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The Best Esky Australia 2024

Whether you’re camping or spending the day at the beach with the kids, having the best esky Australia has is absolutely vital to keep all your food and drinks cold.  You certainly don’t want to find that by day two of your camping trip, all the ice has melted, or that icy cold beer you were so looking forward to is now barely cold.

In terms of the best esky 2024 has, the good news is that there is a stack of different options on the market.  The bad news, though is that you really need to know your stuff to buy an Australian esky that is perfect for your needs.  I mean, the best esky for camping Australia has, is not necessarily the best esky for sale for a day out with the family.

It might even take a few camping trips to know which is the best esky on the market for you.  Plus, if you’re looking for something for camping and day trips, the reality is you’ll probably need a few different eskies – one large and one smaller esky.

Whether you’re looking for your very first esky or want to upgrade, this guide is perfect for you.  In the best esky Australia 2024 guide, I take you through everything you need to consider to purchase the best esky cooler.  Then in the best esky review section, I’ll talk you through some of the more popular options from the best esky brands currently on the Aussie market.

No matter what sort of esky you’re after, whether it be a small or large esky for sale, the best esky on wheels for day trips, the best size esky for camping or even just a good allrounder cheap esky for sale, hopefully after reading this guide you’ll be well on your way to buying one that’s right for you.

So let’s get into it and find you the best esky to buy Australia has!

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Our Pick for the Best Esky Australia 2024: Dometic Cool Ice Esky

Don’t fancy reading our entire best esky reviews and just want our recommendation for the best camping esky?  We recommend the Dometic range of eskies.  We’ve owned our own Dometic esky for years, and we’ve always been thrilled with how long it kept our food and drinks cold.  Plus it’s huge, so it fits everything we need.

The Dometic eskys are built tough and will undoubtedly last you a lifetime of camping trips.  In the right conditions, these best eskies Australia has will keep your ice solid for up to 10 days, thanks to thick refrigeration grade foam insulation in the lid, sides and base.  Plus, these are some of the lightest eskies on the market – perfect for those already with heavy loads.

Keep reading below for our Dometic esky review, or click here to check it out now.

Best Esky 2024 Australia Comparison Table

The chart below lists all the eskies and ice boxes Australia has, which are reviewed in this guide.  This esky comparison is a quick way to compare each of the best eskies 2024 has and their features side by side so you can determine which is the best esky in Australia for you.

For further detail, keep reading the reviews below.

BrandSizes AvailableWeightCheck Price
3.8 kg
6.3 kg
6.5 kg
9 kg
10.3 kg
Check Price
50L Wheeled
5.1 kg
7.75 kg
13.3 kg
18 kg
16 kg
Check Price
Yeti Tundra
10 kg
11 kg
13.15 kg
15.40 kg
19.50 kg
17.40 kg
21.80 kg
24.50 kg
35 kg
Check Price
Evakool IceKool
3.4 kg
3.8 kg
5.5 kg
7 kg
8 kg
9 kg
12 kg
14 kg
18 kg
Check Price
Evakool Fibreglass
13 kg
16 kg
21 kg
Check Price

14.2 kg
16 kg
19 kg
Check Price
Dometic Patrol
8.9 kg
11.7 kg
16.25 kgs
Check Price
Engel IceBox
8.2 kg
10.4 kg
10.9 kg
11.8 kg
15 kg
Check Price
Dometic Cool Ice Box
2.8 kg
4.2 kg
6.1 kg
8.7 kg
10.8 kg
11.8 kg
14 kg
18.1 kg
Check Price
Coleman Daintree Wheeled Cooler
4.1 kg
5 kg
Check Price

Choosing the Best Esky for Sale

There really is no best esky in the world, as it depends on what you want to use it for and a range of other factors unique to you.  So that you buy the perfect esky for you, consider the following.


When purchasing an esky, cooler box, or icebox (even chilli bin if you’re a kiwi like Andy is!), whatever you want to call it – the first thing you’ll want to consider is what you’re going to use it for.  

The chances are you’re not going to find one esky that is suitable for, say, a camping trip and a BBQ in the park.  The best icebox for camping is likely to be relatively big to fit in food and drinks for multiple days, compared to a smaller esky that only needs to accommodate enough food for one meal.  So, unfortunately, if you’re looking for one good esky to cater for both – you’re probably not going to find it.

