Looking for the best spare wheel bag to store dirty gear?

Then read on because in this guide, we’re going to help you find the perfect 4X4 rear wheel bag, whatever your needs are.  

A good quality bag on the back of your spare wheel is the perfect place to keep all that dirty gear, or even a place for rubbish when camping off grid.  With a bag that sits over your spare tyre, there’s no need to put your stinky, dirty or wet gear inside the car.

I’ve been considering a 4WD spare wheel rubbish bag for years and finally decided to invest in one before heading off on a three week remote trip where bins were going to be few and far between. Rather than store rubbish inside our car and risk it going all over the place, not to mention stink up the car – I thought it was about time to get one.

As I soon discovered, there are quite a few different 4WD spare tyre bag options on the market, all at differing prices, sizes etc – so like any camping gear, it always takes a bit of research and asking others for their first hand experiences to ensure you purchase one that’s right for your needs.

After a bit of internet research and asking for some recommendations from the Queensland Camping community, I finally decided on a spare tire bag (find out which one below), and so far, it’s been perfect for our needs.

If you’re looking to buy a spare wheel storage bag for your rubbish or camping gear, then reading this guide is a great place to start.  In this guide, I’ve covered all you need to consider when purchasing the best spare tire gear bag that’s right for your needs, as well as take a closer look at some of the best options currently on the market.

So let’s get into it and find you the best spare wheel dirty gear bag!

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Our Pick for the Best Spare Wheel Bag Australia 2022: Bushranger Spare Wheel Bag

Bushranger Spare Wheel Bag

Don’t fancy reading our entire spare wheel bag guide and just want to know our recommendation?  Well, we suggest the Bushranger spare wheel bag.

We recommend the Bushranger bag because it comes made with top quality materials and all the great features you need for a bag that’s going to last the distance.  Made from high quality reinforced PVC and a 48mm harness mounting system, this bag features one large main compartment and two side pockets to keep your gear organised.  You also have the option of inserting the divider into the main section for dual compartments.

The bag is waterproof and easy to clean, thanks to the bottom three drainage holes – just give it a hose out and let it hang on the line to dry.

Keep reading below for our full Bushranger wheel bag review or click here to check it out now.

Best 4X4 Rear Wheel Bag 2022 Comparison Chart

To help you buy the best 4X4 spare wheel bag, below is a comparison chart, which lists all the bags reviewed later in this guide.  The chart provides a quick and easy way to compare each 4WD spare wheel bag and its features side by side, so you can easily determine which is the best one for you.

NameImageSize (Litres)CompartmentsCheck Price
Bushranger Bushranger Spare Wheel Bag57LComes with a removable divider and 2 side pocketsCheck Price
AOS AOS Wheel Bag45L1 large + 3 external pocketsCheck Price
MSA MSA Wheel Bag55L1 large + 2 side pocketsCheck Price
XTM / BCF XTM Wheel Bag45L1 large compartmentCheck Price
Dune / Anaconda Dune Wheel Bag82L1 large compartmentCheck Price
Adventure Kings Kings Premium Spare Wheel Bag48L1 large + 2 side pocketsCheck Price
Adventure KingsKings Dirty Bag45L1 large compartmentCheck Price
OZtrail Oztrail Spare Wheel Bag60L1 large + 2 side pocketsCheck Price
Tuff Terrain Tuff Terrain Wheel Bag60L1 large + 2 side pocketsCheck Price
Roadsafe RoadSafe Wheel Bag60L1 large + 2 side pocketsCheck Price

Choosing the Best 4WD Spare Wheel Rubbish Bag

Spare Wheel Bag

While a spare wheel bin bag is a fairly cheap and simple product to purchase, if you want one that is tough and will last for years, there are certainly a couple of things to consider.  Plus, not everyone wants one for their rubbish – some choose to store other dirty gear in there.

If you want to purchase a spare wheel gear bag that is well suited to your needs and won’t fall apart on you after one trip – consider the following factors.


While many people use their rear wheel bin bag to carry their rubbish, they are also great for a range of other dirty or wet gear.  

