Located along the Capricorn Coast, just east of Rockhampton, Yeppoon is a hidden oasis and a great spot for a camping trip.  There are plenty of things to do in Yeppoon, including swimming in the beaches, exploring the local national parks, sailing around some of Queensland’s most stunning islands and loads more.

If you’re planning a camping trip to Yeppoon and wondering exactly what to do in Yeppoon, then, this is the perfect guide for you.  In this Yeppoon things to do guide, we cover all the awesome Yeppoon attractions as well as provide suggestions for the best Yeppoon caravan parks.   

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Best Things to do in Yeppoon

In no particular order, below is a list of some of the best things to do in Yeppoon.  

Yeppoon Lagoon

Probably the number one thing to do around Yeppoon is to swim in the Yeppoon Lagoon – particularly for those camping with kids.   The lagoon is a huge resort style infinity swimming pool with fantastic views across the ocean and out to the Keppel Islands.

As well as the lagoon, there is a huge playground nearby, skate park and of course the beach.  There are also plenty of picnic benches and BBQ facilities too.  You could easily spend a good part of the day here.

Keppel Kraken

Another one of the tourist attractions in Yeppoon that kids will love is Keppel Kraken.  Keppel Kraken is a 500m walk from the Lagoon and is a brilliant place for families with little ones.  Basically, this is a zero depth water playground where the kids can run around.  Surrounding the water park, there is also various other playground equipment which is suited to younger children.

The area has stunning views across to the islands as well as plenty of picnic tables and seating areas for families to enjoy a bite to eat.  There is a fish and chip shop across the road, which we highly recommend!

Shell World Yeppoon

If you’re looking for things to do in Yeppoon area, then drop into Shell World – a small museum with more than 20,000 shells on display.  The shells on display come from all over the world belonging to molluscs from the sea, land as well as fossils. Other items on display include marine life, coral as well as some lovely shell craft.

Local Markets

If you’re the sort of person that loves browsing the local markets, then be sure to head on down to the Yeppoon Community Market which is on each Saturday from 6 am to 10 am at Stevenson Park.  It’s the perfect place to come to buy some local produce and a range of locally made arts and crafts.

Another great local market is the Fig Tree Markets which are held on the first Sunday of each month from 8 am to 12 pm in Merv Anderson Park.  Again it’s the perfect place to come for some delicious local treats, produce as well as being a great place to pick up some souvenirs.

Street Art

For street art lovers, one of the fun things to do in Yeppoon is to stroll the streets looking for the bright and colourful murals around the place. 

If you’re into street art, here are some to check out:

  • Yeppoon Lagoon: While you’re at the lagoon, you can’t miss the pink turtles.
  • Yeppoon Skate Park: See the fun and vibrant faces on the toilet block (pictured above).
  • Barry Street Wall: Here you’ll find a huge octopus attempting to smash through the walls creating an awesome 3D like image.
  • Keppel Bay Sailing Club: Here you’ll find a few different vintage inspired murals including an old kombi, stand up paddle boarder and a woman in her retro bathers.
  • Yeppoon Surf Life Saving Club: See a range of colourful images representing the lifesaving community.
  • Queen Street Multi Storey Car Park: On the corner of Hill and Queen Street, you won’t mind wandering through this car park in search of your vehicle, as behind every corner is a new bright, colourful mural on the wall.  Some of the favourites include the little dog being pushed in a child’s stroller, local musical duo Busby Marou, classic cars, local birdlife and more.
  • Chapter Laneway: In Hill Street, you’ll find an amphitheatre-style seating underneath a staircase that overlooks some of the hidden alleyway street art.
  • Pie Alley: Just off Normanby Street, take a stroll down pie alley and you’ll see a few different pieces of artwork including a tribute to the history of Pie Alley which was once home to the town bakery as well as other vibrant pieces.
  • Livingstone Shire Library: On the side of the library at John Street, see the huge face of Groucho Marx, which also has several Marx quotes.
  • Two Sisters Coffee Bar: See the gorgeous flamingos under the heading “Another day in Paradise” as well as the set of wings at the back of the coffee shop.
  • Emu Park Main Beach Bathing Pavilion: See the quirky characters representing the halcyon days of beach bathing.
  • Emu Park Post Office: Vibrant and colourful cockatoos.
  • Emu Park Skate Park: Skating tribute.

Yeppoon Beaches

There are so many lovely beaches in Yeppoon, that your entire camping trip could be spent visiting a different one every day!   

