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Guide to the Best Toilet Tent for Camping Australia 2024

Looking for the best toilet tent for camping? Or perhaps the shower tent Australia has? Then read on because, in this guide, we’re going to help you find the best camping toilet tent and shower tent!

We made do with a toilet tucked away in the corner of our camp for many years.  But once we realised how cheap and portable toilet tents were, we realised there was absolutely no reason to keep hoping no one would catch us with our pants down while doing our business!

We also have an outdoor shower, and for ages, we’d shower in our swimmers or underwear, in clear view of whoever should wander past.  But the good thing about a camp toilet tent is that given how portable they are, you can move them to wherever you want, so they double as great camping shower tents too.

There’s really not much to consider when it comes to finding the best pop up toilet tent or camp shower tent.  Really you just want something lightweight, portable and big enough to comfortably accommodate you while you do your thing.  However, there are a few other factors you might want to consider, such as durability, one room or two, if you’ll also use it for a shower, toilet or both,  will you want to hang a shower hose from the top and what kind of storage pockets will you need.

In this portable toilet tents guide, I take you through everything you need to consider to ensure you purchase the best shower – toilet tent for your camping trips.  Then in the shower – toilet tent reviews section, we’ll look at some of the most popular camping ensuite options currently on the Aussie market.

So let’s get into it and find you the perfect toilet – shower tent!

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Our Pick for the Best Toliet Tent for Camping Australia 2024: OZtrail Fast Frame Ensuite Tent

Don’t fancy reading our entire camping shower – tent reviews guide and just want to know our recommendation?  Well, we recommend the OZtrail Fast Frame camp ensuite tent. 

We recommend the OZtrail ensuite tents because they’re not only made with super quality materials but also quick and easy to set up and come with lots of great accessories that make your trip to the bathroom really comfortable.  With the option of a shower and toilet tent with two rooms or just one room, there is plenty of space for both your shower and toilet inside.  This ensuite shower tent also has a built in floor with mesh drainage. In addition, there is plenty of space for putting your toiletries, clothes, towels and toilet paper.

Keep reading below for our full OZtrail ensuite tent review, or click here to check it out now.

The Best Camping Toliet Tent 2024 Comparison Chart

To help you find the best portable toilet tents for camping, below is a comparison chart that lists all the pop up tent toilet ensuite options in this guide.  The chart provides a quick and easy way to compare each product and its features side by side, so you can easily determine the perfect portable toilet tent for you.

BrandImageSet UpDouble / Single
Set Up Size (cm)
FloorCheck Price
Wandererbest toilet tent for campingPop UpBoth
120 x 120 x 210
240 x 120 x 210
RemovableCheck Price
Colemanbest toilet tent for campingPop UpBoth
120 x 120 x 210
210 x 120 x 210
RemovableCheck Price
OZtrailbest toilet tent for campingFree StandingBoth
120 x 120 x 225
240 x 120 x 225
RemovableCheck Price
Explore Planet Earthbest toilet tent for camping
Pop UpSingle
110 x 110 x 190
RemovableCheck Price
Kingsbest toilet tent for campingFree StandingSingle
120 x 120 x 220
RemovableCheck Price
Kingsbest toilet tent for campingPop UpDouble
240 x 120 x 210
RemovableCheck Price
Kingsbest toilet tent for camping
100 x 100 x 180
FloorlessCheck Price
OzTrailbest toilet tent for campingFree StandingBoth
122 x 122 x 213
245 x 122 x 213
RemovableCheck Price
XTMbest toilet tent for campingAwningSingle
105 x 105 x 210
FloorlessCheck Price
OZtrailbest toilet tent for campingPop UpBoth
120 x 120 x 210
240 x 120 x 210
RemovableCheck Price

How to Choose the Best Pop Up Toilet Tent

When it comes to buying a tent for portable toilet and shower, it can be different for everyone as it depends on what you want to use it for and a range of other factors unique to you.  So that you buy the perfect shower and toilet tent for your camp set up, consider the following.

Ease of Set Up

The best kind of toilet and shower tents for camping are those that basically pop out and set themselves up.  Generally, the cheaper ones require you to attach various poles, taking longer to set up. In addition, these types are usually bulkier and heavier – so we prefer the pop up shower tent kind.

In addition, you want a camping ensuite tent with all the necessary bits and pieces to secure it to the ground.  No one wants their tent to fly away while they’re in the middle of their morning poop!  So ensure the toilet/shower tent you’re considering purchasing comes with plenty of anchor points, pegs and guy ropes.


The size of your outdoor toilet tent is pretty important – I mean, you don’t want to have your bum hanging out the door while you wipe it!  While you don’t need too much space inside, you do want enough space to comfortably sit down, turn around and get your gear off.  This is even more so important when using your tent as a shower.