However, let’s say you have a camping fridge and are looking for a little esky to take camping for drinks or some excess food – then this could perhaps also double as a beach esky or something you may take down to the park.

Then again, if you’re just after the best small esky Australia has for one person to take to work or for some snacks while watching the kids play their weekend football games, then this is likely to be smaller again.

So before you buy anything, think about what you plan on using your esky for.

PS – I’m not going to lie; we have three eskies – in fact, we used to have 4 – but we recently upgraded to a fridge for camping, so we sold our big camping esky.  But we still have three other eskies that we use depending on how much we need to put inside.  We also have a cooler bag too!

Size / Capacity

Once you know what you plan on using your esky for, it’s time to compare eskys and their sizes.  Eskies come in all sizes, from a mini esky for one person’s lunch to huge eskies, which can accommodate enough food and drinks for a week or more while camping.

What size esky is best for you will come down to how many people you need to cater for and what food you plan on bringing. Of course, it will also depend on how much you drink – alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks.

If you’re going camping and just taking the basics like some meat and salad and drinking water, then you may not need as much space as other campers who cook up a three course gourmet meal every day.  Also, if you’re the sort of camper that likes to purchase food as you go, as opposed to those who take everything they need for the entire trip, you may be able to go for something slightly smaller.

You don’t want to buy the best esky camping wise, only to discover you can’t fit everything you need. Likewise, you don’t want to buy the biggest esky you can find only to discover it’s far bigger than you need.  So do spend some time considering what will make the perfect size for you.


So now you know what the perfect size esky is for you – you may want to consider how portable it is – this is particularly important if you’re after a big esky for sale.

For a super portable esky, look for an esky with wheels.  A wheeled esky is perfect whether you want a large esky on wheels or even just a small esky on wheels to take down to the park for a BBQ.  Even small eskies can be pretty heavy, and when you’re carting a bunch of other gear, an esky on wheels is heaven!

If you don’t go for an esky with wheels, then at the very least, you’ll want an esky with good solid handles.  Sturdy handles make it easy to carry your esky from the car to your campsite or your spot down on the beach.

If you are carrying your esky from the car to your set up, you’ll also want to consider your esky weight—more on weight below.


Now I’ve listed weight separately from portability because, yes, while the weight of an esky impacts how portable it is – particularly if you have to carry it – weight is also a crucial factor to consider when camping and you’re almost at your vehicle, trailer or caravan weight limit.

Weight limits are important for all campers but even more so for those with camper trailers or caravans where the weight of everything is crucial!  If you’re getting close to your weight limits, you’ll really want to pay special attention to how much the esky you want to buy weighs.  Eskies can be bloody heavy things and you definitely don’t want to get caught out with this one. Of course, you tend to pay more for a lightweight esky, but that’s just something you’ll have to live with if weight is a crucial factor for you.

Ice Retention Time / Insulation

In terms of keeping your food and drinks nice and cool, one of the most important things to consider is the ice retention time – which tends to come back to the esky insulation.  This just means how long will it take before the ice all melts.

How long your ice will remain frozen is particularly important for camping trips.  All good eskies will keep ice frozen for the day, so if you’re after something for a day trip, you can probably opt for a cheaper esky.  However, for camping trips, you’ll want the best esky for ice retention, so look for good quality eskies with high quality seals and thick walls.

Now just keep in mind when an esky says it will keep your ice solid for up to 15 days – it means in absolutely perfect conditions, the ice will remain solid for this long.  Given in Australia, it’s pretty much hot outside all year round, it’s unlikely any esky will keep your ice solid for this period – so use this as a guide only.

Ease of Cleaning

One of my least favourite jobs after a camping trip is cleaning out the esky – which is why it really does pay to get an esky that is easy to clean.  While the best eskys have a smooth interior surface that is easy to wipe over – make sure your esky has a drainage plug, so you can remove it to let out all the melted ice.  You can also fill it with hot soapy water for a good soak and drain it later.

A drainage plug isn’t necessary for smaller eskies because you can easily tip it over to let out the water.


Unfortunately, a top quality esky is not cheap, and you really do get what you pay for.  So if you’re after the best esky to keep ice solid for days, which is reasonably lightweight and durable enough to last you for years of camping trips, you’ll need to be prepared to pay for it.

