to set up and put out than a wood fire pit.  However, gas tends to cost more to run than a wood fire pit, plus you need to cart a heavy gas bottle with you.   

Also, gas doesn’t seem to create the same amount of heat as a wood fire, and they are not ideal for cooking.  They can also be dangerous if not used correctly.


Ethanol, also known as biofuel, is another fuel source for portable campfires.  Made from 100% alcohol, this type of fuel is very safe compared to wood and gas and is clean burning fuel in that it burns without creating smoke or unpleasant scents.

The downside to ethanol fuel is that it is costlier than wood or gas, plus it doesn’t create a high amount of heat, so not ideal for camp cook ups.

Portability: Size / Weight

One of the biggest factors to consider is how portable the fire pit is.  If you have a big camp set up, you probably don’t have much room for anything else.  Or, if you are a basic camper, you probably don’t want to haul a folding firepit that’s too bulky.

The good news with portable folding fire pits for camping is they are quite lightweight and compact.  Generally, they come in a case or carry bag which you can easily carry down to your campsite.

Keep in mind that the smaller the folding firepit for camping, the smaller the fire.  So if you usually camp with a large group of people, you probably won’t want to go too small.  Plus, if you plan to do a bit of cooking over your campfire, you’ll also need to consider the size for this.


The best fire pits Australia has, are made from various materials such as aluminium, cast iron, stainless steel or copper.  They all have their pros and cons, with some being better at conducting heat while others are more cost effective.

Cast Iron: Cast Iron camp fire pits are incredibly durable and an excellent heat conductor.  It’s a heavy material that makes it sturdy and won’t fall over, although heavy means it’s not the best for a portable camp fire.  Cast iron firepits also tend to be more expensive than others.

Stainless Steel: Stainless steel is a popular material for portable fire pits.  The folding fire pits Australia sells made with stainless steel are top quality, reasonably lightweight and one of the most cost effective materials.

Aluminium: Aluminium is a strong yet lightweight material resistant to rust.  A portable firepit made with aluminium looks fantastic but tends to be a little more pricey than others.

Copper: The advantage of copper is it doesn’t rust or corrode like other metals, making it perfect for outdoor use.  Copper is also a great conductor of heat.  The biggest downside of copper is it rather expensive compared to other materials.

Ease of Set Up

Camping equipment that is easy to set up makes for a happy camper – and a travel fire pit is no different.  You certainly don’t want a folding fire pit Australia has that comes in many pieces and needs tools to put together. But, once the fire pit is set up, you also want it to be easy to use.


Another thing to consider when camping with fire pits is its design to ensure the fire burns efficiently.

Unfortunately, some camping fire pit portable options are basic without any real efficiency design features.  For a camping fireplace that burns efficiently, look for features such as high sides in case of windy conditions, air vents and air holes to help with a more efficient burn and fire pits made with a thick metal to conduct better and retain heat.


As well as relaxing around the campfire, many people enjoy using their campfire for cooking their meals.  If this sounds like you, you may want to consider a portable fire pit that can also be used for cooking.  A camp grill fire pit does tend to be more expensive, but they are also double the fun.

Any fire can be used for cooking, but a portable fire pit designed with cooking in mind makes it so much easier.  Usually, these fire pits allow you to add a grill or plate to make it easy to cook.

Ash Tray and Clean Up

When a fire burns, it creates ash.  So where does the ash go – good question.  Does it drop to the ground and make a big mess, or does it stay in the fire pit clogging up the burning area?  The best portable fire pit will have a mechanism such as an ashtray to collect the ash as it burns.  This allows you to easily dispose of the ash after the fire has been put out, rather than having to shovel the ash.

Safety and Ground Protection

Lastly, the best fire pit Australia has is one that is safe to use and allows you to leave the environment as you found it.  You certainly don’t want a camp firepit that leaves the ground all black and scorched, nor do you want to be on edge when using the fire pit that the fire is going to escape.

To ensure ground protection, all good portable fire pits are designed so that the fire sits off the ground.  Also, look for a foldable firepit with high sides, so the fire is well contained and the wood can’t topple out.  Getting a heat shield that the fire pit sits on is also a good option.

