Time to downsize your tent set up and looking for the best swag Australia has?  

Then this is the perfect guide for you!

A swag camping setup is such an easy and simple camping style.  I mean let’s face, how much time do you actually spend in your tent anyway?  It’s just for sleeping right?  Plus with a swag – it takes care of your mattress and sleeping bag so no need to pack all that gear separately.

But above all that, there really is nothing better than sleeping under the stars surrounded by your friends and family.  It’s a wonderful experience.

I’m guessing if you’re reading this post you’re either thinking about getting a swag or already on the hunt for the best swag in Australia – well one that meets your needs at least.  If this is you, then reading this guide is a great place to start.

In this guide, we’ll take you through the various factors that you need to consider to ensure you purchase the best camping swag for you.  We will cover sizing, materials, mattress thickness, weight and loads more.

Then in our best swag reviews section, we will take a closer look at some of the most popular and top rated options from the best swag brands currently available on the Aussie market.  We will even show you where you can buy them right now.

So whether you’re after the best single swag, the best double swag Australia, kids camping swag or even the best cheap swag, no doubt after reading this guide you’ll find the best swag for camping that’s perfect for you.

So let’s get started and help you find some great camping swags for sale!

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Why Use a Swag v’s a Tent?

Before we get into it, if you’re one of these people that are on the fence of whether to buy a tent or swag, let’s look at some of the advantages of camping in a swag over a tent:

  • Swags provide a simple and easy camp set up – less things to set up and less things to pack away.
  • Compared to a standard tent, swags are much quicker to set up.
  • Swags are compact and lightweight, making them easy to carry, transport and store.
  • Swags are often more comfortable to sleep in because they include a comfortable mattress.
  • Swags are built to a sturdy design and can withstand a range of weather conditions.
  • Given most swags are made from heavy duty canvas, swags are designed to last for pretty much forever and are less likely to tear than your standard tent.
  • Given swags are smaller than tents; they do a better job of trapping the heat inside and keep you much warmer.

Our Pick for the Best Swag Australia 2021: 4WD Tracker Dune Swag

If you can’t be bothered reading this entire guide and just want our suggestion for the best swag setup to buy, then we recommend the Dune 4WD Tracker Swag (see it on eBay).  The reason we recommend this swag is that it’s lightweight, made with quality materials, quick to set up and a great affordable price.  Sure there are bigger and fancier swags, which we also cover in this guide, but if you’re just looking for a place to sleep – then you can’t go wrong with this swag.

Keep reading below for our full review on the Dine 4WD Tracker Swag or click here to buy now on eBay.

Best Swag in Australia 2021 Comparison Table

Below is a handy comparison table where we list and compare features of all the swags reviewed later in this guide.  This table will help you quickly compare the swag tents for sale and choose one that is best for you.

Keep reading below for the full details of all these swag options.

NameImageSize (HxWxL)Mattress ThicknessWeightCheck Price
Adventure Kings Kwiky 55 cm x 75 cm x 2.1 m50 mm6.7 kgCheck Price on eBay
Dune 4WD Tracker
67 cm x 80 cm x 2.1 m50 mm6 kgCheck Price on eBay
Darche Swag Dusk to Dawn 80 cm x 90 cm x 2.15 m70 mm12.8 kgCheck Price
Burke and Wills Coolabah 80 cm x 86 cm x 2.15 m75 mm12 kgCheck Price on eBay
Wanderer Contour 68 cm x 85 cm x 2.10 m 70 mm-Check Price
Darche Megadome King Single 80 cm x 110 cm x 2.15 m70 mm12.5 kgCheck Price
Wanderer Compact Tourer Biker 55 cm x 75 cm x 2 m50 mm6.9 kgCheck Price
XTM 4X4 Single
65 cm x 90 cm x 2.15 m50 mm-Check Price
Oztrail Swift Pitch Bivy 47 cm x 70 cm x 2.15 mNA1.12 kgCheck Price
Darche Air Volution 90 cm x 90 cm x 2.15 m50 mm11.9 kgCheck Price

How to Choose the Best Camping Swag

In terms of what is the best swag to buy, well that depends.  There is no one best swag in the world because each of us has different preferences and camping styles.  So in order to choose a swag that is perfect for you, take some time to consider the following factors.

Types of Swags

There are three types of swags available, either a traditional swag, dome swag (also called a swag tent or swag tunnel) and the less common, newer type is an air swag.