Been at the beach and got wet towels, or perhaps other wet gear like wetsuits, snorkels, kids toys?  Then these are the perfect place to store them. Maybe you’ve been hiking and you’ve got muddy boots?  Or perhaps you’re just looking for somewhere to store all your recovery gear – this is the perfect place.

So the first thing you’ll need to decide is what you’re going to carry in there and then you can determine the correct size.

But even for those looking for a rubbish bag for spare wheel – then you’ll need to consider how long you’re going away for and how much rubbish you’re going to accumulate.  If you’re away for weeks at a time, then bigger is obviously better.  Whereas for a weekend trip, a small spare wheel garbage bag will be fine.

Material and Hardware

Given a rear wheel rubbish bag sits on the outside of vehicles and are likely to be travelling all over the place, often off road – these bags need to be made from heavy duty materials and feature top quality hardware.

A spare tyre bin bag needs to be strong, given you’re storing your gear in them.  You don’t them falling apart in the middle of a long journey leaving rubbish all over the road or worse still, your gear without even knowing!

Look for bags made from heavy duty canvas or PVC, with an extra thick base, thick straps and reinforced stitching for maximum strength.  You’ll also want large, heavy duty buckles and top quality zippers.

Storage Options

For those just wanting to store rubbish – then a spare wheel trash bag with one large opening is all you’ll really need.  However, if you want to store a range of different things and have them well organised, you’re best to opt for a spare tire storage bag with multiple storage pockets.  Some bags come with various storage pockets inside, or you can get ones that come with side mesh or zippered pockets.

Some dirty gear bag spare wheel options come with the one large opening – but have a removable PVC lining that can be added, giving you various storage pockets.  Generally, these PVC liners have velcro around the top to keep them in place and two larger handles on either side so you can easily pull all your gear out. 

Compartments of a spare wheel bag

Easy to Clean

If you’re using your spare wheel bag to store rubbish or dirty gear, then you’re going to want one that is easy to clean.  For this reason, it’s best to look for a bag that comes with drainage holes at the bottom of the bag.  This makes it super easy to clean – just grab a hose, clean it out, and let the water run through the bottom.

As mentioned above, some bags come with removable PVC liners, which means you can remove them for cleaning also.  

Best Spare Type Bag Reviews 2022

Hopefully, after reading the above, you better understand what would make the ideal spare wheel bag for you.  Below we now take a closer look at some of the more popular options currently on the Australian market.  

Bushranger Spare Wheel Bag Review

Bushranger Spare Wheel Bag

The Bushranger spare wheel bag is one of the most popular bags currently on the Australian market.  Made from high quality reinforced PVC, these tough bags are perfect for rubbish, wet gear, dirty clothes or even your dirty recovery equipment.

The Bushranger wheel bag is quick and easy to clip on and off with the 48mm harness mounting system, which has snap lock buckles.  It also has a sturdy clip system for keeping the lid closed.

With the bag, you’ve got a combined total of 57 litres of storage.  Inside you have dual compartments thanks to a divider, which is removable, so you can have one large compartment if preferred.  Externally there are also two side pockets for smaller gear.

The bag is completely waterproof, but it also has three drainage holes at the bottom for liquid to run out.  This also makes the Bushranger spare wheel rubbish bag easy to clean at the end of your camping trip.  Simply give it a hose out and hang it on the line to dry.

Suitable for most vehicles that have a rear mounted spare wheel, the Bushranger wheel bag is the perfect solution for keeping your rubbish or dirty gear stored while on the road.

Click here for more information and to check the price.


AOS Canvas Wheel Bag Review

AOS Wheel Bag

For a top of the range spare wheel bag – the only one you’ll ever need to buy, then you can’t go past the AOS canvas spare wheel rubbish bag.  These bags are designed and made right in Australia and while they are the most expensive in these reviews, they have the most features and are arguably the best quality.

Made from waterproof heavy duty rip stop polycotton canvas, these bags feature four separate compartments – the most compartments out of all the bags in these reviews.  You’ve got the large main compartment and then two side pockets and one front pocket.  All together, you have 45 litres of storage space.

