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Complete Guide to the Best Roof Top Tent Australia 2024

Looking for the best roof top tent Australia 2024 has? Then read on because in this roof top camper guide, we’re going to help you find the best roof top tents Australia has!

Whether you’re travelling around Australia or are more of a weekend camper, a car top camper can be a great alternative to your traditional style tents.  A car top tent up off the ground, securely attached to the roof, doesn’t take up precious space inside your car, plus there is less set up and pack down time – leaving you more time to enjoy your trip.

Another benefit of most roof top campers for sale is that a top quality mattress comes with it, so not only do you get a comfortable place to sleep, you save time on setting up beds.  Plus, with your tent on top of your car, you have a smaller camp footprint, so you’ll have more flexibility in which campsites you can get onto.

If you’re looking for the best rooftop tents Australia has, then reading this guide is a great place to start. In these best roof top tent reviews, I cover everything you need to know to buy one of the top rooftop tents perfect for you.  Then in the review section, we look at some of the top rated roof top tents for camping from the very best roof top tent brands in Australia.

This guide covers all kinds of roof top tent camping options, including suggestions for the best roof top tent hard shell and the best soft roof top tent, the best small roof top tent and the best family roof top tent with annex. So whether you’re after a luxury roof top tent or the best cheap roof top tent, hopefully, after reading this guide, you’ll be well on your way to finding one that’s just right for you.

So let’s get into it and find you the best car roof top tent for sale!

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Our Pick for the Best Roof Top Tent Australia 2024: Adventure Kings

the best roof top tent Australia

Don’t fancy reading our entire best roof top tent 2024 Australia guide and just want to know our recommendation for the best?  Well, we suggest the Adventure Kings roof top tent.  It’s not often we recommend the cheapest product in our reviews – but in this case, you just get so much value for your money with the Adventure Kings roof top tent that it really is the best roof top tent for the money in our view.

Not only is the Adventure Kings rooftop tent the cheapest tent in these reviews, it’s also one of the lightest roof top tent Australia options, so it can be installed on pretty much any vehicle.  Plus, it comes with a super thick mattress, is made with top quality materials and is versatile in that you’ve got the option to add different sized annexes to increase your livable space.

Keep reading below for our full Adventure Kings roof top tent review, or click here to check it out now.

The Best Roof Top Tent 2024 Australia Comparison Chart

In the best roof top tents 2024 comparison chart below, we’ve listed all the tents featured in the review section.  The chart provides a quick and easy way to compare the top rooftop tents and their features side by side to determine which one is best for you.

Scroll down to the review section below for further detail about these top 10 rooftop tents.

NameImageTypeSleep Area (LxWxH)
WeightMattress ThicknessCheck Price
Adventure Kings the best roof top tent AustraliaSoft310 x 145 x 134 cm

57 kg7.5cm Check Price
Grand Tourer MKIII
the best roof top tent AustraliaHard214 x 130 x 165 cm

95 kg7.5cm Check Price
Darche Intrepidorthe best roof top tent AustraliaSoft240 x 140 x 125 cm
49.3 kg6.5cm Check Price
XTM the best roof top tent AustraliaSoft320 x 142 x 130 cm

77 kg7.5cm Check Price
Kwiky MKII the best roof top tent AustraliaHard208 x 101 x 93 cm

73 kg5 cm Check Price
Dometic the best roof top tent AustraliaSoft200 x 140 x 120 cm
200 x 120 x 100 cm
51 kg
53 kg
5 cm Check Price
Darche Panorama the best roof top tent AustraliaSoft240 x 140 x 125 cm
240 x 160 x 125 cm
64 kg
71 kg
5 cm Check Price
Darche Ridgebackthe best roof top tent AustraliaHard200 x 130 x 144cm

85 kg5.5 cmCheck Price

Is a Roof Top Camper Right for You?

Before we get into how to choose the best car roof tent – let’s just be sure that a roof top camper is right for you.  While roof top campers are awesome and have some great advantages over standard tents, there are a few disadvantages that you should be aware of before you purchase one.  