Below we briefly look at each type and cover their advantages and disadvantages.

Traditional Swag / Bedroom Swag

A traditional swag is where it all first started.  This setup is very basic and is not much more than a mattress covered in canvas pocket which is rolled up, with a strap around it.  These are simple to set up as there are no poles to assemble.  Simply unroll the swag, and you’re ready to go.

These types of swags are lightweight and compact, so easy to store and throw in the back of your car.  They are great for those touring around and moving from place to place.

The downside though is they don’t offer you much protection from the elements and the top layer of canvas is very close to your face, which can feel a little claustrophobic for some.  There is also nothing protecting you from insects.

Mind you if the weather is perfect, there is nothing better than sleeping under the stars like this.  We slept in traditional swags as we toured around the Northern Territory and absolutely loved it!

Dome Swag / Tunnel Swag

A dome swag is the most common type of swag today and is quite like a mini tent.  Like a tent, a dome swag comes with poles and ropes and has a canvas dome that covers the mattress base.

A dome swag is an excellent alternative for campers wanting a more simple campsite and only looking for somewhere to sleep.  The top layer of canvas is held in place away from your head with a pole and an insect screen provides you with excellent ventilation.

Unlike a traditional swag though, even the best dome swag is much bulkier and heavier so will take up more room in the back of the car, but still, it is usually less bulky than a standard tent.

Air Swag

The newest type of swag on the Aussie market is the air swag.  You might have seen that some tents are starting to use this air pole technology, where instead of poles, they use inflatable material to hold the tent up.  

Air swags are really easy to set up because there is no need to muck around with poles.  Plus without the poles, they tend to be lightweight and provide all the benefits of a dome swag.

Swag Size

When it comes to the size of your swag, you tend to have three sizes to choose from – a single, king single or double size.  However each individual swag will have slightly different measurements, so I’d recommend checking the actual dimensions of the swag you’re considering buying.

Also swags differ quite a lot in the headroom provided.  So if you want a little extra space to sit up comfortably in your swag, keep this in mind.  However if you’re starting to want to get too big, then you’re probably better off looking at something like a Coleman Instant Up tent – you can read our guide on pop up tents here.

You’ll also need to decide if you want a swag to sleep just yourself or are you after a 2 person swag to sleep you and your other half?  If you have a young child, you could probably even all sleep in a large sized double camping swag.

A general guide of swag sizing is as follows:

  • Single: 60-90 cm wide x 180-230 cm long
  • King Single: 90-115 cm wide x 190-230 cm long
  • Double: 110-130 cm wide x 190-230 cm long


Swags are made with heavy duty canvas to keep well protected from the elements.  The canvas is made with a blend of cotton and polyester fibres which ensure the swag is both breathable, rot proof and waterproof.

The way to tell good quality canvas from cheaper versions is by its weight or grade.  You’ll find this expressed as grams per square metres or as ounces per square yard.  To ensure top quality, look for swags with 320-360gsm canvas at the very least.

It’s also essential to look for swags that are made with ripstop fabric.  This means that nylon has also been added to the canvas to make it tear resistant and more robust for the harsh Aussie environment.

Keep in mind that the better quality canvas is also heavier – so you might be best to get something at the lower end of the top quality range if weight is going to be an issue for you.


As well as the outer layer of the swag, it’s essential to check what the base is made from.  While some swags also feature a canvas bottom, it tends to be best to go with a swag that has a PVC base.

PVC ensures that no water makes its way into the swag, and it dries much faster than canvas.  However the problem with PVC is that it doesn’t breathe as well like canvas and so can cause condensation in hot and humid weather.

If you do decide to go with a canvas based swag, you can put a tarp underneath to keep your swag dry.


The beauty with a swag is that it comes with its own built in mattress so no need to buy a mattress as well.  However the downside of this is that you will also need to pay attention to the type of mattress that comes with the swag you’re considering buying.  That is, of course, assuming you want to have a great night’s sleep.

Swag mattresses are made from high density open cell foam.  For a comfortable mattress, look for ones that are around 35-70mm thick—usually the thicker the mattress, the better the night sleep.  However of course the thicker the mattress, usually the more expensive the swag is and the bulkier it will be.  So you really need to weigh all these factors together and decide what is important to you.

You could always simply add a good quality self inflating mattress to your swag at a later date.  You can read our guide on choosing a self inflating mattress here.