The large compartment features number 10 coil lockable zippers, which are perfect for keeping the compartment secure from wannabe thieves.  In addition to the top zipper, the main compartment also has a zipper at the bottom, so you can easily retrieve your rubbish bags.  This makes it much easier than lifting heavy rubbish bags from the top.  Inside the main compartment is also a brass eyelet to allow any liquid to leak out the bottom.

To safely secure the bag to your spare wheel, you have three 50mm seatbelt webbing straps that feature big 50mm side release buckles.  The straps are sewn in along the entire length of the bag, which makes them extra durable and certainly unlikely to tear away from the bag.

Another great feature that the AOS bag has that no other in these reviews does is the compression straps.  There are two 25mm nylon webbing compressions straps around the front of the bag, which means you can secure your gear and prevent them from bouncing around while in transit.  This not only protects any gear your storing but reduces stress on the bag, therefore, increasing its longevity.

If you’re after a top of the range spare wheel bag, it’s a no brainer – it’s the AOS canvas spare wheel bag you’re after.  With stacks of compartments and made from the highest quality of fabrics and hardware, this will be the only rear wheel storage bag you ever buy.  It also comes with a one year warranty.

Click here for more information and to check the price.


MSA Wheel Bag Review

MSA Wheel Bag

The MSA 4X4 rear wheel bag is one of the more expensive bags in this guide – but made from top quality fabric and hardware, this is a heavy duty bag perfect for those regularly on the road.

This tough bag is made from quality 1680 denier PVC, which is backed with nylon and has a double reinforced base.  In laymen terms, that just means it’s bloody solid and is not going to tear when it’s full of rubbish or dirty gear.  It comes with a fully adjustable harness system so it can fit on a range of different sized tyres – plus, it’s easy to install and remove.

For storage, you’ve got a combined 55 litres with one large compartment and then two side zippered pockets.  Inside you have drainage holes that allow liquid to easily escape, which also makes it easy to clean.

So if you’re regularly on the road and after something heavy duty that you’re not going to have to replace after a few camping trips, the MSA 4X4 rear wheel bag is certainly one to consider.

Click here for more information and to check the price.

XTM BCF Spare Wheel Bag Review

XTM Wheel Bag

If you’re strapped for cash or just after something to store rubbish for the odd camping trip here and there – then do yourself a favour and check out the XTM spare wheel bag from BCF.

This inexpensive spare wheel bag features just a single large compartment which provides 45 litres of storage.  The compartment is zippered and the three adjustable mounting straps will easily sit over your tyre.  It also comes with reinforced eyelets so you can fit a padlock on it to prevent anyone from walking away with it.

Although one of the cheaper options in this guide, if you’re just after a basic rubbish bag for your next camping trip, this BCF spare wheel bag will do just fine.

Click here for more information and to check the price.

Anaconda Dune 4WD Spare Wheel Bag Review

Dune Wheel Bag

Another cheap option to consider is the Dune 4WD spare wheel bag from Anaconda.  Similar in price and design to the previous BCF bag, this Dune 4WD spare wheel storage bag is another good option for those going on the odd camping trip.  The main difference though – at 82 litres – this bag is huge and offers plenty of storage space.

This bag comes with just one large compartment, which is one of the largest in these reviews!  This Anaconda spare wheel bag has all the features you need, such as drainage holes for easy cleaning, heavy duty zippers and it comes with three harnesses to hold it into place as well as additional side straps while going off road.

A benefit of this cheap spare wheel bag is that it comes with a two year warranty – so if a good all round cheap bag is what you’re after, this may just be one for you.

Click here for more information and to check the price.

Adventure Kings Spare Wheel Bag – Premium Review

Kings Premium Spare Wheel Bag

Even cheaper again is the Adventure Kings Premium spare wheel bag.  Coming with three pockets, this is a great cheap option if you’re after a storage bag with a couple of compartments to keep your gear well organised.