The Best Fire Pits for Camping Reviews 2024

Hopefully, after reading the above, you better understand what would make the ideal collapsible fire pit for camping.  Keep reading our camping fire pit reviews below to find the perfect one for you. 

Fireside Portable Popup Fire Pit Review

best portable fire pits for camping

The Fireside Pop Up Fire Pit, available from BCF, is the perfect all round fire pit.  These BCF fire pits are super lightweight, have a large fire pit surface, are easy to transport and store, and all come at a great price.

At just 3.6 kgs, this BCF firepit is the ultimate lightweight fire pit to take camping.  The lightweight aluminium frame folds down nice and compactly and is easily stored in the included carry bag (one of the few in this guide with a carry bag).  This makes this portable fire pit BCF sells perfect for throwing in the back of the car when off on a camping trip – or even just when heading to a BBQ at a friend’s place.

Despite its lightweight and compact body, this BCF portable fire pit is no tiny fire pit.  In fact, with a fire pit surface of 60 x 60 cm – this folding fire pit BCF sells is one of the largest fire pits in this guide.  So you’ll be able to keep plenty of people warm around it.  Plus, it is large enough to pop in a grill plate or camp oven if you want to use it for cooking.

The actual fire pit surface is made from stainless steel mesh which means you get great airflow all around the fire.  This makes for a brighter, hotter fire with 80% less smoke.  Plus, cleaning up couldn’t be easier; all you need to do is lift the frame off the legs and funnel the ash into the rubbish bin.

This is such a highly rated portable fire pit, and with all its great features, you can easily see why.  For a large, super lightweight and well priced fire pit to take camping – you can’t go wrong with the Fireside Pop Up Fire Pit.

Click here for more information and to check the price.

Adventure Kings Portable Steel Fire Pit Review

best portable fire pits for camping

If you’re looking for the cheapest option on the market, then the Adventure Kings portable steel fire pit is a good one to consider.  This fire pit packs down incredibly compact and is a great addition to your campsite.

This folding fire pit for camping comes as four individual 3mm steel flat pieces with built in handles.  Together the pieces lie flat, making them super easy to store.  The collapsable fire pit is easy to put together too, with each piece simply slotting into place, so you’ll have it assembled in seconds.  The fire pit surface is a good size too, at 46 x 40 cm.

The flat pack fire pit sits up off the ground, which provides great airflow, resulting in a more efficient fire.  You’ve also got the option of adding a rotisserie for camp cooking.

The downside to this portable fire pit is its weight.  At 9.5 kg, it’s one of the heaviest in this guide – although it is also one of the most compact, which is a huge plus.

So for a cheap, good, all round portable fire pit, the Adventure Kings fire pit is certainly worth considering.

Click here for more information and to check the price.

Winnerwell Firepit Review

best portable fire pits for camping

Made from heavy duty stainless steel, the Winnerwell Firepit is another great option for those after something portable for their camping trips.  This stainless steel folding fire pit comes in a range of sizes, including small (22 x 22 cm), medium (33 x 33 cm), large (42 x 42 cm) and X large (58 x 58 cm), so no matter how many people are in your camping group you’ll find the perfect size.

The folding camp fire pit comes as two pieces, the base and the stand –  which both fold completely flat, making it excellent for storing and transporting.  It’s also reasonably lightweight.  Plus, a range of cooking accessories has been made to go with the Winnerwell firepit, including specially designed triangular grates, which are fantastic for a camp cook up.

The Winnerwell range of fire pits is a perfect option for those chasing a particular sized fire pit.  Lightweight and coming with a range of great accessories, it’s a great accessory to add to your camp set up.

Click here for more information and to check the price.

Supa Peg Grand Frontier Folding Fire Pit Review

Another spacious fire pit is the Supa Peg Grand Frontier fire pit – this is well worth considering for those after the best fire pit for camping.  The Supa Peg fire pit is made with thick Australian heavy duty steel, with all 8 pieces packing down flat to a compact size.  Then for easy storage and transporting, the fire pit is stored away in its very own canvas carry bag.

