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Review: Loyalty Beach Campground & Fishing Lodge, Cape York

Loyalty Beach Campground & Fishing Lodge is a super central place to base yourself while exploring all that the tip of Cape York has to offer.  It’s a lovely campground, situated right on the beach, offering some fantastic sunsets.  It also has an excellent beachfront restaurant and bar, which is the perfect place for unwinding in the evening.

While most people camp at the Loyalty Beach caravan park, there are also a few other accommodation options for those non campers.  It’s also pet friendly!

If you’re considering staying at Loyalty Beach while exploring the Cape – then read on because this guide will cover everything you need to know.  You can also check out our YouTube video here, showing the highlights of the campground.

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Where is the Loyalty Beach Campground & Fishing Lodge, Cape York?

Loyalty Beach, Cape York, is located some 40 km from the Tip of Australia, just north of the small town of Seisia.  In Seisia you’ll find a small supermarket, petrol station and Red Wharf which is the gateway to the Torress Strait Islands.

Loyalty Beach is just 7km from Bamaga, the largest town in the north of Cape York.  Here you’ll find a larger (yet still small) supermarket than the one in Seisa, as well as other places such as a chemist, tavern, post office and petrol station.

Loyalty Beach Caravan Park – Camping and Accommodation Options

The Loyalty Beach campground, Cape York, is sprawled across 13 acres, with 11 acres of open camping as well as other accommodation options.  Both options are briefly discussed further below.

Camping and Van Sites

At Loyalty Beach, campers have the option of powered or unpowered campsites.  There are no designated sites, so campers just come and find their own place to set up camp.

Along the beachfront tends to be the most popular choice for campers, although there is no power here.  Also scattered throughout the campgrounds are a few permeant structures which make great shelters for campers.

You’re also allowed to have fires at your campsite and bring along your dog.  Plus, there is drinkable water on site where you can fill up your tanks before heading off.

Bookings are not able to be made for camping, so just turn up and find a spot.

Camping fees start at $14 per adult and $7 per child, with an extra $10 per vehicle for power.

Other Loyalty Beach Accommodation

As well as camping, the Loyalty Beach resort offers a range of other accommodation options, which are discussed briefly below.

Nick and Mick Cabins

For good, basic beachfront accommodation, the two Nick and Mick cabins may be the go.  In each of these beachfront cabins, you’ll find two single beds and a fan.  There is also a small verandah with chairs where you can enjoy the sunset.

The cabins don’t come with bathrooms, but guests can use the amenity blocks on site.

Rates start at $104.50 for two people per night.

The Lodge Rooms

Another Loyalty Beach accommodation option is the rooms within the Lodge (pictured above).  There is the option of either a single, double or twin room, each coming with air conditioning.  While the rooms don’t come with private bathrooms, there are shared bathrooms close by.

Rates start at $159.50 for one person or $181.50 for two people per night.

Beach House

For larger groups, the Beach House is a great accommodation option.  Located on the beach, this large house can accommodate up to 8 people and comes with a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom and laundry.

Rates start at $319 for six people per night, with additional people $20 per night.

Bush House

If the Beach House is booked, another good option for large groups is the Bush House.  Set back among the palm trees, this house can accommodate up to 8 people and comes with a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, laundry and air conditioning.

Rates start at $352 for eight people per night.

Loyalty Beach, Cape York Facilities

Below we briefly cover the amenities and facilities available at Loyalty Beach.

DJ’s Beach Garden

My favourite thing about staying at Loyalty Beach was being in such close proximity to DJs Beach Garden.  This is a gorgeous little restaurant and bar which is open daily from 5 pm.

DJ’s is located at the far end of the campground, right on the beach.  All the seating is outdoors in the garden as well as on the beach.  With fairy lights strung throughout the trees and a great 80s soundtrack playing – it is the perfect place to watch the sunset each day.

DJ’s is only open for dinner and bookings are essential – but not if you just want to have a drink.  The menu changes regularly, but below is a guide on what you can expect.  If you happen to be there on a Sunday night, I highly recommend their fish and chips – which is all they serve on Sunday nights and bookings are not required.  It’s first in best dressed.  Definitely get down there early – as this is super popular.  From the time we ordered to the time we received our meals was around 2 hours – but it was worth the wait.  You can call your order through as well, so you don’t need to wait in line.

The staff here are super friendly and definitely up for a chat – one of my favourite places to hang out in Cape York.


Within the reception area, you’ll find a small kiosk selling the sort of basic groceries items most camping kiosks sell.  You’ll find things such as ice, drinks, snacks and ice creams.

Amenities Block

Spread across the property are three different amenity blocks, so you won’t need to walk far for the toilet no matter where you camp.  During our stay, we only ever used the amenity block closest to the reception area, which had three toilets and three showers.  These amenities weren’t the cleanest we’ve come across, but they did the job.  Also, during peak hours expect long line ups – so you might want to shower at other times.

Guest Laundry

Each of the amenity blocks also has a guest laundry attached to them.  Expect long line ups at the laundry as it seems everyone has just got off the OTT and are cleaning their dirty clothes.

Loyalty Beach Campground, Cape York – Our Verdict

Loyalty Beach is a great alternative for those not wanting to pay the hefty camping prices for Punsand Bay.  It’s a great central location for exploring all the different attractions around the top of Cape York and also makes it easy for those wanting to go and visit the Torres Strait Islands.

Even if you don’t come and stay at Loyalty Beach – I’d recommend coming to have dinner at DJ’s at least once – it’s a great little spot, right on the beach.

Now for a negative of staying at Loyalty Beach.  We had read a few Loyalty Beach campground reviews before and heard that there are regular thieves at Loyalty Beach – almost on a nightly basis and that many people have had items stolen.  One night we woke to hear a camper yelling at these thieves and when we got up we discovered they had stolen our drone.  It was in our car and unfortunately we had forgotten to lock the car that night.  So please please, securely lock away your valuables!

But putting that negative aside, it really is a lovely campsite in Cape York.


Hopefully you found this guide on staying at Loyalty Beach helpful.  We’ve got a range of guides for staying in Cape York such as camping in Chili Beach, Punsand Bay, Weipa and Eliot Falls.

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