While it may seem like the best ice box for camping costs an arm and a leg- not having to buy ice every day while you’re away will not only save you money in the long run – but it means you’re not wasting precious time on your camping trip in search of more ice.  Not to mention no hot beer or food that’s gone off because water has seeped into it.

However, for those just after an ice cool esky to take down to the park on the odd occasion, there is really no need to spend a small fortune.

Other Features

Above we’ve covered the essential features to consider when purchasing the best esky, but eskies come with a range of other features you may like to consider, such as internal lights, tie down points for the car, locks and more.

The Best Australian Esky Reviews 2024

Hopefully, after reading the above, you better understand what would make the best esky ever for you.  Below, I’ve provided a detailed review of some of Australia’s best eskies currently available.

Wanderer Poly Icebox BCF Esky Range Review

The Wanderer Poly Icebox BCF esky range is a good entry level esky for those campers who do not want to spend a small fortune.  These BCF eskies come in five sizes and are made from quality materials.

These inexpensive eskies are made from heavy duty polyethylene and feature 22mm thick walls and a 49mm thick lid made from a high density foam for good insulation.  These Wanderer Ice box eskies have moulded handles and are reasonably lightweight, making them easy to move around.

The Wanderer esky range is among some of the cheapest eskies in these reviews, so perfect for those starting out and not wanting to part with a load of cash.  

With these eskies, you have a choice of five different sizes, including 25 l, 35 l, 47 l, 56 l and 75 l, so you’ll be able to find the perfect size for your camping trips.  

Click here for more information and to check the current price.


If you’re after one of the best ice boxes Australia has, something virtually indestructible that won’t blow the budget, check out the Companion Performance Ice Box range.  These eskies have a roto moulded construction and feature high density PU foam to provide ice retention for around 5-7 days. 

This Companion range of eskies has a choice of five different sizes, from a small 15 litre to a 70 litre. The small eskies come with a bail handle, while the 50 litre even comes with a wheeled option if you don’t mind paying the extra.   The option with esky wheels has great oversized rubber wheels to tackle most terrains and a long heavy duty handle for easy carting – although keep in mind that the wheeled esky is extra heavy!

These eskies come with a range of great features, including a silicone lid gasket and rubber latches to ensure it is airtight.  The lid is lockable so that no one will steal your beer, and there’s even an integrated bottle opener on the lid.  This lockable esky also has integrated tie down points under the lid and rubber feet so it won’t slide around in the back of the car.  Other features include a steel pin lid hinge which is virtually indestructible, and a drain feature for easy cleaning.

Overall, the Companion Performance Ice Box range is a pretty good quality esky for camping.  You get quite a lot of bang for your buck with these eskies making them a great one to consider. 

Click here for more information and to check the current price.


Yeti Tundra Hard Cooler Range Review


For those after a top quality travel esky – whether for day trips to the park or a massive esky for a camping trip – the Yeti Tundra range may just be what you’re after.  These are brilliant eskies but be warned – they come with a hefty price tag though, so you’ll need deep pockets!.

These rugged eskies are designed to keep all your supplies super cold while on your camping adventures.  Featuring up to 3 inches of commercial-grade polyurethane foam insulation in the walls and lid and an interlock lid system that keeps the cold in and heat out – these eskies will keep your gear cold for days.

To ensure the Yeti Tundra lasts you for pretty forever – these nearly indestructible eskies are made with a rotomoulded construction and are UV resistant. In addition, they feature heavy duty rubber lid latches and a never fail hinge system to prevent breaking or snapping. 

The Yeti also has durable, marine grade polyester rope handles with a textured grip so you can easily get the esky where you need it.  Another great feature is the moulded tie down slots so you can keep it secure in your vehicle.  Plus, the non slip feet will keep it from sliding about – perfect for those off road adventures.

These eskies come in a huge range of sizes – one of the biggest ranges in this esky / ice box reviews Australia guide.  From 35 L right up to 210 L and many sizes in between, so regardless of whether you’re a solo camper, couple or a huge family, there is the perfect sized esky for you.

You can’t go wrong with a Yeti Tundra esky for a top quality esky that will last a lifetime.  These are the perfect esky for regular campers, particularly those on off grid adventures.  Plus, coming with a massive 5 year warranty, you can purchase with the utmost confidence.

Click here for more information and to check the current price.

