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Kookaburra Park Review – Farm Stay Sunshine Coast

Hidden away in the hinterland, Kookaburra Park is not only one of the newest Sunshine Coast campsites for 2020, but this gorgeous property is also a farm stay so perfect for the animal lover.  This farm stay Sunshine Coast offers has a range of different campsites scattered around the property as well as a few different self contained options.  So no matter what kind of camper you are, at Kookaburra Park you will find the perfect place to unwind for a few days. Plus – this is one of the few pet friendly camping Sunshine Coast sites – so no need to leave your furry loved ones at home!

With absolutely no internet or phone reception – at these Sunshine Coast camping grounds, you can completely unwind among the trees.  Start your days joining in with the animal feeding, then spend the remainder of your time pottering around the property or go and explore the region further afield.  Once the sun sets – crank up the fire pit and be sure to check out the starry night where away from the city lights, you can easily pick out a range of constellations and planets.

If it sounds like this Sunshine Coast farm stay is ticking all the boxes for you – then you’ll love this guide.  In this guide, we cover everything you need to know about staying at Kookaburra Park – including the accommodation options, on site activities and facilities as well as a brief overview of things you can do in the area.  No doubt before you complete reading this post – you will be ready to book a few days at this gorgeous property.

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Location of Kookaburra Park – Farm Stay Sunshine Coast

Kookaburra Park is hidden in the Sunshine Coast hinterland, just 30 minutes from Maleny in the south or just 10 minutes from Kenilworth in the north.  It takes around 2 hours to reach the property from the Brisbane CBD or around an hour from one of the popular Sunshine Coast beaches.

For groceries, you can head to Kenilworth for some essentials or stop in at Maleny for a larger shop at Woolworths.

Accommodation Options at Kookaburra Park

Across the 75 hectare campground, there are plenty of options in terms of where to stay.  The Kookaburra Caravan Park offers a range of camping and caravan sites as well as self contained cabins.  While we were there, Vintage Glampervans also had two of their retro caravans parked there available for hire, which is where we stayed while writing this review.

Below is a brief overview of the various accommodation options available.

Powered and Unpowered Camping Sites

The thing I like about Kookaburra Park is there are multiple different areas you can camp, and neither area is overly large, so campers coming in a group can easily have their own private area.  Plus you have the option of camping super close to all the amenities or camp away from it all for the ultimate secluded spot.

I also like how you can either book the exact site you want or just book a site and decide exactly where you want to camp on arrival – provided it’s not booked of course!  This is so much better than just going off my recommendation and then arriving wishing you booked somewhere else.

And remember all campsites are pet friendly, except for Windmill Field due to it’s proximity to the deer enclosure.  They don’t mind what animals you bring either – dogs, cats, birds etc all are welcomed.

Powered sites include power and water and are $20 for 1 adult, with each extra adult costing $20 and each child (3-16) costing $10.  Here is a brief overview of the different powered camping sites available:

  • Jacaranda:  This area allows for either 4 caravans or 8 tents.  The area is at the entrance of the park and close to a small amenities block.
  • Sizzlers: This area is a great location if you want to be central to all the amenities on site.  Here your just metres from the camp kitchen, large amenities block and the animal feeding area.  This site can fit either 3 caravans or tents – however, if you’re camping as a group you can fit up to 6 caravans or tents.
  • Central: If you want to be even closer to the amenities block, then this is the place to book – ideal for those with little ones and not wanting to walk far to the toilet.   This area is big enough for 3 individual camping sites or 4 if you’re camping as a group.
  • Garden: Right by the Central campsite, which is a smaller camp area right near the cabins – so great if you’re coming along with others staying in the cabins.  This area has two campsites or four sites if camping as a group.
  • The Paddock: If you prefer to be away from the central area, the Paddock may be the place for you – just keep in mind that there is no water here – just power.  This area is big enough for 8 caravans or 12 tent setups.
  • Windmill Field: Away from it all – you’ll need a 4WD to access this camp area.  This camping area has great views across the valley and is within walking distance to the smaller amenity block.  There are just the two campsites here, or other unpowered campers can join you too.

