Tired of blowing up your mattress every time you reach your campsite? 

On the hunt for the best self inflating mattress Australia has?  Then read on!

If you’re tired of bobbing around during the night on your cheap air mattress, then perhaps it’s time to invest in the best self inflating camping mattress. Of course, any serious camper knows that for the best night’s sleep, then a self inflatable air mattress is the only way to go.  But be warned, the best self inflatable mattress Australia has, does not come cheap!

If you’re not quite ready to invest in the best self inflating air mattress Australia has, then check out our guide to the best air mattresses for camping.  However, if you’re ready for the best night’s sleep while on your camping adventures – then this is the perfect guide for you!  For the best camping mattress Australia has – a top quality self inflating one is seriously the way to go.

In this guide, we’re going to take you through all the things you need to consider to buy the best self inflating camping mat.  And believe me; these buggers are not cheap, so you only want to be making this purchase once.

At the end of this guide, in the best self inflating mattress review section, we’ll also take a closer look at some of the top rated self inflating mattresses from some of the top Aussie brands.

So let’s get into it and find you the best self inflating air mattress for camping!

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What is a Self Inflating Mattress and How do they Work?

First up, in case you’re not 100% sure what a self inflating mattress is, I’ll briefly explain it in layman’s terms.

A self inflatable camping bed is filled with foam that inside has many open cells.  When the mattress is rolled up, the foam is compressed, so the cells are collapsed and not open.  Once the mat is unrolled, though, the cells open, and when the valve is also open, they automatically suck in the air due to the vacuum created by the foam cells.  Once the mattress is fully expanded, you’ll need to close the valve to ensure air isn’t pushed out once you lie on top of it.

And in my super basic terms – that, my friend, is how a self inflating mattress works.

Our Pick for the Best Self Inflating Mattress Australia 2024: Zempire Monstamat

If you don’t have time to read this entire guide and just want to hear our suggestion for a top camping self inflating air mattress, then we recommend the Zempire Monstamat camping mattress.  These are fairly expensive sleeping mattresses, but they are top quality self inflating mattresses designed to provide you with a great night’s sleep.  Plus, they are lightweight and pack up compactly, so they are easy to transport as well.

Read our full review on the Zempire Monstamat below or click here to buy now.

The Best Self Inflating Camping Mattress Australia 2024 Comparison Table

Below is a handy comparison table where we list and compare features of all the products in these self inflating camping mattresses reviews.  This table will help you quickly compare the self inflating air mattress camping options and choose the best for you.

Keep reading below for the full details of all these self inflating camping beds.

NameImageThicknessSizesCheck Price
Wanderer Tourer Extreme 4X4
12cmQueen, Double, King Single or SingleCheck Price
Oztrail 10cmQueen, Double or King SingleCheck Price
BlackWolf Hexatherm 2D Mega Deluxe II
10cmDouble or SingleCheck Price
Zempire Monstamat10cmTwin, King Single or SingleCheck Price
Thermarest MondoKing 3D 10cmKing Single
Check Price
Darchel All Terrain
10cmQueen, King Single or SingleCheck Price
Wanderer Camp 10010cmKing Single or SingleCheck Price
Zempire Bomber
7cmTwin or SingleCheck Price
Sportztrek Gamma 10cmMega Single, King Single or SingleCheck Price
Darche RTM 8cmDoubleCheck Price

How to Choose the Best Self Inflatable Air Mattress

To buy the most comfortable self inflating mattress, do yourself a favour and take the time to consider the following factors.


First up, you need to consider what size mattress you need.  When it comes to the size of a self inflating mattress, you really do need to pay attention to the actual dimensions because a queen size self inflating mattress is not the same size as your queen bed at home.

Also, before you shout yourself the biggest self inflating mattress you can afford, consider the dimensions of your tent first.  If your tent is small and you need more than one of these mattresses, you may well be limited to which size you can buy.

I’d also recommend you consider how tall (and wide) you are.  Smaller people can get away with a single self inflating mattress, while larger people may need to get a bigger size to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep.  You can also get a self-inflating air mattress with added length too, which is great for tall people.

Whatever size you go for, just check the actual dimensions (both the width and the length) because they do differ between brands.

Bonded or Non Bonded

You might notice on a self inflating mattress that it says it’s a bonded mattress.  This means the outer material is glued to the foam inside so that the foam won’t move around and the air will stay in place, ensuring no part of your body ends up on the ground.

Cheaper self inflating mattresses are not likely to be bonded, meaning the outer material is not glued to the foam inside.  This means both the foam and trapped air will move about as you move about while sleeping, and so won’t be as comfortable.