To assemble these camping firepits, grab out the eight side panels and slot them all together in a circular direction.  Then, a locking pin gets slotted into the outside to keep it all together.  Lastly, drop in the ground plate to catch the ash and prevent damage to the grass.   Also included in your firepit camping kit are two BBQ rails that sit across the fire pit, which are great for putting on the camp oven.

At 15kgs, this fire pit is much heavier than most of the other portable firepits in this guide, so keep that in mind before purchasing.  But overall, it’s certainly a good option for those wanting a top quality yet super compact fire pit for their next camping trip.

Click here for more information and to check the price.

Darche Stainless Steel BBQ Firepit Review

best portable fire pits for camping

Darche is a brand well known to most campers – making top of the range camping gear, including great quality fire pits.  The Darche fire pits come with everything you need, whether you’re looking for one for everyone to sit around at night or even for those after a fire pit for cooking.

These fire pits are made from food grade stainless steel, which is tough and makes them easy to clean. 

They are also easy to assemble.  Simply take out the fire pit and unfold it, then clip the feet of the base into the heat shield, so it is securely in place.  You then place the cast iron grate inside the base, which provides a place to put in your wood or charcoal while providing plenty of airflow underneath.  Lastly, put the grill on top – the grill is height adjustable, so you can set it to your desired height, depending on what you’re cooking.

The great thing about the Darche fold out fire pit is that everything you need comes in the kit – there is no need to purchase any additional accessories. For example, in your camping fire pit grill kit, you’ll receive the fire pit and a heat shield that protects the grass and a grill for cooking.  Then when not in use, it all packs down nice flat and goes away compactly in the included carry bag.

These fire pits come in two sizes – the 310 firepit is 31 x 31 cm, while the 450 firepit is 45 x 45 cm.  So they aren’t the biggest of firepits, but having different sizes allows you to choose one suited to your camp set up.

If you want to get everything in a single purchase – fire pit, carry bag and even a grill for cooking, you can’t go wrong with these Darche fire pits.  They are reasonably lightweight, compact, and well priced; they are the ideal portable fire pit.

Click here for more information and to check the price.

Slot Me In The Wedge Fire Pit and Camp Cooker Review

best portable fire pits for camping

The Slot Me in the Wedge fire pit is great for those campers who like to stay in one spot for a few days at a time.  At just under 15 kgs, it’s one of the heaviest fire pits in this guide.  However, on the upside, it’s a large fire pit and comes with a few additional accessories you’d usually need to buy separately – making it a great all in one portable fire pit to consider.

This mobile fire pit is 100% Australian made and made with all Australian materials, including genuine 4mm thick steel.  Like the Adventure Kings fire pit above, this fire pit has four pieces that simply slot together.  The fire pit then sits on the included undertray, which is designed to be filled with water to protect the grass from being burnt.  You can even use the fire pit on decks and patios with the undertray.

This is a great fire pit for those wanting the best camping fire pits Australia has for cooking.  It has a large cooking surface and comes with a range of rods that are inserted across, perfect for fitting a couple of pots and pans on at one time.  It also comes with a bracket for use with a rotisserie.

Other accessories this fire pit comes with include leather gloves and a pair of multi tools used to lift and move the fire pit.  The fire pit and accessories pack down flat and compactly in a durable canvas storage bag.

For those after a large fire pit, which you’ll also use for cooking, the Slot Me in the Wedge fire pit is certainly your best option.  This large, heavy duty fire pit comes with absolutely everything you need.  And despite all these accessories, it still packs down nice and compactly.  However, it is reasonably heavy, and it does all come with a hefty price tag.  Nevertheless, you won’t need to buy another thing with this Slot Me in the wedge fire pit kit.

Click here for more information and to check the price

SupaPeg Supa Cube Stainless Steel Camping Fire Pit Review

SupaPeg is well known for making top quality camping gear and their brand new fire pit is no exception.  A lot of research has gone into designing the SupaPeg Supa Cube.  Manufactured and designed here in Australia – this is a top quality fire pit that is easy to set up and perfect for those after a fire pit with a large surface.