Other Features

Above we’ve covered some of the basics when it comes to choosing a good quality swag, but the list goes on and on.  Here are a few other things to consider:

  • Ventilation: Look for swags with mesh and windows to improve airflow, however also ensure they come with canvas covers to prevent rain coming inside and to help keep you warm on those cold nights.
  • Zippers: For quality zippers that won’t snag, look for ones that feature YKK zippers. 
  • Poles: The best quality poles are made from steel or alloy; cheaper swags will feature fibreglass poles. 
  • Storage Pockets: Some swags come with a range of internal pockets for storing your personal items; others also have built in storage for the poles when packed away.

Best Swag Reviews Australia 2021

Ok so hopefully by now you have a better idea of what type of swag you’re after.  To help you find the perfect swag, below we’ve taken a closer look at some of the best options currently available on the Aussie market.

Kwiky – Adventure Kings Swag Review

For those after an entry level swag for their camping trips, then the Kwiky by Adventure Kings (see it on eBay) see is a good one to consider.  This Kings camping swag is a reasonably lightweight and compact swag, perfect for those that just need a good base to sleep or an excellent swag for the kids.

These swags are made with 260gsm ripstop canvas that has been coated with a waterproof treatment and the floor is a durable 450gsm PVC.  It even comes with a 420D carry bag which is a bonus as with a lot of swags the bag is an optional extra.

This King single camping swag is a lightweight and compact swag, weighing just 6.7kgs, so it’s easy to transport and pack away.  Other features include a 50mm mattress, mesh screen and it’s easy to set up with just 2 tents and 2 pegs. 

So if you’re looking for lightweight swag or the best swag for kids, then definitely take a closer look at the Kwiky from Adventure Kings.

  • Size: (HXWXL) 55 cm x 75 cm x 2.1 m 
  • Material: 260gsm ripstop polycotton canvas
  • Mattress Thickness: 50mm
  • Flooring: 450gsm PVC 
  • Weight: 6.7 kgs

The Adventure Kings swags also come in the Big Daddy Deluxe size (see it on eBay) which is a super popular swag among the members of our Queensland Camping FB group.

Click here for more information and to check the current price on eBay.

4WD Tracker Dune Swag Review

If lightweight is a real priority for you, then this 4WD Tracker Dune swag (see it on ebay) is one worth considering.  At just 6kg it is the lightest of all the swags in these reviews.

Despite being super lightweight, this is a reasonably spacious swag.  It’s a much bigger than the previous Adventure Kings swag, yet weighs 700g less.  Plus it still has a 50mm high density foam mattress.

The swag features high quality aluminium poles, while the canvas is a 320gsm ripstop cotton and the base PVC.  Other features include a front window with awning and mesh panels for insect protection.

The 4WD Tracker Dune swag is made with great quality materials so is built to last for many years of camping trips.  Moreover, with its lightweight, it is a perfect option for those campers looking to minimise the overall weight of their camping gear.

  • Size: (HXWXL) 67 cm x 80 cm x 2.1 m 
  • Material: 320gsm ripstop cotton canvas
  • Mattress Thickness: 50mm
  • Flooring: PVC 
  • Weight: 6 kgs

Click here for more information and to check the current price on eBay.

Darche Swag Dusk to Dawn Review

When it comes to the best branded swag, Darche would undoubtedly be one of them, so there is no surprise that these reviews feature a few of them.  First up though is the Darche Swag – Dusk to Dawn, a top quality swag with plenty of features.

The Dusk to Dawn swag is made with quality fabrics including a 420gsm ripstop polycotton canvas and a PVC floor.  It also has a comfortable 70mm high density cotton covered foam mattress.

This is a very spacious single swag with plenty of room as well as 2 way entry.  The swag features two awnings (awning poles not included) with zip down windows at each end, a boot mat and internal storage pockets.  This swag also has a full length insect mesh panel and 180 degree stargaze viewing to really make the most of your time outdoors. Plus it comes with a carry bag.

The Darche Dusk to Dawn swag provides a spacious swag which is made from top quality fabrics.  Plus it is also one of the most affordable Darche swags on the market.

  • Size: (HXWXL) 80 cm x 90 cm x 2.15 m 
  • Material: 420gsm ripstop polycotton canvas
  • Mattress Thickness: 70mm
  • Flooring: PVC 
  • Weight: 12.8 kgs

Ther Darche Dusk to Dawn also comes in a king single or double swag.