Below we’ve covered some of the reasons why a rooftop camper may not be right for you.

  • Perhaps one of the biggest disadvantages of having your tent on the top of your vehicle is that you’ll need to pack up your tent if you want to go anywhere while camping.
  • Before setting up a rooftop camping tent, you’ll need to ensure your vehicle is reasonably level which may require blocks.
  • Compared to traditional tents, the top roof top tents 2024 has are far more expensive.
  • To get into rooftop campers, you’ll need to climb up a ladder which is not ideal for younger kids, animals or people with any mobility issues.
  • You can buy some pretty large traditional tents, but when it comes to even the best roof tents 2024 has, you’re limited with space and, in particular, head height – there is no way you’ll be standing up in a roof top tent.
  • You’re limited to camping where your vehicle is parked, so this excludes walk in campsites.
  • Before heading off to camp, you’ll need to lift and mount the tent to your vehicle’s roof, which can be a bit of a pain.  Then you’ll need to take it off once returning from your trip.

If, after reading the above, you’ve decided a roof top tent is not for you after all – then I recommend you check out our guide to the best pop up tents – they are the best!

However, if you’re still set on a roof top tent – keep reading and find out how to choose a roof top tent that is perfect for you.

Choosing the Best Car Roof Top Tent for Sale

In terms of what is the best roof top tent, it’s different for everyone as it depends on the sort of camping you do and a range of other factors that are unique to you.  So that you buy one of the best rooftop tents 2024 has, which is perfect for you, consider the following factors.

Hard or Soft Shell Top

the best roof top tent Australia

One of the biggest decisions you will have to make is buying a soft or hard case roof top tent.  

First timer buyers tend to look for the best soft shell roof top tent, mainly because they are significantly cheaper.  A softshell tent is usually canvas or nylon and is set up by internal hinges and poles.  

Apart from the price, other advantages of a soft top roof top tent over a hardshell 4WD roof tent are they often have a larger sleeping area given they fold out beyond the roof of the vehicle (basically doubling in size), and there is also the option of adding an annex for additional living space.  This makes them ideal if you’re after a family roof top tent Australia sells.

The downside, though, is that given they are made from fabric, they are more prone to moisture build up, resulting in mould that shortens the life span of these tents.  Plus, they take much longer to set up than a hard shell roof top tent for sale Australia has.

If you plan on regularly using your tent, then opting for one of the best hard shell roof top tents Australia has is well worth it.   A hardshell tent features either a fibreglass, plastic or aluminium cover, which houses the fabric tent inside.  These tents either use a hinge (clamshells) to open to one side or pop up evenly on all sides, like a box.

Unlike a soft top tent, a hardshell tent tends to keep its footprint to the vehicles roof area.  This makes the sleeping area much smaller. However, a few options on the market fold out and allow you to add accessories like an awning or annex.

The best hardshell rooftop tents are far quicker to set up and pack up and tend to have a slimmer profile and lower centre of gravity, which is much better for driving.  Plus, there is no need for poles, pegs or guy ropes, so your tent set up is smaller and given the hardtop, you can sometimes pack additional gear on top.

Of course, the major downside with a hardshell rooftop is the price – even the cheapest hard shell roof top tent is likely to be far more expensive than a softshell tent and heavier, so they are not suited to all vehicles.  

But overall, a hardshell 4X4 roof tent has a longer lifespan, is more durable, easier to put up, provides more head height, and is completely waterproof (so less concern for mould), often making them well worth the extra money.

Size – Sleeping Area and Head Height

the best roof top tent Australia

Like any tent you purchase, you will need to consider how many people you need to accommodate. For example, generally, 4WD roof top tents for sale start from a small two person roof top tent to larger tents designed to accommodate a family of 4.

However, just like standard tents, remember that whatever the manufacturer says about how many people the tent will sleep, use this as a guide only.  For example, if it says it’s a 4 man roof top tent, this means there is enough room for four people to lie side by side with little to no room for anything else.  So if you want a roomy tent for two people, then the best 2 person roof top tent is likely to say it sleeps 4.  