Icekool Evakool Esky Range Review

When it comes to the best esky brand Australia has, Evakool is certainly one of the first that springs to mind, so it should be no surprise that there is not one Evakool esky review but two in this guide.  First up, we have the Evakool Icekool series of eskies, a heavy duty polyethylene icebox designed to keep your supplies cold for days.

These eskies have a tough polyethylene casing and come with superior insulation. Evakool claims these eskies will keep your ice solid for up to a huge ten days!  So perfect for those after the best esky for keeping ice solid for those week long camping trips.

There is a huge range of sizes to choose from with this Evakool esky for sale.  The smallest is a 21 litre esky, with the largest being a huge 132 litre.  There are plenty of different sizes in between too, so you’ll easily be able to choose the perfect camping esky for your group.

These eskies are super lightweight too – they are one of the lightest eskies in this guide.  So if you still want a huge esky but trying to minimise weight – this is the esky you want to be considering.

Other great features of the Evakool Icekool eskies include a drainage bung (in larger sizes), smooth walls for easy cleaning and heavy duty handles which can also be used as tie down points to keep it securely in place while in transit.  The smaller eskies also have a carry strap.

This Evakool esky range is by no means cheap – but if you want this to be the only esky you ever purchase – then the investment is well worth it.  This esky will last you for years and years of camping and will keep your supplies cold for days on end.

For more information and to check the current price – click for Tentworld here or Caravan RV Camping here

Evakool Fibreglass Ice Boxes Review

The Evakool Infinity range of ice boxes is one of the few fibreglass ranges of eskies in these reviews.  Evakool’s original range of eskies is super heavy duty designed to withstand Australia’s harsh conditions.  They are, without a doubt, a perfect option for those after the best camping cool box.

This fibreglass icebox is made with a full white high gloss fibreglass cabinet. It features superior quality insulation that will keep your supplies cool for up to a whopping 15 days – the longest out of any esky in these reviews.  So if you’re planning to go off the grid for a week or two, this is the esky you want to consider.

This fibreglass esky Australia has is heavier than the previous Evakool eskies, but all things considered, they are fairly lightweight.  And that’s not all!  These best coolers Australia has are packed with great features, including easy to use latches, heavy duty handles that can also be used as tie down points, a removable food tray to help organise your supplies, protective corner feet and a drainage bung for easy cleaning.

No matter what size esky you’re after – the Evakool Infinity comes in the perfect sizes, with sizes from a small 47 litres right up to a massive 125 litres.  

Honestly, with all the great features, it’s hard to beat these eskies – however, they do come with a hefty price tag, not for the faint hearted.  But if you’re going off-grid or off-road touring and need a superior esky that will keep your food cold for days, then you can’t pass up the Evakool fibreglass esky for sale.

For more information and to check the current price – click for Tentworld here or Caravan RV Camping here.

Pryml Poly Fish Icebox Review

If you’re after a massive, reasonably inexpensive esky, then the Pryml Poly Fish Icebox range is worth considering.  Coming in either an 83 litre, 100 litre or a huge 152 litre capacity, these are some of the largest eskies in this guide, with all the features to keep your supplies cold for a few days.

While designed with fishermen in mind, the Pryml esky is still ideal for a camping trip.  They’re made from a rugged, heavy duty polyethylene outer with a high density foam insulation. The insulation in these eskies is crazy thick, with up to 45mm on the walls and 70mm on the lid (there’s more insulation the bigger the esky), so your food and drinks will stay cold for days.  Other features of this best cooler box Australia has include moulded side carry handles and stainless steel latches for a sturdy build.

For those after a massive esky without the enormous price tag, these Pryml Poly Fish eskies will do the trick.

Click here for more information and to check the current price.


Looking for something stylish and sturdy?  Then the Dometic Patrol range of eskies is for you! But, seriously, how good do these Dometic eskies look? They come in three great colour choices and three sizes, including 18.8 l, 35.6 l and 54.3l.

As well as being a bit of a looker, these eskies are built to last and keep your supplies cold for longer.  They are constructed from a single piece of roto moulded polyethylene casing, so its durable enough to withstand a few knocks and bumps while on the road.  Its rubber feet will also keep it from sliding about.

On top of the heavy duty esky, you’ve got four built in cup holders.  Then under the lid, there are heavy duty hinges and latches to keep the deep freezer seal airtight.  Inside, you’ve also got a removable storage basket and the option of adding other dividers to keep your supplies well organised.  Not to mention the 5cm thick insulation to keep everything icy cold.