Click here for more information and to check the current price.


Coolabah Burke and Wills Swag Review

If you’re after top quality, then the Coolabah swag by Burke and Wills (see it on eBay) is the one to check out.  This is a super deluxe swag, coming with a 75mm high density foam mattress for the ultimate in comfort and top quality fabrics for longevity.

The Coolabah is made with the very best of quality materials.  Featuring 540gsm ripstop polycotton canvas, including the bucket floor base, which is the highest grade of canvas out of all the swags in these reviews.  The mattress is also the thickest at a huge 75mm.

The quality materials don’t stop there.  This swag also includes 8.5mm anodised alloy poles, no. 10 heavy duty zippers and 120gsm fly mesh.  Other features include internal storage pockets, external storage compartment, side mat and a large front and top entry.

For those wanting to purchase just one swag in their lifetime, the Burke and Wills Coolabah swag is an excellent option.  With the high quality materials used to craft this swag, this will certainly last you a lifetime of camping.

  • Size: (HXWXL) 80 cm x 86 cm x 2.15 m 
  • Material: 540gsm ripstop polycotton canvas
  • Mattress Thickness: 75mm
  • Flooring: 540gsm ripstop polycotton canvas
  • Weight: 12 kgs

The Burke and Wills Coolabah swag also comes in a king single swag (see it on eBay).

Click here for more information and to check the current price on eBay.

Wanderer Contour Swag Review

The Wanderer Contour is a great quality swag made with top quality fabrics to ensure your swag will last you for many years to come.  It also comes with one of the thickest mattresses in this guide, so as well as being well protected you can be assured a great night sleep.

If you want a swag made with quality fabrics you’ll be impressed with the Wanderer Contour.  It is made with a 450gsm ripstop polycotton canvas and has a 500gsm PVC base so there is no need to add a tarp. It also features lightweight alloy poles for either side as well as a spreader bar for durability and stability.

The interior of the swag is reasonably spacious and has plenty of headroom.  Plus with the hot Aussie climate in mind, it features large mesh screens at both ends and either side, so on those hot and humid nights, you can have plenty of ventilation without the concerns of insects biting.

As mentioned above, this swag comes with one of the thickest mattresses in this guide.  With a 70mm high density foam mattress, you are assured to have a great night sleep in the Wanderer Contour.  Once it’s time to pack up, you can leave in your sleeping bag and pillow and simply roll up and store in the included heavy duty carry bag.

if you’re after a simple, yet high quality swag made with the best quality materials, you really can’t go past the Wanderer Contour.  Designed to keep you well protected from the elements as well as provide a great night sleep.

  • Size: (HXWXL) 68cm x 85 cm x 2.10 m 
  • Material: 450gsm ripstop polycotton canvas
  • Mattress Thickness: 70mm
  • Flooring: 450gsm PVC

Click here for more information and to check the current price.


Darche Megadome King Single Swag

The second of the Darche swags reviewed in this guide, this time the Darch megadome king single swag.  This is a super robust swag made with tough fabric to withstand the harshest of environments and will no doubt last you for all your future camping trips.

This spacious swag is made with 450gsm wax coated ripstop canvas and an incredibly strong laminated 600gsm PVC bucket floor.  It also features a super comfy 70mm high density foam mattress.

The Megadome has a built in zippered sky view window and a full zip off storm cover for maximum ventilation.  There is even ventilation baffle at the foot of the swag and other features include a 125gm mesh for insect protection, No.10 zippers, alloy poles and stainless steel D rings.

The Darche Megadome king single swag is one of the most pricey swags in these reviews, but that’s really no surprise when you consider the top quality fabrics and hardware that has gone into making this swag.  Plus it is super spacious and comes with a lifetime warranty, so you know this swag is built to last.

  • Size: (HXWXL) 80cm x 110 cm x 2.15 m 
  • Material: 450gsm wax coated ripstop canvas
  • Mattress Thickness: 70mm
  • Flooring: 600gsm PVC
  • Weight: 12.5 kgs

In this range of Darche swags, there is also the Superdome single and the Ridgedome.

Click here for more information and to check the current price.


Wanderer Compact Tourer Biker Swag Review

For a great all arounder lightweight swag, the Wandered Compact Tourer Biker Swag is a great one to consider.  This swag has somewhat similar features to the Adventure Kings swag reviewed above.