Unpowered sites are $15 for 1 adult, with each extra adult costing $15 and each child (3-16) costing $10.  Here is a brief overview of the different unpowered camping sites available:

  • The Nook: If you’re after a central unpowered site, then this is the one for you.  Located just across the road from the Central campsite – this is a nice little campsite in a shady area for one set up or a small group.
  • Pine Tree Hill: This is a nice secluded spot, a short walk from the Sizzler camp area.  The campsite is on a high hill with great views across the property.  This site is suitable for just one set up or a small group.
  • Flat Hill: Located behind the Paddock camp area, Flat Hill is a secluded spot, high on a hill with great views across the area.  It is a bit of walk to the amenities from here but ideal if you want to be away from it all.  This campsite has room for 8 setups.
  • Damside: Situated on the opposite side of the dam away from the rest of the property, this campsite is suitable for 6 setups or around 10 tents if camping in a group.
  • Windmill Field: As well as the two powered sites on the Windmill Field, there are also a range of unpowered sites – 3 in fact, or more if camping as a group.  Just remember this is only accessible by 4WD.

Self Contained Cabins

At Kookaburra Holiday Park there are three different self contained cabins guests can choose from if there are non campers in your group or you just can’t be bothered setting up camp.  All of the cabins are completely self contained and include the following:

  • Private bathroom with soap and towels
  • All bed linen
  • Kitchen with a cooktop, microwave and fridge
  • Private fire pit
  • Outdoor covered entertainment area

Here is a brief overview of the different cabins available:

Garden Studio

This tiny little modern house comes with a queen bed, making it suitable for 2 people.  It comes with everything mentioned above as well as a great garden shack complete with hammocks.

Prices start from $170 per night.

Jungle House

This is a huge two bedroom home away from home.  It sleeps 4 people with a queen in one room and a double in the other. In addition to what is listed above, the Jungle House has a separate dining and lounge area and a fenced yard.  The yard is huge and is ideal for others to camp (at an additional cost).

Prices start from $210 per night.

Bunkhouse Cabin

For larger groups, the Bunkhouse Cabin is ideal as it sleeps up to 6 people.  This two bedroom cabin has two sets of bunk beds in one room and a double bed in the other.  In the living area, there is a basic kitchen, dining table and lounge.  This is also the only cabin which is pet friendly.

Prices start from $210 per night.

Vintage Glampervans

Currently, Vintage Glampervans have two of their retro caravans on site so you can book yourself into one of these for a few nights.  The two vans are in a great part of the property which overlooks a dam (which is currently dry) and the deer sanctuary.   This is where we stayed during our time at Kookaburra Park with friends.

The two vans are lovingly named “Willow” and “Frankie” and while both are similar, they certainly have their own unique features.  Both vans come with a private seating area around a fire pit, hammock, basic cooking facilities and equipment, linen and towels etc.  Willow sleeps 3 with a double bed and small double convertible bed, whereas Frankie sleeps 4 in two single beds and a double convertible bed.  However if you have a young family – two small children could easily share the small double bed in Willow (as our friends did).

One of the best things about the location of the glampervans is the huge semi private undercover entertainment area between the two vans.  This is perfect if you’re staying with friends as it means you’ll have the entire area to yourself.  However, even if you do need to share it with others – there is plenty of room with a private dining table at either end.  The entertainment area also features a pizza oven, books, games and a small lounge.

You’re also welcomed to have others camp around you at additional cost.  I think with the huge undercover entertainment area – this would be the perfect spot for a special occasion.

I have a few tips if you decide to book into one of the vans here:

  • Bring an esky with ice as the fridges are very small and you won’t fit in all you need for a weekend away.
  • Bring a BBQ to cook on if you don’t want to cook inside the vans – your other option is to walk down to the camp kitchen, which is quite a hike.
  • While water is available it doesn’t flow constantly – we often ran out of water and had to wait a while before water was available again.  It wasn’t a problem really more of an inconvenience from time to time.
  • The location of the vans is lovely and quite secluded, but it also means it is a bit of a hike to the toilets, so it may not be ideal for those with young families.
  • Don’t forget the marshmallows for roasting over the fire and firewood – although you can purchase some on site for $15 a bag.

Prices start from $170 per night.

Read our full review here or watch our YouTube video of the glampervans here.

Activities and Facilities at Kookaburra Park

Here’s a brief overview of all the activities and facilities on offer at Kookaburra Park:

Animal Feeding

The best thing about staying at Kookaburra Park is the animals of course – and particularly the animal feeding!  The property has a range of animals, including:

  • White and spotty deer – while they are pretty shy and timid they do like a feed and Pete isn’t scared at all and will be one of the first animals to greet you;
  • The pig family including Mum – Pumpkin, Dad – Spud and their cute little babies Bangers and Mash;
  • The extremely noisy and loud geese;
  • A couple of very friendly chickens; and
  • A few ducks.