Of course, bonded self inflating mattresses are going to cost more, so you’ll need to weigh this up when considering how much you’re willing to spend. However, if you want the most comfortable camping mattress – go with a bonded one.

Mattress Thickness

The standard size for a good quality air mattress is around 10cm.  However, you can get mattresses that are thicker than this or thinner.  The thickest self inflating mattress is more likely to provide you with a night of better sleep.  However, the thicker the self inflatable mattress, the heavier and more expensive it’s likely to be.

Weight and Packed Size

You’ll also want to consider how much space you have in terms of transporting your camping inflatable mattress.  Self-inflating mattresses are far bulkier than air mattresses, so if you don’t have much room in your vehicle, opt for an air mattress.

Weight and size can vary quite a lot between self inflating mattresses.  So don’t just purchase one thinking you’ll easily be able to throw a few of them in the back of the car. Instead, do your homework and make sure you’ve got plenty of space to transport the mattresses you’re thinking about buying.

Like anything, the more you spend on your self inflating mattress, the more likely it will be lightweight and pack away nice and compactly.


Once you’ve considered all the above, you might also want to think about durability – basically, how long do you want your mattress to last?  And this often comes down to how much you want to spend.

For the best self inflating sleeping mat that will last, look for ones made with thick fabrics.  The best way to do this is to check the denier rating – usually, you’ll see something like 100D.  Basically, the higher the number, the more durable the fabric and the less likely you’ll get a puncture or tear.

Ease of Inflation and Deflation

The best self inflating mattresses are easy to both inflate and deflate.  Usually, how easy a mattress is to inflate and deflate is reflected in the price.  So the more expensive the mattress, the easier it will likely be to inflate.

Some mattresses have multiple ports, which make the inflation and deflation process quicker.

Mattress Insulation

While you think a mattress is just for sleeping on, it can also contribute to your overall level of warmth. This is because the mattress’s ability to insulate you from the cold ground is measured in R-value, and the higher the number, the warmer you’ll be.

If you’re only camping in the middle of summer, this may be less important to you.  But if you’re camping during the cooler months, it’s definitely worth paying attention to it.  If you want something good for year round (except in extremely cold weather), look for something around an R value of 3.  For super cold weather, you’ll want something 5 and above.

Best Air Mattress for Camping Reviews Australia 2024

Ok, so hopefully, by now, you have a better idea of what would make the best self-inflating mattress for you.  To help you find the perfect mattress, below, we’ve taken a closer look at some of the best self inflating camping pad options currently available on the Aussie market.

Wanderer Tourer Extreme 4X4 BCF Self Inflating Mattress Review

First up, we have the BCF range of Wanderer Tourer Extreme 4X4 mattresses.  This thick self inflating mattress comes in multiple sizes and is one of the cheapest self inflating mattresses in these reviews.

This Wanderer self inflating mattress is made with a heavy PVC bottom, with soft fabric on top for comfort.  These are thick mattresses at 12 cm – the thickest in these self inflating camping mat reviews, so you can rest assured of great sleep.  Although the added thickness does add a bit of weight to the Wanderer mattress- at 9.5kg, they are among the heaviest self inflating mattresses in these reviews.

The Wanderer BCF self inflating mattress is quick to inflate and deflate with four ports.  Plus, you can blow in a bit of added air if need be.  This best self inflatable air bed also comes with compression straps, heavy duty carry bag, a repair kit and a one year warranty.

If these mattresses’ added weight and size aren’t a concern and you’re just after the most comfortable self inflating mattress, you can’t go past the Wanderer range.  As well as this full size self inflating air mattress, the Wanderer inflatable mattress also comes in a double or king single size.

Click here for more information and to check current pricing.


Oztrail Self Inflating Mattress Review

OZtrail also makes their own self inflating mats, the Oztrail Leisure, which come in a range of sizes suitable for every family member.  

This Oztrail self inflating mattress features high density open cell foam for excellent support and a good night’s sleep, and the brushed velour outer makes for a soft surface to lay on.  They are also quick to inflate and deflate with the two way flip valves and large air channels.  Plus, the valves won’t allow air to escape, even if left open or the mattress has a puncture.

This queen size self inflating sleeping pad has the same dimensions as the Wanderer queen, yet it is the standard 10cm thick instead of the Wanderer’s luxurious 12cm thickness.  It’s also surprisingly heavier at 10kg.  So if weight is an essential factor to you, consider the lighter Zempire or BlackWolf mattresses reviewed next.