This Wanderer swag is made from 230gsm ripstop polycotton canvas and has a robust 400gsm PVC floor.  The swag comes with a 50mm high density foam mattress and has strong, lightweight alloy poles.  Other features include a mesh panel for insect protection and ventilation, zipper access for easy entry and exit and comes with a carry bag. 

The Wanderer Compact Tourer Biker swag is an excellent option if you’re after something lightweight and compact for your camping adventures.  It weighs just 6.9kg and is one of the smaller swags in terms of size in these reviews.

  • Size: (HXWXL) 55cm x 75 cm x 2 m 
  • Material: 230gsm ripstop polycotton canvas
  • Mattress Thickness: 50mm
  • Flooring: 400gsm PVC
  • Weight: 6.9 kgs

Click here for more information and to check the current price.

XTM 4X4 Single Swag Review

If you’re looking for a cheap yet relatively spacious swag, then take a look at the XTM 4X4 single swag.  This is one of the most affordable swags in these reviews; it’s lightweight and yet still made with robust materials.

Despite being a cheaper swag, the XTM 4X4 swag is made with 400gsm ripstop polycotton canvas and has a thick 450gsm PVC floor.  Plus it has double stitched reinforced seams and thick lightweight alloy poles.

The XTM 4X4 comes with a 50mm thick foam mattress to ensure a great night sleep.  Other features include internal storage pockets for small items and a large mesh panel for insect protection and star gazing.

All in all,  the XTM 4X4 is well worth considering for a good all rounder swag that provides a comfortable place to sleep on your camping adventures, without breaking the bank.

  • Size: (HXWXL) 65cm x 90 cm x 2.15 m 
  • Material: 400gsm ripstop polycotton canvas
  • Mattress Thickness: 50mm
  • Flooring: 450gsm PVC

The XTM 4X4 swags also come in a double version.

Click here for more information and to check the current price.

Oztrail Swift Pitch Bivy Review

The Oztrail Swift Pitch Bivy is the cheapest swag in these reviews and would make a great swag if you’re after something for your child – or you just don’t want to spend a fortune on your swag.

At just 1.12 kgs, this is by far the lightest swags in these reviews, however keep in mind that it doesn’t come with a mattress, so you will need to allow for that in your budget.  It is also the smallest in terms of space as well, so certainly not ideal for the larger person, or those that want a bit of space in their swag.

The Oztrail Swift Pitch Bivy is not made with materials as good as the other swags in this guide – but that’s also reflected in the price.  This swag is made with polyester including the floor.  Other features include a small mesh panel for ventilation and easy top access.

So if you want something cheap, extremely lightweight and incredibly compact, then consider purchasing the Oztrail Swift Pitch Bivy swag.

  • Size: (HXWXL) 47 cm x 70 cm x 2.15 m 
  • Material: Polyester
  • Mattress Thickness: NA
  • Flooring: Polyester
  • Weight: 1.12 kgs

Click here for more information and to check the current price.

Darche Air Volution Swag Review

Last but not least, we have another swag from Darche, but this time the super new and fancy Air Volution swag.  There are no poles to deal with in these swags, simply inflate and you’re ready to go.

With just the one inflation point, these air swags are easy to set up.  The included high capacity air volution hand pump will literally have this swag up in under a minute.  The air poles are made from puncture proof material and mean there is no mucking around with poles.

This swag is made with a 320gsm ripstop polycotton canvas and has a robust 600gsm PVC bucket floor to keep you dry.  The swag also comes with a 500mm mattress.  Other features include two way entry, storm covers / awnings (just note that awning poles are not included), full zip down head and foot ventilation windows, internal storage pockets and the swag comes with a canvas swag bag as well.

So if you’re ready to get on board with an air swag, then this Darche Air Volution might be one to check out.  It’s made with top quality materials and comes with a 2 year warranty so you can purchase this swag with confidence.

  • Size: (HXWXL) 90 cm x 90 cm x 2.15 m 
  • Material: 320gsm ripstop polycotton canvas
  • Mattress Thickness: 50mm
  • Flooring: 600gsm PVC
  • Weight: 11.9 kgs

The Darche Air Volution also comes in a double swag.

Click here for more information and to check the current price.



We hope you found this guide to the camping mattresses helpful.  Remember if you need help choosing other camping gear we have a range of other guides including camping mattresses, camp stoves and more.

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