You also want to consider the height of the portable shower tent.  Given that most toilet tents have a pitched roof, you want to ensure there is plenty of room for the tallest person in your group to stand up comfortably.  Stooping over while showering, in particular, isn’t comfortable for anyone.

While most tents are similar in size, some subtle differences are worth considering, particularly if you’re an overly tall person.

Weight / Portability

Given that a portable camping toilet tent is simply a private space for you to go to the loo, you want something super lightweight and portable.  You don’t want to be adding yet another heavy, bulky item to your camping set up.  The good news is that most toilet tents are lightweight and fold down flat and compactly.  The best camping shower tent Australia options really take up next to no room when stored away and usually come in their own carry bag.


Toilets can become pretty smelly places, so having good ventilation is vital.  This is also necessary to allow air to circulate within the tent and dry out any moisture after showering.  So look for tents with screened windows and mesh fabrics on the roof.

Internal Attachments / Storage


best toilet tent for camping

While not so necessary if you’re just using the tent for the toilet, having internal attachments and storage makes life so much easier when it comes to showering in your tent.  Look for a shower camping tent with attachments that allow you to hook up the shower or even a light for showering or going to the toilet at night.  Storage pockets are also good for putting your clothes or toiletries in while showering.  If using your tent for showering, just ensure any storage pockets are mesh to allow water to drain away easily.

Floor or Floorless

Whether you want a toilet camping tent with or without a floor is a personal choice.  While having a floor for showering is usually a good idea to keep your feet clean – it’s not exactly that hygienic for a toilet.  However, the good news is that most shower and toilet tents come with removable floors, so you can use the floor when showering and remove it when it’s used as a toilet tent.

Two Room Tent

best toilet tent for camping

If you like to go off grid for long stints and there are a few people in your group, you might benefit from a two room tent or a double shower toilet tent.  This means you can have one room permanently set up for the toilet and the other room set up for the shower – no mucking about removing the loo each time someone wants to go for a shower.

Of course, two room tents are bigger, heavier and bulkier, so you’ll have to determine whether the benefits are worth the negatives.


Like any tent you buy, shower and toilet tents are made with different materials.  If you’re looking for something to last and want this to be the one and only tent you ever purchase, then you’ll want to invest a bit of cash upfront and purchase one made with a high quality frame and canopy.

Tent frames made with steel or aluminium are longer lasting than those made from fibreglass (although heavier as well).  Regarding the canopy, look for water resistant ripstop fabrics featuring a high denier to avoid rips and tears.

The Best Camp Toilet Tent Reviews 2024

Hopefully, after reading the above, you better understand what would make the perfect portable pop up toilet tent for you.  Keep reading our popup toilet tent reviews below to find the perfect one today. 

Wanderer Pop Up BCF Toliet Tent Review

best toilet tent for camping

The Wanderer Pop Up Tent is a great all rounder tent, perfect for both a toilet and shower tent.  This shower and toilet tent BCF sells is a pretty roomy tent in height, being 210 cm and 120 cm in length and width, which is pretty standard. 

This Wanderer BCF toilet tent features a polyester with a silver coated material – which means you’re well protected from both the harsh sun rays and wet weather.  The Wanderer pop up ensuite also has a durable steel frame with fibreglass supporting poles to withstand strong winds.  

When you need a bit of extra ventilation, simply open up the back wall panel, which has insect mesh for some extra air.  Also included with the Wanderer shower tent is a large internal pocket for toiletries and a detachable floor.

This outdoor camping toilet tent then stores away compactly in the included carry bag.  Being a pop up tent, it’s also incredibly quick and easy to set up and pack away.  Simply take it out of the bag, let it pop itself up and then use the included pegs and guy ropes to secure it in place.

The Wanderer pop up shower tent BCF sells also comes in a double room option.

Click here for more information and to check the current price.


Coleman Instant Up Ensuite Tent Review

best toilet tent for camping

We’re big fans of Coleman tents, particularly any of their pop up style tents, so it’s great to see they make a top quality pop up ensuite tent too. However, the top quality Coleman toilet tent comes with a hefty price tag to match – one of the more expensive camping toilet and shower tents in this guide.

Like our beloved instant up Coleman tents, their ensuite tent comes with the same hub frame design, making putting up the tent a breeze!  You’ll have this Coleman shower/toilet tent set up in a minute and packed away fast too.

This best ensuite tent is made from quality silver coated water resistant polyester and features a steel frame which means you’re well protected no matter what mother nature throws at you.  The floor has a mesh rim, which helps drain the water after a shower.  The ensuite camping tent also has mesh panels on the roof for ventilation and mesh windows.