These mattresses also come with storage straps, a repair kit, a carry bag and a one year warranty.  

Click here for more information and to check current pricing.

Hexatherm Black Wolf Self Inflating Mattress Review

Another top option for the best self inflating sleeping pad for camping is the BlackWolf Hexatherm 2D Mega Deluxe II.  These are super popular and comfortable but do come with a sky high price tag!

Like the Zempire mattresses, this Black Wolf self inflating mattress is fully bonded, which means the outside fabric is glued to the foam, which ensures the foam stays in place for a more comfortable sleep.  The mat is 10 cm thick and is made from a 100D stretch fabric.

For super fast inflation, these mattresses have large valves – simply swing the valve one way to let air in and swing it the other way for rapid deflation.  The included carry bag even doubles as an air pump, so you can add extra air manually if required.

The self inflating camping mattress comes with a repair kit and compression straps, and the carry bag is waterproof, so great if you want to strap it to your car roof.  The mattress is lightweight at just 5.3kg and packs away nice and compact.

Other features of these mattresses include a non slip base, the foam has been anti microbial treated and the single mattresses even come with velcro sides so you can join a few together for snuggles.

If you’re after the best double self inflating mattress, which is well priced, you can’t go wrong with the BlackWolf Hexatherm 2D Mega Deluxe II, and it also comes in the option of a single size if you’re after one for the kids.

Click here for more information and to check current pricing.


Zempire Monstamat Self Inflating Mats Review

One of the most popular self inflating mats around at the moment is the Zempire Monstamat self inflating mats.  These self inflating mattresses are of great quality, and so it’s no surprise that they are also one of the most expensive mattresses in this self inflating mat review.

This self inflating mattress features fully bonded foam, which prevents any cold air from creeping up through your mattress.  The full size self inflating air mattress is 10cm thick, and it has a heavy duty 75D base covered in a comfortable stretch fabric; these mattresses are designed to be long lasting and provide a great night’s sleep.

Thanks to the 360 valve, the mattresses inflate fast, and then you spin the valve around for a quick deflate when it’s time to pack up.  Other features of this best self inflating pad include an R value of 9.5, so it will keep you nice and warm, even on cold nights, it’s lightweight at just 5kg, and it comes with its own carry bag and compression strap, so it’s easy to transport as well.

For anyone wanting the very best self inflating mattress for camping that money can buy, you cannot go past the Zempire Monstamat.  This mattress also comes in the option of a twin, king single or single size.

Click here for more information and to check current pricing.


Thermarest Self Inflating Mattress MondoKing 3D Review

The Thermarest MondoKing 3D Australia mattress is the most expensive self inflating mattress in these reviews!  However, Thermarest is said to be the best of the best when it comes to camping mattresses, so if money is no object and having the best night’s sleep is your priority, then this is the one for you.

The bottom of the mattresses is made with a durable 75D polyester, while the top is made with a 50D knit polyester which provides a plush sleeping surface.  The mattresses are relatively thick at 10cm, and the continuous layer of thermal foam between the alternating ridges of air and foam help to keep you warm.  They are rated with an R Value of 7.

These mattresses are easy to inflate with the 2 x one way valves – one for inflation and one for deflation.  They also pack down relatively compactly and are lightweight too, at just 2.5kgs.

One of the super cool things about these self inflating mattresses is that you can mate them up with other 3D mattresses so you can snuggle with your other half.  Other great features of these mattresses include a stuff sack, a built in pump sack, so you add more air if required, and a lifetime warranty so you can purchase these mattresses with complete confidence.

Not everyone’s budget will stretch to a Thermarest self inflating mattress, but if you want the very best self inflated mattress, then this is, without a doubt, one to check out.

Click here for more information and to check current pricing.


Darche All Terrain Self Inflatable Mat Review

For those after a top quality self inflating mattress, the Darche All Terrain range is well worth considering.  These self-inflating mats offer a great combination of comfort, convenience, and durability for outdoor enthusiasts.

One of the standout features of the Darche All Terrain Self Inflating Mat is its comfort. The mat is 10cm thick when fully inflated, providing a plush and supportive surface to sleep. It offers excellent insulation from the cold ground, providing a comfortable night’s sleep.  It comes in a range of sizes too including a queen, king single or single size. 

It’s incredibly easy to inflate the mattress with minimal effort. Simply unroll it, open the valve, and let it do the work. In a matter of minutes, it self-inflates to its full size, and you only need to add a few extra breaths to achieve your desired firmness. Deflating the mat is also straightforward; just open the valve, roll it up, and it compresses down to a manageable size. 