Rather than pay too much attention to what the manufacturer says, take notice of the dimensions of the actual sleeping area and consider if this is enough space for you.  Also, if you like a little bit of space above your head, so you can comfortably sit up – look at these dimensions too, as they vary quite a lot from one tent to another.  

In terms of head height, remember that the sides tend to slope down in some roof tents Australia sells, so the height is not the same throughout. However, a box like hardcover roof top tent tends to have the same height throughout.


All vehicles have a rooftop weight limit, both static (while stationary) and dynamic (while in motion), specified by the manufacturer. So, checking the tent’s weight before purchasing is crucial to ensure your vehicle is equipped to handle it.  

As well as the weight of your tent, you’ll need to factor in the weight of the roof racks, bedding and any other gear you intend to store on the top of your vehicle.

If you intend to go off road with your rooftop tent, you’ll also need to keep this in mind, as the off road rooftop weight limit tends to be less than the on road weight limit.

Even putting your vehicle’s rooftop weight limit aside, there are many reasons why a lightweight roof top tent is best.  Firstly, you’re going to have to lift this tent onto your roof, and of course, the added weight on your rooftop will change your vehicle’s centre of balance as well as the efficiency of your drive and mean higher fuel consumption.

Vehicle and Rack Compatibility

Once you’ve determined the tent is within your vehicle’s rooftop weight limits, you’ll need to consider if your vehicle can be fitted with the appropriate roof racks for the tent to be secured.

The good news is these days, most vehicles can be fitted with at least some type of roof rack and generally, all kinds of roof racks have fittings that will allow you to fix the tent to your vehicle securely.  

Just note that in addition to your vehicles rooftop limits, roof racks also have a weight limit – so you’ll need to ensure that the roof racks can also accommodate the rooftop tent.  Roof racks will also often have a different off road weight limit, so consider this as well if you intend to go off road camping with your roof top tent.

Click here to read our guide on choosing the best roof racks for your vehicle.


Whether you opt to buy a soft shell tent or one of the best hard shell rooftop tents Austalia has, you’ll want one constructed with quality, durable materials.  Unfortunately, the biggest risk to tents is their exposure to the elements, including sun and moisture.  Hardshells tend to do better in this respect, given they feature secure waterproof shells.

In terms of softshell tents, for longevity, look for tents made with thick fabrics.  Fabric thickness is determined by GSM; with the higher the number, the more durable the fabric -with most tents being made with fabrics with a GSM from around 260.  

Also, for the best quality roof top tent, ensure that soft shell tents are mould resistant and UPF50+ rated.  Other things to look for with an Australian roof top tent include double stitching, full internal sealed seams and reinforcement to prevent rips and tears.  Another thing to consider is tents designed so the canopy can be removed from the frame and replaced without requiring an entirely new set up.

In addition to fabrics, ensure the metal components are built to last with heavy duty aluminium bases, corrosion resistant hardware and floors designed to handle serious weight. 

Weather Proof and Ventilation

The best rooftop tents Australia 2021 will keep you well protected from the rain. Look for top rated rooftop tents made with water resistant fabrics and full coverage rain flys.  For maximum ventilation, look for tents with large windows with mesh panels to prevent mosquitos and midges from coming inside.  

Ensure windows and doors have awnings with full coverage. This keeps the air flowing throughout and allows you to keep them open at night to minimize the accumulation of condensation throughout the night.

Ease of Installation

If you’re looking for the easiest roof top tent in terms of a fast set up, then an affordable hard shell roof top tent is the way to go.  Often all that is required to set up a hard shell tent is unclipping the shell and engaging the hinges, and thanks to internal gas struts, the tent basically sets itself up.

While soft shell tents take longer than hard shell, they still tend to be much quicker than a traditional tent.  To set up a soft shell tent, you’ll need to remove the cover, insert the poles and prop up the tent just as you would with a standard tent.