Other great features of this insulated esky include a large leakproof drain for easy cleaning, large ergonomic rubber handles with nylon rope for moving about, and you can easily add a padlock so no one runs off with your beer.

These are such great looking eskies and are super durable for camping in the great outdoors.  They are on the pricey end, though, so be prepared to have deep pockets when buying these –  but hey, it’s worth being the envy of all your mates when you go camping.

Click here for more information and to check the current price.



Engel IceBox Review

Engel is another well known and trusted brand when it comes to quality ice coolers Australia has.  Engel has a new range of tough and durable eskies, perfect for those campers wanting a premium product.

These rotomoulded eskies are tough as nails making them perfect for boating, 4WD driving or any outdoor activity.  This Engel esky for sale comes with 5cm insulation in the sides, lid and base and combined with the airtight gasket around the lid; this esky can keep your ice solid for up to 10 days.

Thanks to the reinforced lid, the esky is super tough and durable and won’t bow if you sit or stand on it.  It also features recessed latches, which means they can’t be knocked while packing or in transit, and you can even use them as a bottle opener.  It also comes with a drainage plug for easy cleaning.

The Engel IceBox range of eskies comes in a huge variety of sizes, from 25 litres right up to 80 litres. So while they aren’t super lightweight, they’re not too bad and priced pretty well too.  Backed with a huge ten year warranty, you can purchase these eskies with complete confidence.

For more information and to check the current price – click for BCF here or here for Caravan RV Camping


Dometic Cool Ice Box Review

Dometic is another top Aussie brand when it comes to eskies – we had one of these little beauties for years; we just recently sold it due to upgrading to a camping fridge (read our guide on the best camping fridges here).  These are tough eskies and incredibly lightweight, perfect for those wanting to knock a few KGs off their camping gear.

The Dometic Cool Ice range of eskies is made with a rotomolded polyethylene construction, making them tough and durable.  These eskies can easily withstand a few knocks and bumps while outdoors.  More importantly, they feature thick refrigeration grade foam insulation in the lid, sides and base and will keep your ice solid for up to 10 days.

To help keep your supplies cold, these eskies have a lip seal to trap in the cold air and are easy to lock and seal ABS latches to keep your esky firmly closed.  Other great features of this best cooler Australia has include strong drop down handles, tie down points to keep it secure while in transit, tough hinges on the lid, a large drain plug for easy cleaning and poly feet to keep the esky off the ground as well as to prevent sliding around in the back of the car.

An awesome feature of these eskies is just how light they are.  These eskies are around half the weight of some of the other top quality eskies in these reviews.  You will pay for the privilege though – these eskies are not cheap; however, when every kilo counts, this esky could make the difference.

Coming in a huge range of sizes, from just 13 litres right up to 111 litres, you’re bound to find the perfect size for your camping trip.  Plus, with a five year warranty, you can feel confident you’re purchasing a quality product.

For more information and to check the current price – click for Tentworld here or BCF here.


Coleman Daintree Wheeled Cooler Review

As I mentioned earlier in this guide, generally, the best esky for camping is not going to be the best esky for day trips, so you’re probably going to need two.  So if you’re looking for a top quality esky for those BBQs in the park or days on the beach – consider this awesome wheeled Coleman cooler.

The best part of this esky is the telescopic handles and heavy duty all terrain wheels, so you can wheel this esky from the car to wherever you need to be.  The strong moulded handles also make light work when lifting the esky in and out of the car.

The esky is lightweight, although it doesn’t feature the same thickness of insulation as the previous eskies that are designed to keep your ice solid for days on end.  However, this Coleman esky will keep everything cold for the entire day and even up to two days, depending on conditions.

Other cool features of these Coleman eskies on wheels include a reinforced lid so you can sit on it, inbuilt cup holders making for a great little table and leak resistant drain plug for easy cleaning.

This wheeled Coleman cooler comes in two sizes, including a 57 litre capacity and a 38l capacity – both perfect for day trips.  If you’re a couple, you might even get away with the larger size esky for overnight camping trips, too.  

Click here for more information and to check the current price.


And there you have it, our ultimate guide to the best camping eskies. Of course, we have plenty of other guides to help you with camping, including choosing a pop-up tent and choosing the best camping fridge and we even have the ultimate camping checklist here.

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