Here is a brief overview of some of the more popular Yeppoon beaches:

  • Farnborough Beach: Take your 4WD down to Farnborough Beach – entry is at Bangalee.  At 17kms long, this is one of the longest beaches in the region.
  • Yeppoon Main Beach (pictured above): This is one of the most convenient beaches to visit with the lagoon and water park along its shores as well as plenty of places to grab a bite to eat.
  • Lammermoor Beach: With over 2 kilometres of beach, Lammermoor Beach is one of the favourite beaches in the area.
  • Kemp Beach: If you take the Bluff Point Track to the Turtle Lookout on the way back stop at Kemp Beach to cool off.
  • Mulambin Beach: If you’re looking for an untouched location, then this is the perfect beach.
  • Kinka Beach: Kinka Beach is a family favourite thanks to the wide open beaches and the calm, gentle waters.
  • Emu Park Main Beach: A great beach for swimming, surfing as well as fishing off the rocks at either end.

Click here if you want to see our guide to the best beach shelters currently on the market.

Wreck Point Lookout

From the top of Wreck Point, you’ll enjoy 360 degree panoramic views across the Capricorn Coast including out to the Keppel Bay Islands.  As well as awesome views you’ll find a short scenic trail and an interpretive panel where you’ll learn about the shipwreck which was found here. 

At this very point in 1848, a 62 ton transport schooner named Selina was found waterlogged and without any crew on board.  Some 15 months prior the ship had left Pine River, north of Brisbane for Sydney, but wasn’t seen again until it was found here.  Unfortunately, the crew were never seen again and it is assumed the ship had been in a terrible storm and capsized, before righting itself and making its way to the Capricorn Coast.

Sail Capricornia

The guys at Sail Capricornia offer various tour options including a day trip or a sunset option.  The full day tour will have you snorkelling and swimming around coral reefs and some of the Keppel Islands’ gorgeous secluded beaches.  While the sunset cruise will have you enjoying a wonderful sailing experience as you enjoy a glass of wine while watching the sunset across the islands.

Double Head Track in Capricorn Coast National Park

Double Head Track is a 700m return walk which takes around 40 minutes.  It is a steep track which takes you to two lookouts – Fan Rock and Rosslyn Bay.  From Fan Rock, you’ll enjoy views of the Keppel Bay Islands and from Rosslyn Bay, you’ll have excellent views north to Yeppoon and the Byfield Ranges.

The start of the Double Head Track is from the small car park off Shoreline Close, near Rosslyn Bay Marina.

Bluff Point Track in Capricorn Coast National Park

The Bluff Point Track is a 2.3km return and takes around 1.5 hours to complete.  At the point, you’ll enjoy panoramic views of the Capricorn coastline as well as right across to the Keppel Bay Islands.  It is a steep 600m climb to Turtle Lookout but well worth it as you’ll most likely spot the turtles and dolphins swimming in the waters below.  From here it’s just a short walk to the Ritamata Outlook where you’ll have more great views of the Capricorn Coast.

The entrance to the Bluff Point Walking Track is located at the southern end of Kemp Beach.

Emu Park Anzac Court and Memorial Walk

Just a 20 minute drive south of Yeppoon is the sleepy town of Emu Park.  As well as a fantastic beach and some great little shops and cafes, one of the main attractions here is the Anzac Court and Memorial Walk.  The area has been specifically designed as a memorial and gathering place to recognise local soldiers.

This memorial wraps around the coast, providing some great views.  In the courtyard is the brilliant curved pictorial screen featuring the silhouettes of Australian soldiers.  From here the path meanders along the rugged foreshore past more artwork – “The Spirit – Gallipoli Landing 1915” which has been erected in such a way so that the horizon in the painting lines up with the Keppel Bay horizon.

The path continues along the foreshore, up to the Gatehouse.  Here you will find 26 floor to ceiling WW1 storyboards where you can read stories about the lives of local soldiers.

Singing Ship

Just past the Anzac Memorial Gatehouse, follow the path which will take you to the Singing Ship.  The monument is not part of the Anzac memorial; rather it is here because, in 1770, Captian James Cook became the first European to chart Keppel Bay. 

The monument has a sail, mast and rigging and due to the integrated tubes, the monument produces notes when a breeze comes through.  To ensure you get to hear the monument in full voice, be sure to visit on a windy day.

Koorana Crocodile Farm

Opened in 1981, Koorana Crocodile Farm provides a home for rogue crocodiles that were once a danger to people.  If it weren’t for the farm owners, many of these crocodiles would have been faced with death.  Over 20 years, the owners saved some 100 crocodiles that had turned up in public recreation and residential areas.  