Closed Size

the best roof top tent Australia

While the set up dimensions are important for your comfort while camping, it’s also worth considering the tent’s dimensions once closed.  This is particularly important for smaller vehicles.

You want to ensure once the tent is packed away, it keeps within the dimensions of the roof of your vehicle.  

The packed height is also something to consider, as this impacts your ride in terms of fuel consumption and noise while driving.  If your vehicle is particularly high, you will want to think about the additional height the tent will add and whether this will impact your ability to go under bridges or enter car parks etc.  If this is a concern, opt for a slimline roof top tent.


A great feature of Australian roof top tents is they come with an integrated mattress.  However, the quality of these mattresses can vary greatly from one tent to another. So for the most comfortable roof top tent, it pays to look closely at the type of mattress it comes with.

Roof top tents tend to come with a range of mattresses from thin pads to lovely thick memory foam tops and all sorts in between.  The best hard top roof top tent Australia has tends to have the best mattresses as the mattress doesn’t have to fold up to close – however, this isn’t always the case.

In addition to the mattresses thickness and type, consider whether it comes with a cover for easy cleaning.  Also, often, the best rated roof top tents come with an anti-condensation mat that sits under the mattress to protect it from moisture and mould. Of course, if your tent doesn’t come with this, you can always purchase it separately.

Annexes and Awnings

In addition to your tent, you may like to increase your space by adding an annexe and/or awning.  These are great at providing areas where you can cook, eat, relax or store additional gear with protection from the weather and bugs.

Annexes are only an option for soft shell tents, as they attach to the part of the tent that extends away from your vehicle and then encloses the area underneath.  On the other hand, awnings are simply a roof that extends from your tent and is propped up by poles.  This gives you an additional open area with overhead protection.

You may decide to go with an annexe, awning, or even both for the ultimate camp setup.  Generally, annexes and awnings are things you purchase separately from your tent; however if this is something you think you might want to add later, just check that they are available for your tent.

Other Features and Accessories

Like traditional tents, roof top tents come with a range of features to make life more comfortable while camping. Of course, all good quality roof top tents will come with a ladder, window awnings and a mattress etc.  However, other features and accessories that you may like to consider are LED lighting, USB ports, storage pockets, anti condensation mats, inner insulation tents, and more.

The Best Roof Top Tents Australia Reviews 2024

Hopefully, after reading the above, you better understand what would make the ideal roof top tent for you.  Keep reading our roof top tent reviews below to find the perfect one for you. 

Adventure Kings Roof Top Tent Review

the best roof top tent Australia

If you’re simply looking for the best affordable roof top tent, then you’re going to want to consider the Adventure Kings roof top tent.  Despite its cheap price tag, this roof tent Kings offer is a roomy tent and comes with all the basics you need, making it a great option for anyone after the best budget roof top tent.

This Adventure Kings roof top tent is made from the same high quality fabrics that tents twice its price are made from.  It features a super durable 320gsm polycotton ripstop canvas, a poly oxford fly with a 2000mm waterproof rating, a 550gsm PVC zip-off bucket floor and a 600gsm PVC cover to store it all away in.

You’ve also got medium to heavy gauge self-repairing coil zips and a 7.5mm thick high density foam mattress – many other expensive tents don’t even come with mattresses this thick!  

Included with the Kings roof tent is a rainfly which, of course, is perfect for wet weather but also keeps the sun from beating down on the roof of your tent.  You’ve also got integrated mesh windows complete with awnings that provide you with maximum airflow while still providing protection from the rain.

This budget tent is incredibly spacious for its price.  Plus, you can even add in more space with the optional 4 or 6 man annex.  An annex is perfect for adding extra sleeping space for the kids or others who might tag along from time to time.  It also provides a place to store your gear and a private spot for getting dressed.

Other features include large doors and windows on each side of the tent, a 2.1 metre telescopic ladder which is perfect whether you have a standard or lifted vehicle, plus the tent is incredibly easy to set up and pack down.