Inside, you’ve got a few handy features to make going to the loo or for a shower easy.  There’s a storage pocket for your toiletries, a large zip up pocket to keep your towel and clothes covered, a hose access port for your shower unit, and hooks to keep the hose in place while showering.  

In terms of size, this Coleman portable toilet tent is pretty standard, being 120 cm in both length and width and 210 cm in height, so a great size for most campers.

So if you’re a true devotee to the Colman instant tents, you may well want to consider this tent for toilet or shower – but just ensure your wallet is loaded because this isn’t a cheap toilet tent.  You’ve also got the double room option if you want the extra space.

Click here for more information and to check the current price.


OZtrail Ensuite Dome Review

best toilet tent for camping

A good compromise between price and quality is this OZtrail toilet tent. You get a lot of bang for your buck with this dome style tent. 

This camping portable toilet tent is made with quality materials, including a silver coated, waterproof polyester, so even in a downpour, you can go to the loo and stay dry.  The frame is made from a combination of powder coated steel and fibreglass, which is easy to set up and, thanks to the near vertical walls, provides lots of space.  In fact, with a height of 225 cm, this camping shower and toilet tent is one of the tallest in these reviews.

For ventilation, this folding toilet tent features mesh panels and a removable floor with drainage panels.  Inside are plenty of accessories to keep your gear organised, including a nifty little rear shelf to store your toiletries on, a waterproof toilet roll holder, and even a waterproof organiser for your towel and clothes.  There is an external hose entry point as well for your shower.

When not in use, the OZtrail portable toilet privacy tent packs down in a good size carry bag.  It’s not a pop up style like most other tents in these reviews, so it will take a bit more to set up and pack up, but that’s where you’re saving the cash. It also comes in a two room option.

Click here for more information and to check the current price.

Explore Planet Earth Speedy Ensuite Tent Review


If you’re just after a cheap camping toilet tent to offer a bit of privacy for the toilet and shower, then Explore Planet Earth Speedy Ensuite tent is one to consider.  It’s the cheapest in this guide, yet still a pop up tent, so it takes next to no time to set up and pack.

To set this tent up, all you really need to do is take it out of the included carry bag, give it a bit of a shake and voila – it’s all set up.  All you need to do now is to peg it into place.  Packing up is just as easy.  After removing the pegs, you just push one corner into the other and fold away.

Despite being a cheaper tent, this Explore Planet Earth Tent is still a decent size.  At 110cm in width and length and 190 cm, it’s a little smaller than the general size, although it should give the average camper a decent amount of space.

Being a super cheap tent, it doesn’t come with any bells or whistles.  This tent has no floor, so you might like to add some mesh flooring to keep your feet clean.   But it does come with all your pegs and guy ropes needed to keep it securely in place, and there are internal pockets for your toiletries.

Overall for a cheap portable toilet camping tent, you really can’t go wrong with the Explore Planet Earth Speedy Deluxe tent – it’s a quality product at a low price. 

Click here for more information and to check the current price.

Kings Camping Shower Tent Review

best toilet tent for camping

If you’re a tall camper and looking for something with a little more height than the standard tents, then this Kings Camping Shower Tent might be for you.  With a height of 220 cm, it’s one of the taller tents in this guide, although it’s not a pop up, so it will take a little more to set up.

As well as being nice and tall, this is one of the cheaper tents in this guide and provides quite a bit of value for the money.  Inside, you’ve got your detachable floor, various storage pockets for your gear and a huge window panel with insect mesh so you can get plenty of ventilation when needed.   There is also a hook from the roof so you can hang your shower hose.

When not in use, it packs down compactly and stores away in the included carry bag.

Click here for more information and to check the current price.


Kings Pop Up Double Shower Tent Review

best toilet tent for camping

If you want a two room shower/toilet room at a super low price, then this Kings Pop Up Double tent is definitely worth considering.  Its price is incredibly low, given how much space you get.  It’s fairly similar to the previous Kings shower tent – but this is a pop up tent, so setting up and packing up is a breeze.

The tent has a detachable floor – one in each room and both rooms have a large window on the back with insect mesh for maximum ventilation.  They each have a small internal storage pocket too.

The tent is a standard size, with each room basically being the same size as your standard single tent.  

The tent comes with everything you need to set up securely, including pegs, and comes in a handy storage pack where it all packs down compactly.

If you really want a two room shower and toilet tent but do not want to spend a fortune, this Kings pop up tent is certainly one you should be considering.

Click here for more information and to check the current price.

Kings Instant Awning Shower Tent Review

best toilet tent for camping

You can also get these shower tents that attach to your roof rack like an awning for something a bit different.  This is perfect for those on a road trip and always having their car handy while camping.