Today the farm is home to over 500 crocodiles.  Visitors can come and see the crocodiles as well as learn more about these amazing creatures. To visit the farm, you must join one of the 90 minutes tours on at 10 am and 1 pm daily.

Capricorn Caves

A must do while visiting Yeppoon is going to the Capricorn Caves.  These caves first opened in 1884 making them one of Queensland’s oldest tourist attractions!

The Capricorn Caves are part of an ancient underground limestone cave system formed some 390 million years ago.  While they don’t look like much from the outside, as soon as you step inside you’ll no doubt be mesmerized by the mammoth size of these caves created by flowing water.

To visit the caves, you must join one of three tours that take visitors through the spectacular caves.  As you weave your wave through the caves, your guide will tell you stories about the local landscape, wildlife and special cave acoustics.

If you like you can even spend the night here as on the property, there are a range of cabins and lodges and the option to camp.  Click here for more information.

Cooberrie Park Wildlife Sanctuary

The Cooberrie Park Wildlife Sanctuary takes care of sick and injured animals which once rehabilitated are returned to the wild.  For those animals that cannot return to the wild for whatever reasons, these little guys (or big guys) call the park permanently home.

The 25 acre park is home to a huge range of animals and provides visitors with the opportunity to learn more about the animals and have a close encounter with them.  Animals here include koalas, crocodiles, monkeys, birds, snakes, kangaroos and more.

There are daily interactive animal shows and special encounters where you can pat or cuddle one of the animals for an additional fee.  During the school holidays, little ones can even take part in a special zookeeper program where they will feed, handle and clean after the animals.

In addition to the animals, the park also has a swimming pool and BBQ facilities.

Visit Great Keppel Island

While we highly recommend you spend a few days over at Great Keppel Island (you can even camp here – find out more here), if you just don’t have the time, then make sure at the very least you make a day trip there.  With just a short 30 minute ferry ride between the mainland and the island, it is super easy to do in a day!

The ferry takes you to the island’s main tourist part where you’ll find a gorgeous beach, a few places to eat, water sports huts, and the start of all the island walks.  Spend your day swimming, snorkelling, kayaking or exploring a range of beaches.

There are two ferry operators that will get you across to Great Keppel Island – either Keppel Konnections Ferry or Freedom Fast Cats.  Both leave from the Keppel Bay Marina and arrive at the same point on the island.

Find out more about getting to Great Keppel Island here.  For more information about things to do on Great Keppel Island – click here.

Explore the Byfield Parks 

An awesome day trip from Yeppoon is to explore the Byfield Parks, made up of the Byfield National Park, the Byfield State Forest and the Byfield Conservation Park.  Even better would be camping here for a few days so you can enjoy the parks lush rainforest, stunning coastline, massive dunes and gorgeous freshwater creeks.

To explore all the parks’ attractions (I’ll just refer to all three parks as one) you will need a 4WD, but it is not essential to have a fantastic day trip in the area.  A 4WD will just get you to some of the more remote areas.  

Whether you take a 2WD or 4WD, there are plenty of day use areas with BBQs and toilets, so it’s the perfect place to bring a picnic.  The various areas have walking tracks, swimming holes, beaches and fishing.

Here is a brief overview of some of the more popular areas to visit in the park.

Upper Stoney

  • Accessible by 2WD via Sandy Point Road
  • You can camp here
  • Stoney Creek is a freshwater creek ideal for swimming – be sure to bring reef shoes though
  • There is a short 900m return walk along the creek

Red Rock

  • Accessible by 2WD 
  • You can camp here – dog friendly too
  • No swimming here due to crocodiles

Water Park Creek

  • Accessible by 2WD – 30 minute drive from Yeppoon 
  • You can camp here 
  • No swimming here due to crocodiles but you can kayak

Sandy Point

  • 2WD accessible – 30 minute drive from Yeppoon or can drive with 4WD along Farnborough Beach
  • This is a popular beach for fishing and kayaking.
  • There is a short 20 minute walk here to Fishing Creek.

Water Park Point Headland

  • 4WD accessible only – 44kms from Water Park Creek
  • You can camp here at Scouts Camp – a small area with views across Corio Bay to Sandy Point – there are no facilities here and access is only by boat or by walking 30 minutes from the Corio Bay carpark at low tide.

Five Rocks Visitor Area

  • 4WD accessible only – 28kms or 1 hour drive from Water Park Creek
  • Vehicle free beach – can swim here
  • Can camp here
  • Walking tracks: there are two walking tracks here from 1 hour to 4 hours, walks take you along the beach as well as through the wetlands.