You can go and visit the animals outside their enclosure at any stage throughout your stay.  While most of the animals live in a huge enclosure, the geese, ducks and chickens roam freely and will no doubt stop by and say hi at some stage.

However, be sure not to miss the animal feeding each morning where you can get up close with the animals and assist in feeding them.  When you check in, you’ll be booked into a certain time slot, somewhere around 9 am.  Don’t forget to bring your own cup for the animal feed.  This was, without a doubt, one of the highlights of our time at Kookaburra Park.  Also be sure to collect your food scraps throughout the day to feed them – there is a list on the fence of their enclosure detailing what they can eat.

There is also a Guinea Pig enclosure; however, unfortunately, it was closed during our visit.  However, I was told there is a huge set up for the guinea pigs to roam freely and usually visitors can go and visit them whenever they like.

Jurassic Trail

If pottering around the property isn’t enough for you, then take the 2.4km return Jurassic Trail. The trail takes you through the valley and up a ridge for some great views at the top.  The kids will also enjoy spotting the small dinosaurs.

This isn’t an easy walk, so be prepared and try to do the walk either early in the morning or late in the day to avoid the sun.  If you have trekking poles, it’s well worth bringing them along as it is very steep in sections.  The entire walk takes around 1 hour.

Games Lawn

Right by the Jacandra camping site is the games lawn – I didn’t check this out during my stay, but I understand here you can play cricket, volleyball, badminton, basketball and ladder ball.

Camp Kitchen

The camp kitchen is one of the things the park owners are keen on sprucing up.  Currently, the camp kitchen is fairly basic, but it has everything you need to cook up a feast including a few BBQs, microwave, toaster, kettle, fridge and sink.  There are also a few picnic tables to enjoy your meals from.

Toilets and Shower Block

There are two toilet and shower amenity blocks on the property – with the main one being close to the Central campsite area.  There is a smaller amenity block opposite the Jacandra campsite.  During our stay, I only ever went to the main amenity block (pictured above) and at all times I found it very clean.  The showers were great with very hot water and a good amount of water pressure.

The smaller amenity block also has a guest laundry.

Do keep in mind that depending on where you camp, you may well have a bit of a hike to the nearest toilet.

Coffee & Produce Cart

If you’re staying here on the weekend, then you’ll appreciate the coffee and produce cart which is open on weekends from 8 am to 3 pm.  This gorgeous little cart is set up just past the front gate of the property and sells a range of great local produce.

As well as coffee, here you can buy a range of pastries, vegetables, bread, meat and basic grocery items.  A great way to support the local community would be to come to the park without any food and purchase what you need from here.

Things to do Nearby Kookaburra Park

Here is a quick overview of things you can do nearby Kookaburra Park:

  • Mary River: Just across the road from the property is the Mary River which is home to a family of platypus and where you can also go kayaking and swimming. To get here either follow the tunnel from the Games Lawn under the road to the river or cross the bridge and down the other side.
  • Booloumba Creek: During the wet season a must do is to visit Booloumba Creek and absolutely stunning watering hole perfect for swimming or hiking.  There is also a waterfall here too – although it is accessible by 4WD only.  We visited during our stay and the creek was completely dry – so best during wet season only.
  • Kenilworth: Just a short drive away is Kenilworth which is famous for the cheese factory and its 1kg doughnut at the bakery.
  • Maleny:  30 minutes away Maleny is a great place for a day trip with great little shops and cafes as well as the Maleny Dairies, Maleny Cheese and the Maleny Botanic Gardens and Bird World.

Kookaburra Park – Our Verdict

We loved staying at Kookaburra Park  – it is a gorgeous property with a great young couple who own and run it.  It’s super impressive when you find out these guys have only been open since March 2020, having just bought the property at the end of 2019.  They have done such a great job in turning the place into an awesome camping ground for families or just people wanting a beautiful countryside experience.

Kookaburra Park ticks so many boxes – it’s pet friendly, child friendly, you can camp there, you can stay in a cabin, you can have a fire, the kids are welcome to ride their bikes around etc etc – it’s rare to find a campsite with all of these things.  Of course, being a brand new camping ground, there are a few things that need ironing out, so do keep that in mind when you come.

I cannot wait to see what the owners have in store for us all with this property.  We had a brilliant few days relaxing at Kookaburra Park and highly recommend it.

Click here to book a cabin or campsite at Kookaburra Park. or check out our YouTube video showing the highlights of the park here.


Hopefully you found this guide on staying at Kookaburra Park helpful.  If you enjoy farm stay type camping, then check out our review on Paradise Country here or other dog friendly campsites around Brisbane here

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