In addition to all these features, the Adventure Kings roof top tent is incredibly lightweight at just 57kgs, so you can install it pretty much on any vehicle.

Whether you’re after a top quality roof top tent or simply a cheap one, – the Adventure Kings roof top tent ticks all the boxes – it really is the best value roof top tent currently on the market.  It’s also incredibly versatile, with the option to add an annex creating a bigger space when needed.

Click here for more information and to check the price


Grand Tourer MKIII Aluminium Rooftop Tent Review

The Grand Tourer MK III is an excellent choice for those looking for one of the best hard shell rooftop tents currently on the market.  This is a super spacious tent, with some great features for a quick set up, a comfortable sleep and a price tag to match!

This hardshell roof top tent basically sets itself up in an instant.  Undo the latches and give it a slight push, and the external heavy duty gas struts do the rest.  The tent opens up on the side, with the lid sitting at an angle.  Then add the poles for the wrap around awning, and your tent is fully set up.  If you want the awning out of the way – simply roll it up and secure it with the velcro straps.

This awesome quality tent is made with a 320 gsm polycotton ripstop canvas that is 100% waterproof, with all seams stitched and taped and all zippers are high quality YKK zippers.

The protective case is also constructed with top quality materials, featuring an aluminium frame that is lightweight, strong and corrosion resistant.  Plus, every single fitting on this aluminium roof top tent for sale is made from marine grade stainless steel for longevity.

Inside this King’s roof top tent hard shell option, you’ll find a super thick 75mm mattress with a quilted top that is removable for machine washing. The mattress is a good size for a couple being 2.1 metres long and 1.3 metres wide.  You’ve also got plenty of headroom at one end, which then tapers down to where your feet are.

The tent’s interior has multiple storage pockets and a zippered cable point on both sides, so you can add 12v power for lighting or keeping your devices charged up. Plus, the tent’s roof and floor are insulated and have been finished in a removable carpet that keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

All three sides of this aluminium roof top tent Australia has features zippered mesh doors so you can access the tent on any side.  You’re also able to move the ladder mount to any side you prefer depending on the rest of your camp set up.

To ensure the tent stays completely dry while packed up, an ultra thick automotive seal runs around the entire underside of the roof and a double thick seal across the front of the tent. Other features include a 2.3 metre telescopic ladder making it suitable for lifted 4wds and you’ve got 130mm of internal storage space even when the tent is packed away so that you can leave your bedding in place, including pillows.

You often have to compromise on space with a hard shell – but not with the Grand Tourer.  With this rooftop tent Australia offers, you’re getting the space of a softshell tent and the easy set up of a hardshell tent. So it is really is the best of both worlds.  Although all these excellent features don’t come cheap – so it’s no surprise that this roof top tent hard shell Australia sells is one of the most expensive tents in these reviews.

Click here for more information and to check the price


Darche Intrepidor Roof Top Tent Review

Next up in these roof top tents reviews is the Intrepidor from camping giants Darche.  Known for their top of the range camping gear, their Intrepidor roof top tents are no exception.  This Darche roof top tent comes in a width of 1400mm, and at just under 50kgs, these are by far the lightest roof top tents in this guide.  This is ideal for those with a limited weight capacity on their vehicle’s roof.  

Inside the Inrepidor light roof top tent is plenty of room for two people and a decent amount of headspace – you’ll easily be able to sit up with loads of space still above your head. You’ll also both be very comfortable on the included thick 6.5cm foam mattress, which comes with a removable water resistant cover.

The tent comes with extra large 180 degree zippered mesh windows on both sides to enjoy the surrounding viewsAll windows have storm flaps which you can access from the inside of the tent – so you won’t need to go outside in the middle of the night if it starts to rain or the weather gets cool.  Then on the roof is a large mesh skylight, perfect for stargazing. 

In addition, the tent comes with an adjustable 210 denier tropical fly, which is great at preventing condensation and provides additional airflow.  

