K’Gari literally means “paradise”, and as soon as you catch a glimpse of the island, you’ll see why.  Formerly known as Fraser Island, K’gari is absolutely stunning and with plenty of things to do in K’gari, it is the ultimate experience for anyone who loves the great outdoors.

With a length of 120kms, K’gari is the world’s largest sand dune and offers plenty of natural attractions for everyone to enjoy.  Some of the best things to do on K’gari include exploring subtropical rainforests, cooling off in crystal clear freshwater lakes and creeks, relaxing on stunning beaches, climbing towering sand dunes, spotting wildlife and much more.

Whether you plan on joining a 4WD tour, self-driving or flop and drop at one of the resorts and explore the island on a day tour – there is something for everyone to enjoy on K’gari.  Whether you have a day or two or a week or more you’ll struggle to see all the K’gari attractions in just one trip, so you’ll need a plan and decide what you’ll see in advance.

To help you decide what K’gari things to do make it on your shortlist, we’ve put this guide together which covers all of the most popular things to do at K’gari.  This Explore K’gari guide covers the best things to see, how to get to K’gari, information on the various island’s villages, island tours, driving on the island and tips on where to stay.

After reading this detailed guide, you’ll be well on your way to planning your holidays on K’gari.

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Best Things to do on K’gari Map

Below is a K’gari attractions map so you can see exactly where the places to visit are.  This will assist you while planning your itinerary for the things to see on K’gari.  Zoom in and out for a closer view.

Places to Visit & Things to do on K’gari, Australia

In kind of a rough order of south of the island to the north of the island here is a guide to some of the best things to do K’gari offers.  It certainly doesn’t cover everything there is to do on K’gari, but it certainly covers all the major attractions and then some.

I’ve also included some of the little towns along the way so you can have an idea where you can pick up supplies as you’re out and about.

Hook Point

If you’re going to K’gari via the Inskip barge, then your first glimpse of K’gari is going to be Hook Point.  Hook Point is the island’s southernmost tip.  

Hook Point is generally not passable during high tide, so it is essential that you plan your trip close to low tide or at the very least outside 2 hours either side of high tide.

If you can’t get your timing right, there is an inland road which takes you pass Hook Point; however the road conditions are often not the best and are to be avoided where possible.

While Hook Point is not necessarily a K’gari must see – as you drive past, make sure you allow time to turn back and check out the gorgeous views south across to Inskip and Rainbow Beach.  Just a beautiful spot.

Coolooloi Creek

Just to the left of Hook Point is Coolooloi Creek.  There is a small camping area here which has stunning ocean views across to Rainbow Beach.  This is a popular place for people who need to wait out high tide so they can pass Hook Point.  To access Coolooloi Creek, you’ll need to take the inland road.

75 Mile Beach

While you’re out and about exploring all the K’gari things to see, you’ll no doubt be spending a bit of time on 75 Mile Beach – K’gari’s very own highway!  Located on the island’s eastern side, 75 Mile Beach runs from the tip to the top and is one epic beach drive.

75 Mile Beach is just stunning, with sand dunes on one side and the ocean on the other.  While it is a gazetted national highway with a speed limit of 80km /h it is also one of the Islands must see attractions.  75 Mile Beach is also a landing strip for light aircraft.

Along the 120km stretch of beach, you’ll find many K’gari major tourist attractions, including the gorgeous coloured sands.  The coloured sands result from thousands of years of erosion and include colours such as yellow, red, orange and brown.  Other attractions along here include the Maheno shipwreck, Pinnacles and the Champagne Pools (see more about these places below).

You’re also likely to see a range of wildlife along 75 Mile Beach, including the local dingos.  But keep your eyes peeled, turtles are often seen here as well as whales during the migration session.

Unfortunately, the ocean here is also known for sharks, so it is not recommended to swim at the beaches on K’gari along 75 Mile beach.  The ocean also has dangerous surf and strong riptides – so please stay away.

Before you set out on 75 Mile Beach, be sure to check the tide times for K’gari and only drive on the beach outside 2 hours of either side of high tide.  

Dilli Village

As you drive up 75 Mile Beach, you will come across Dilli Village.  While it’s called a Village, don’t expect any shops or amenities here.  All you’ll find at Dilli Village, is a private campsite operated by USC.

A dingo proof fence surrounds the campsite, so it is perfect for families with young children or those concerned about dingo activity.

Find more information about camping at Dilli Village here.