Five Rocks Beach Area

  • 4WD accessible only – 34kms from Water Park Creek or can walk from Five Rocks Visitor Area during low tide
  • This is Byfield’s most remote beach
  • Vehicles only allowed south of the access track – north of the track is vehicle free

Nine Mile Beach

  • 4WD accessible only – 32kms from Water Park Creek
  • Here you’ll find freshwater streams (can swim here), sand blows and miles of surf beach
  • You can camp here – but there are no facilities
  • Walking tracks: there are 3 walks here from 30 minutes to 2 hours, along the way you’ll pass the freshwater creek which you can swim in and amazing sand blows from which you can enjoy panoramic views across the coast and rainforest.

Corio Bay

  • 2WD accessible
  • Popular spot for kayaking and fishing – no swimming due to crocodiles and bull sharks
  • Can take a walk around the headland at low tide – ensure to time your walk right though to have plenty of time to come back.

For more information check out this Qld parks map here and their Byfield Area brochure here.

Nob Creek Pottery

While you’re in Byfield’s, be sure to stop by Nob Creek Pottery, a great little shop owned and run by two incredibly talented potters.  There is a huge range of items on display here, including pottery, jewellery, artwork and more. Visitors can sit down and watch a short video which shows how the pottery is made and usually Steve (one of the owners) is in the shop creating pottery so you can see it for yourself.

Best Yeppoon Caravan Parks

You are spoilt for choice when it comes to Yeppoon Caravan Parks.  There are some great tourist parks with plenty of family friendly facilities as well as more basic options in more central locations. Read our full guide on Yeppoon Caravan Park options here, or check out our top picks below.

Discovery Parks

Located just a 15 minute drive from Yeppoon’s centre, Discovery Parks Coolwaters is located just north of Kinka Beach.  It is a quiet location, surrounded by some stunning beaches and spectacular landscape.

Check our full review of Discovery Parks Coolwaters here.

When it comes to facilities at Discovery Parks – there is no shortage here.  There is an awesome water park, complete with two big waterslides and a couple of smaller ones for the little kids.  It also has a range of water jets and other interactive water equipment that the little ones will love.  Other great facilities for the kids include a huge lagoon style swimming pool, playground a jumping pillow and pedal karts for hire.  Other amenities on site include a camp kitchen, laundry and a small kiosk.

There are loads of accommodation options here from caravan and tent sites, to fully self contained cabins.

Click here to check availability and current pricing on Booking.com.

Big 4 Yeppoon NRMA Capricorn Caravan Park

The Big 4 Yeppoon NRMA Capricorn Caravan Park is a popular choice for families.  Located a 15 minute drive from the centre of town, close to Mulambin Beach, the NRMA Yeppoon Big 4 is packed with some great family friendly facilities and offers loads of different campsites and cabins.

The Big 4 caravan park Yeppoon is the ideal spot for families, with so many awesome things to keep the kids busy.  There is a double loop waterslide, swimming pool, playground, jumping pillow, games room, pedal go karts for hire and an outdoor cinema.  Plus if you happen to come during school holidays, there are many other fun activities on offer such as arts and crafts, scanger hunts and even special breakfasts.

Other amenities at this Yeppoon camping ground include bbq areas, two camp kitchens, laundry, dump point and a small kiosk.

For the campers, there are both powered and unpowered sites.  With the powered sites, you have the choice of either a slab or grass site. There is also a range of self contained cabins from studios to spacious 3 bedroom lodges.

Click here to check availability and current pricing on Booking.com.

Beachside Caravan Park, Yeppoon

For those that want to be close to the centre of town, the Beachside Caravan Park, Yeppoon is a great option.  It’s just a 5 minute drive into the town centre or a 15 minute walk from this beachfront caravan park.

The best thing about this caravan park is its beachfront location – the only caravan park in Yeppoon with absolute beach frontage.  Located along the 17km long Farnborough Beach, the park has 5 pathways that will bring you straight out onto the beach.

Beachside Caravan Park has a range of powered and unpowered sites suitable for all types of campers.  Whether you have a caravan, motorhome, camper trailer, tent, bus or camper van, you’ll be well catered for.  Both concrete slabs and grass sites are available.

Amenities on site include two BBQs, camp kitchen, four amenities blocks, free wifi, coin operated laundry and dump point.  This beachfront caravan park, Yeppoon offers also has a kiosk, giant chess set and pedal karts for hire.

Click here to check availability and current pricing.


Hopefully, you found this guide to all the great things to do in Yeppoon helpful.    Don’t forget to check out our Yeppoon Caravan Parks guide here.  You may also be interested in our guide to camping on Great Keppel Island here, or things to do on Great Keppel Island here.