These top quality tents are made with a 260gsm polycotton canvas which features a ripstop weave and 1500 PU waterproof rating.  Additional features include a 2.1 metre aluminium square slide ladder, internal storage pockets and mesh vents throughout to reduce condensation and increase airflow.  When not in use, the canvas roof top tent is stored away in a tough 600gsm PVC cover.

Considering all the features you get with this roof top tent – it’s incredibly lightweight thanks to its 25mm aluminium frame, so perfect for those vehicles that may have a lower rooftop weight capacity. However, keep in mind that this rooftop tent is not compatible with an annex, so it’s better suited for those who like to travel light.

Click here for more information and to check the price


XTM Rooftop Tent Review

the best roof top tent Australia

If you’re looking for the best affordable rooftop tents, the XTM rooftop tent is a great one to consider.  The XTM roof top tent is a super spacious, quality tent, yet despite its great features is one of the more affordable tents in this guide.

Like all the tents in this guide, the XTM is made with a top quality 320 gsm ripstop polycotton canvas fabric.  In addition, it has a 210 denier polyester rainfly for added protection from the weather. Finally, the whole thing gets tucked away in the super tough and durable 1000 denier PVC cover when not in use.

Inside this XTM / BCF roof top tent, you’ll find an extremely comfortable 75mm thick high density mattress.  The mattress also features a removable cover which is great for cleaning.  You’ve also got two side windows with superfine mesh, making it perfect for ventilation yet also protecting you from bugs.

Thanks to the lightweight, durable aluminium frame, it’s easy for just one person to set up.  The frame also features stainless steel hinges for longevity and comes with a lightweight aluminium telescopic ladder, which extends up to 2 metres.

The XTM is one of the most spacious roof top tents in this guide. So whether you want a spacious tent for a couple or a family with young children, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the amount of space.  The tent is a lot heavier than similar sized tents, though, such as the Kings tent. So keep this in mind when making the final decision.

Click here for more information and to check the price

Kwiky MKII Kings Hard Shell Roof Top Tent Review

the best roof top tent Australia

If you’re looking for another option for the best hard shell roof top tent 2024 Australia has – Kings also has this covered with the Kwiky MKII.  This is a smaller tent, one of the smallest in these reviews, so it is best suited to one or two people at the most.  Nevertheless, the Kings Kiwky roof top tent offers incredible value for money for those after an inexpensive hardshell tent.

The beauty of this Kings hard shell roof top tent is that it pretty much sets itself up.  Simply undo the buckles at either end, give it a bit of a push and then the internal heavy duty gas struts take over, and in an instant, it’s completely open.  Next, take out the ladder and add the awning poles and the tent is fully set up.

The tent is made from a 320gsm ripstop polycotton canvas with double stitching on the seams and is fully waterproof.  The shell is made from a tough ABS anti aging polymer with all structural points reinforced.  All in all a pretty tough and durable tent.

Inside this pop up roof top tent, you’ll find a 5cm high density mattress within a space of 2m long x 1 metre wide. You’ve also got around 90cm headspace, which is more than enough room to sit up fully.  

The tent comes with doors on both sides.  There are also windows on all four sides with mesh screens to keep out the bugs and small awnings to protect you from the elements. In addition, there are multiple internal storage pockets and a 2.4 metre telescopic ladder which is safely stored away inside the tent when not in use.

Overall, this is a great quality tent and certainly a good one to consider if you’re after the best hardshell rooftop tent.  While certainly not the biggest roof top tent in this guide, this super easy to put up tent is an excellent option for a couple or a solo camper.

Click here for more information and to check the price


Dometic 4WD Rooftop Tent Review

the best roof top tent Australia

The Dometic 4WD rooftop tent is a standard sized roof top tent suitable for two people and comes with the option of 12V electric operation, which means your tent will basically set up itself!

This is a standard size tent suitable for two people and comes with plenty of headspace.  The tent comes with a 5cm foam mattress, which isn’t the thickest of mattresses – it’s one of the thinnest in this guide.

The tent is made with a waterproof UPF 50+ two layer fabric for great weather protection and thermal insulation. In addition, there are integrated mesh screens on each side of the tent that allow plenty of ventilation while keeping the bugs out.