This Adventure Kings spare wheel bag is made from heavy duty and waterproof 400 GSM PVC and also features #10 SBS zippers – which basically means they will perform well even after repeated use.  The straps for securing the bag to the wheel are made from strong seatbelt quality webbing polyester with adjustable buckles to ensure the bag remains in place, even when full of heavy rubbish or gear.

Inside the main compartment, you’ve got around 42L of storage space which also has drainage holes to ensure liquid can easily escape.  Then on either side, you’ve got mesh pockets for storing smaller items.

It certainly has some great features for a cheap little bag and will no doubt serve you well on your camping adventures.

Click here for more information and to check the price.


Adventure Kings Dirty Gear Bag Review

Kings Dirty Bag

If you’re absolutely strapped for cash – then the cheapest bag in these entire reviews is the entry level Adventure Kings Dirty Gear Bag.  Still made from the same quality fabrics some of the more expensive wheel bags are, this cheap as chips bag makes the perfect bin bag while camping.

This bag is made from tight woven polyester with a PVC coating making it ideal for storing a range of items.  The bag has a double thickness base and lower wall sections for added strength, so you can feel comfortable storing heavy gear without any rips or tears.  It also comes with adjustable straps to securely fit onto pretty much any size wheel.

The entry level bag has just the one large compartment, which has a storage volume of 48 litres.  It also features the all important drain hole for liquid to escape and for easy cleaning.

Honestly, with this Kings spare wheel bag at such a low price, there is no excuse for having smelly rubbish or dirty gear inside your vehicle.

Click here for more information and to check the price.


OZtrail 4X4 Spare Wheel Bag Review

Oztrail Spare Wheel Bag

The OZtrail storage bag is another low priced bag – yet has one of the larger storage space.  Designed to be water, mud, sand and dust resistant, this is the perfect bag for keeping all those items that get filthy while out exploring the great outdoors.

The great thing about this bag is having three different storage compartments.  With a combined 60 litres, this bag provides space for everything and keeps it well organised too.  You’ve got the one large compartment and two large side pockets too.  Each compartment features heavy duty zippers and dust flaps.

The bag comes with your standard harness mounting system designed to fit on a range of tyre sizes.  The fabric is hardwearing and easy to clean too – simply give it a hose off and hang it up to dry.

This is a reasonably good spare wheel bag for those after a mid priced option.  It also comes with a one year warranty.

Click here for more information and to check the price.


Tuff Terrain 4WD Spare Tyre Bag Review

Tuff Terrain Wheel Bag

The Tuff Terrain rear wheel bag has a huge 60 litre capacity making it great for those on long camping trips and needing plenty of storage space.

Made from top quality heavy duty waterproof 1680 denier fabric, this spare wheel bag has three different compartments for keeping your gear well organised.  You’ve got the one large main compartment and then two side pockets.  All three compartments feature heavy duty zippers.

This spare wheel bag has large mounting straps so you can secure it to a range of wheel sizes.

Whether you’re after something to store your rubbish or dirty gear while out on the road, the Tuff Terrain wheel bag is another good option for consideration.

Click here for more information and to check the price.


Roadsafe 4WD Spare Wheel Bag Review

RoadSafe Wheel Bag

The last of the spare wheel bags in these reviews is the RoadSafe rear wheel bag – another good option for those after a mid priced storage solution for storing rubbish and dirty gear.

Made from heavy duty water resistant PVC, these bags come with an adjustable harness so can be fitted on most vehicles and camper trailers which feature a rear mounted spare wheel.

The bag itself has three separate compartments – one large main compartment and two side pockets.  Combined, these compartments provide you with 60 litres of storage.  Each compartment features heavy zippers and has a rain and dust flap for weather protection.

The bag also has drainage holes for liquid to leak from and this also makes cleaning simple.  Just give it a hose out and then hang it up to dry.

The RoadSafe rear wheel bag is another great mid priced option for those after storage solutions for rubbish and dirty gear while camping.

Click here for more information and to check the price.


And there you have it, our ultimate guide to the best spare wheel bags.  We have plenty of other 4×4 and camping guides, including 4WD mounted awnings, roof racks, swags and we even have the ultimate camping checklist here.

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