The Darche All Terrain Self Inflating Mat is made from tough, 75D polyester with a water resistant top and a durable waterproof PVC coating on the bottom. This fully bonded mat is made from open cell high density foam and won’t lose its R-Value or shrink over time.  It also resists mould and comes with a repair kit and carry bag with reinforced webbing handles.

While the Darche mat is relatively lightweight for its size, it might not be the best option for ultra-light backpacking due to its bulkiness when rolled up. The included carry bag helps with transportation, but it’s a bit challenging to fit the mat back into the bag after use. It’s more suitable for car camping or shorter hiking trips where you don’t have to worry about every ounce of weight.

Considering the comfort and durability this self-inflating mat offers, it provides good value for the price. While it certainly is not the best cheap self inflating mattress nor is it arguably one of the most affordable self inflating mattresses on the market, the quality and convenience it provides make it worth the investment for those who value a good night’s sleep while camping.

Click here for more information and to check current pricing.


For those after a single sized self inflating mattress and want the ultimate in comfort, then the Wanderer Camp 100 mats are well worth considering.  These are said to be some of the most comfortable self inflating mattresses around.

This single king size self inflating mattress is 10cm thick and made from a 30D stretch fabric with a water resistant coating.  This best single self inflating mattress also has anti slide grips to prevent sliding around during the night.

For single size mattresses, they are generously sized, being 198cm x 76cm and reasonably lightweight too, at 3.2kg.

So if money is not an issue but the most comfortable sleep is your priority, consider grabbing a Wanderer Camp 100 self inflating mattress.

Click here for more information and to check current pricing.

Zempire Bomber Self Inflating Mattress Review

The Zempire Bomber is a great mid priced self inflating mattress coming in a size, so it is a great mattress for you and your partner or just a spacious mattress for yourself.

This mattress is made with a 75D fabric with a 3D construction which allows the internal foam to expand fully.  The 7cm thick mattress features a contoured wave foam that provides warmth and comfort while reducing the overall pack size. The bottom of the mattress is made tough, while the top has a soft touch surface for added comfort.

The 360° double way valve makes it easy to both inflate and deflate.  Simply open the valve, and the mat will begin to self inflate and without any air escaping.

This is a great choice for those who do not want to pay top dollar for a self inflating mattress but still want one from a brand with a great reputation for making quality camping products.  The mattress also comes with a 12 month warranty, a drawstring stuff sack and an emergency repair kit.

Click here for more information and to check current pricing.


Sportztrek Gamma Self Inflating Mattress Review

The Sportztrek Gamma self inflating mats are a great option for those after a top quality single sized mattress.  They are lightweight and pack down compactly for easy transporting.

This Sportztrek self inflating mat is 10cm thick, so it offers plenty of support for a good night’s sleep.  They are made with a 150D Oxford polyester and feature two valves for quick and easy inflation and deflation.  They also compact down well in the included compression straps and carry bag.

There are three sizes to choose from with the Sportztrek Gamma, including a single, king single and the mega single.  So you can choose the perfect size for you depending on how tall you are or how much extra width you like in a mattress.

The Sportztrek Gamma range of mattresses offer campers a great night’s sleep and are well priced too – so a great option if you’re just after a single sized mattress.

Click here for more information and to check current pricing.


Darche RTM Self Inflating Mattress Review

Last but not least is the Darch RTM self inflating mattress, a really affordable mattress for those after a spacious mattress for them and their other half.  While these mattresses have been specifically designed as rooftop tent mattresses, they can also be used in a range of other tents as well.

This self inflating foam mattress is 8cm thick, so not as thick as most of the others in this guide, but that is also reflected in the lower price.  The mattress is made with a water resistant 75D polyester fabric, and the base of the mattress features velcro strips and a dotted non slip PVC to keep it in place during the night.

The Darche RTM is made up of two halves, and each half features its own two inflation points for quick inflation and deflation.  It then packs down compactly with the compression straps.  It isn’t the lightest self inflating mattress, though, with each half weighing just under 4kg.

The Darche RTM is a great one to consider if weight isn’t an issue and you’re just after a well priced self inflating mattress that will comfortably fit you and your partner.  It also comes with a one year warranty, so you can purchase with confidence.

Click here for more information and to check current pricing.


We hope you found this guide to self inflating mattresses helpful.  Remember, if you need help choosing other camping gear, we have a range of different guides, including pop up tents, camping chairs, swags and more.

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