Weighing in at just over 50kgs, this is an incredibly lightweight tent, thanks to a sturdy aluminium frame, so perfect for pretty much any vehicle.  It also features a lightweight telescopic aluminium ladder internal storage pockets and is well protected by a durable water resistant PVC cover.

Setting up the tent is easy and even easier if you opt for the 12V electric set up option.  Simply plug the cable into a battery, press up on the remote, and the tent will erect itself.  You can then store away the cables in the dedicated cable storage pocket.  If you run into any trouble during this process, the tent also comes with non motorised poles so you can manually set up the tent.

For those who want to save time by not putting their tent up themselves, the Dometic electric roof top tent is worth considering.  Mind you, these tents are reasonably quick to set up anyway and may well not be worth the extra cash because you do pay a hefty premium for the automatic roof top tent option.

So instead, you might consider saving the cash and using it to get yourself a better quality tent or one that comes with an annex.

Click here for more information and to check the price


Darche Panorama Roof Top Tent Review

the best roof top tent Australia

The Darche Panorama is another great tent that comes with the option of an annex.  Available in 1400mm, these are top quality tents and come with a massive three year warranty.

These Panorama tents are made to last, coming with a completely waterproof 320gsm polycotton ripstop canvas with sealed stitched seams.  The tent frame is constructed from sturdy 25mm aluminium and has stainless steel hinges.  Then to keep it well protected while stored away, you have a heavy duty 600gsm PVC cover.

For extra protection from the elements, the tent also comes with an adjustable tropical fly – this helps with airflow, prevents condensation and prevents the tent’s roof from getting too hot from the sun.

Inside you’ll find full width windows on both sides, which have a fine mesh for airflow and keeping out bugs.  There is also a zippered sunroof for star gazing and maximum airflow or zip it up during rainy or cold weather.  Other features inside include built in air vents and internal storage pockets.

Unfortunately, the Darche Panorama only has a 5cm thick mattress – certainly not the thickest on the market.  However, the mattress does come with a removable water resistant cover, which is great for cleaning.

A handy feature is the removable pack down bungee cords with three attachment points to make the pack down super easy.  Also included is a 2.3 metre telescopic aluminium ladder which is extendable, so perfect for 4WDs that have an aftermarket lift.

Click here for more information and to check the price


Darche Ridgeback Hard Cover Rooftop Tent Review

If you’re after a hardcover rooftop tent that has a high quality design and aerodynamic build as well as extra features like LED lights, then the Darche Ridgeback is one to consider.  However, you will need a big budget to afford this tent – it’s one of the most expensive tents by far in these reviews.  

Featuring an external aluminium shell that not only protects the tent while in transit but also the roof of the tent once set up.  Thanks to the German-engineered Stabilus struts, the set up itself is super quick and easy.  Simply open the stainless steel latches, give it a push, and it practically sets itself up. All you need to do is pull out the internal bar, and you’re good to go.

The tent is made with a 280gsm heavy duty ripstop polycotton canvas and has heavy duty self-repairing coil zips throughout.  Each of the large side windows has mesh screens to keep the bugs out and zip up privacy screens.

This tent has a few little added conveniences like interior LED lights and handy storage pockets on each wall.  So you’ll have the best night’s sleep in this tent, and having light already installed is a real bonus – all you need to do is plug the included cable into your USB power bank.

Other features include a zippable sky window, a removable fly for extra protection from the rain and an easy action 2.3 m aluminium telescopic ladder.  The tent also comes with an impressive 3 year warranty.

You get a lot with this high quality tent, but you have to ask yourself – are the extra bonuses worth the extraordinarily high price tag?  Is it worth it – I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Click here for more information and to check the price


And there you have it, our ultimate guide to the best roof top tents.  Maybe you might also be interested in our guide on choosing the best inflatable kayak.  We have plenty of other guides to help you with camping, including pop up tents, camping fridges and we even have the ultimate camping checklist here.

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