Set up is relatively easy, with the fire pit coming in four laser cut panels that are simply slotted together.  It also features a ground plate to catch any ash and keep the grass underneath intact.

At 50 x 50 cm – it’s not as big as the previous Slot in the Wedge – but it’s not as expensive either!   But the large open surface area ensures heat is efficiently distributed, which makes it perfect for keeping warm around the fire pit as well as cooking up a meal for dinner.  If you’re interested in cooking on this fire pit, just add the Supa Cube Grill and Plate (sold separately) to create the ideal cooking surface.

With the Supa Peg Supa Cube fire pit, you have the option of steel or stainless steel.  Of course, with stainless steel, you’ll have a long lasting fire pit – but it also comes with a higher price tag too.

Overall these are excellent portable fire pits Australia has, especially for those looking for something to cook great camp meals with.  Although keep in mind that they are the heaviest of all the fire pits in this guide – so they are not ideal for those who like to camp light.  But if you’re after a top quality fire pit for sitting around at night and cooking dinner on, these are well worth considering. 

Click here for more information and to check the price.

Coast to Coast Fire Pit Review

The Coast to Coast fire pit is another option similar to the previous Adventure Kings and Slot Me in the Wedge fire pits, although far heavier.  Made from 3mm Australian BlueScope steel, this is a great quality fire pit with a good size of 40 x 58 cm.

Like the previous fire pits, the Coast to Coast fire pit comes in four flat pieces and is quickly assembled without any tools.  A great inclusion is the 1.6mm galvanised ember tray which is perfect for protecting the grass, and there is also the option of purchasing a grill and hot plate for cooking meals.

If you like this fire pit style, then the Coast to Coast one is really worth considering.  Made with top quality Australian made products, this fire pit is certainly built to last and comes with a reasonably affordable price tag too. 

Click here for more information and to check the price.

Weber Fire Pit Review

This Weber fire pit is a good option if you want something high quality from a brand that you know you can trust.  This round fire pit comes with an integrated lid that slides down the side of the fire pit to deflect the heat in one direction and also act as a wind breaker at the same time.

The fire pit has a durable porcelain enamelled bowl and lid, an inner aluminium heat shield and a heat resistant nylon handle that is really thick and set high enough above the lid to avoid burning your hand by accident. The whole thing measures 61.75 x 61.75 x 45.42(H) cm and weighs 11 kg, so it’s not the smallest option in these reviews, but the upside to that is that it is plenty big enough to fit a few people around.

For those after something high quality and durable that is really built to last, the Weber fire pit is well worth a look.

Click here for more information and to check the price.

Wolf and Grizzly Fire Safe Fire Pit Review

Wolf and Grizzly make a range of great portable fire pits for camping, like the super lightweight Fire Safe fire pit.  At just 1.1kg, this is one of the lightest fire pits in this guide, but it is also one of the smallest – so ideal for those just wanting to roast some marshmallows or cook the odd camp meals.

The Fire Safe fire pit comes in two parts- you’ve got the stainless steel insert and frame.  Combined, they pack down ridiculously compactly and store away in the included zippered carry case.  So light and slim is the Fire Safe when packed away; you’ll be even able to slip it into your backpack if you’re on a hiking trip.

The Fire Safe was designed to be efficient while minimizing consumption. For example, the surrounding windshields and airflow direction help efficiently burn charcoal or wood, even in strong to light wind – so you won’t have to worry about your fire going out.  Plus, given the segmented design, you can add your wood to just the areas you want your fire, so you’re not wasting unnecessary wood.

You can’t go past the Wolf and Grizzly Fire Safe fire pit for a super lightweight, compact, yet high-quality fire pit.

Click here for more information and to check the price.


And there you have it, our ultimate guide to the best portable fire pits for camping. Of course, we have plenty of other guides to help you with camping, including pop up tents, camping fridges, toilet / shower tents and we even have the ultimate camping checklist here.  You might also be interested in our guide on choosing the best inflatable kayak

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