This Kings Instant Awning Shower Tent comes with everything you need, including your mounting kit.  Like your standard awnings, the shower awning tent sets up in seconds.  With the integrated frame and pole system, you simply unroll it, fold it out, and then secure it to the ground with the included pegs.

This tent is made from quality 210 denier ripstop fabric, which features a silver waterproof coating, so you’re sorted no matter what mother nature throws at you.  Inside the tent, you’ve got a couple of storage pockets for your toiletries and a hook and loop strap for holding your shower hose in place.  With no roof, you can just throw your towel and clothes over the top while showering.

The shower then packs away securely in the heavy duty PVC bag, so it’s well protected while in transit.

Click here for more information and to check the current price.


OZTrail Fast Frame Ensuite Tent Review

If you want the best toilet and shower tent money can buy, which is super spacious, then you will want to buy the OZtrail Fast Frame.  This ensuite tent is huge!  You’ll be able to wash all the kids at once in this tent.  But it’s also one of the more expensive tents in this guide, so you’ll need to determine whether all the extra bells and whistles are worth it.

First things first – this is by far the largest single room tent or double room tent in these reviews.  Both sized tents are wider and longer than most standard sized tents and provide a little extra height. Plus, the tents are 213 cm in height – so even the tallest of campers will be super comfortable showering in here.

Inside the tent, you’ve got loads of great accessories. There’s an adjustable toilet paper holder, adjustable towel rail (which can be used inside or outside the tent) and plenty of storage with an internal multi pocket organiser.  There are also multiple ports to feed in a shower hose, with a central heavy duty reinforced shower head hanging point that will support heavy showers.  But best of all is the internal waterproof laundry hamper so you can keep your clothes dry while having a shower.

While it’s not a pop up, thanks to its fast frame design, you’ll have this tent set up in minutes.  The tent is made with quality materials, including a 75 denier water-resistant polyester with silver coated walls for complete privacy. 

Other features include a removable roof fly for added protection and plenty of roof ventilation for maximum air circulation.  It also comes with a clip in, removable floor with drain mesh which is a must for showering.

So for a super roomy tent with loads of great features, the OZtrail Fast Frame shower/toilet tent may be what you’re looking for.  It also comes with a 1 year warranty, so you know you’re buying a top quality product.

Click here for more information and to check the current price.


XTM Shower Tent Review

best toilet tent for camping

If you liked the Kings Awning style toilet and shower tent above, here’s another option – the XTM Instant Shower Tent.

It’s a great quality tent with a 300 denier ripstop polyester with silver coating and a water resistant rating of 1500mm.  Its frame is made from sturdy aluminium and comes in a heavy duty PVC storage bag for protection when not in use.

Just like the King’s awning tent, the XTM is super simple to set up.  Simply unroll it from the bag, open up the frame, and secure it to the ground with the included pegs.

It’s a little bigger than the King’s awning tent but still not as big as the majority in this guide.  The XTM dimensions are 105 cm x 105 cm, and a height of 210 cm – but it has no roof, so even the tallest campers will be fine showering in this tent.

There aren’t too many features internally, but there is a storage pocket for your toiletries, and of course, you can hang your towel up over the side. 

So if you’re interested in an awning style of toilet/shower tent – the XTM is another option to consider.

Click here for more information and to check the current price.

OZtrail Pop Up Ensuite Review

best toilet tent for camping

Another excellent priced all rounder is the OZtrail Pop Up Ensuite.  It is a pop up style tent, so super quick to set up and really light and compact for storing and transporting.

This is a standard size tent with dimensions of 120 x 120 and a height of 210 cm, so there is plenty of room for most campers.  Inside the tent, you’ve got plenty of ventilation thanks to the large windows with insect mesh.  There is also a shower hook,  storage pocket for toiletries, a detachable floor and a towel rail on the outside which is accessible from the inside. 

To set up – just like any other pop up style tent, you simply take it out of the bag and give it a bit of a shake.  Then secure it to the ground with the included pegs and guy rope.  Some additional poles come connected to provide additional support to the roof.

The tent and all its bits and pieces then pack down into the included carry bag.  It packs down really compactly, so it’s not going to take up hardly any room in your car or trailer.

Overall this tent is great value for money.  It’s one of the cheaper tents in this guide, yet it has all the great features you need to go to the bathroom in comfort while camping.  It also comes in a two room option if you want more space.

Click here for more information and to check the current price.



And there you have it, our ultimate guide to the best shower and toilet tents for camping. Of course, we have plenty of other guides to help you with camping, including pop up tents, camping fridges, and we even have the ultimate camping checklist here.

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