Lake Boomanjin

The first of many lakes on K’gari to explore, Lake Boomanjin is the southernmost lake on the island.  While not the most popular lake on K’gari, at 200 hectares, Lake Boomanjin is actually the world’s largest perched lake and is one of the island’s hidden gems.

First up, what’s a perched lake?  Well, it’s a large depression in a sand dune, which thanks to the cemented decomposed organic matter, has over time collected so much rainwater, that a large body of water is formed. There are actually 40 perched lakes across the Island – and for the swimming K’gari offers, they are the perfect place.

You’ll note that Lake Boomanjin has a Tea Tree red stain as well as ripples of red from the small surrounding creeks which are bringing in fresh heavily stained Tea Tree water.  This lake K’gari offers, has soft white sand and it’s a lovely place for a dip.

There is a fenced picnic area just by the car park – unfortunately due to the dingos, you can’t bring any food or drink down to the banks of the lake.  There are also toilets here too.  It’s just a short walk from the car park down to the lake.

Lake Boomanjin is about a 30 minute drive from Dilli Village.

Lake Birrabeen

A further 25 minutes inland from Lake Boomanjin and you’ll find Lake Birrabeen another gorgeous lake K’gari has, which again is not as popular as Lake McKenize making it a great choice for those wanting to escape the crowds.

Lake Birrabeen is just stunning and some even say it is more beautiful than Lake McKenzie – I’m inclined to agree!.  It has crystal clear water surrounded by a pure white sandy shore.  This is a great place for swimming on K’gari or even a kayak.  Honestly, I couldn’t get over how clear the water is here!  It is just stunning and barely anyone there unlike Lake McKenzie.

Pack a picnic when coming to Lake Birrabeen as here you’ll find toilets and picnic tables.  Although there are two car parks and entrances down to the lake – so if you get to one and don’t see the picnic area – keep driving until you reach the other one.

Lake Birrabeen is definitely a K’gari must do.


The first little town on 75 Mile Beach as you come up from Hook Point, is Eurong.  At Eurong you will find a few different accommodation options, places to eat and a general store.

  • Places to Eat: McKenzie’s on 75 (meals from $20 to $30) and Eurong Bakery
  • Shops: The Eurong shop has fresh produce, meats, fishing gear, camping supplies, beer, wine and spirits. It also has souvenirs, shirts, hats and extra supplies such as sunscreen.  Some prices – bag of ice $5.50, 1.25l coke $6.50, 2l milk $5.50, a bottle of wine $22 and a carton of beer $85.00.

Eurong is located about 30 to 40 minutes drive from Hook Point.

Central Station

About 25 minutes inland from Eurong you will find Central Station.  Central Station was once an old forestry camp and is a great little area on K’gari which has a few attractions to check out as well as being a popular campsite.

If you’re looking for hiking K’gari has, Central Station is the starting point for a few different hikes.  The most popular walking track, which I highly recommend, is the short 0.7 km Wanggoolba Creek track.  This track has you wander over the boardwalk through the subtropical rainforest, passing towering trees, massive ferns and if you’re lucky, you’ll spot some epic wildlife.  Also don’t forget to look down, as you pass over the Wanggoolba Creek which has water so clear, you can barely see it.

If you’re keen for some longer walks, there is also the Pile Valley Circuit which is 4.6km return (around 1.5 to 2.5 hours), Basin Lake which is 2.8km one way (around 1-1.5 hours) and Lake McKenzie via Basin Lake which is 6.6km one way (around 2.5-3 hours).

Around Central Station, there are a few different buildings and items on display from when the area was a busy forestry camp.  There are various information boards around where you can learn more, including information about the school which was once here in 1917 to provide education for the children of the men who worked in the forestry camps.   It’s quite surreal to think that a school was once here which had some 40 students.

There is also a small information centre where you can learn more about the island’s flora and fauna.

As mentioned Central Station is also a very popular camping ground on K’gari and there is also a day use picnic area.

Lake McKenzie (Boorangoora)

A 20 minute drive from Central Station is probably one of the most famous and popular attractions on K’gari- Lake McKenzie.  Lake McKenzie on K’gari is an absolutely breathtaking perched lake with stunning white sand and incredibly crystal clear water.  It is the sort of place that you will be just busting to get into for a swim.

The sand surrounding Lake McKenzie is 98% pure silica which is why it is so incredibly white.  The sand is also super fine, so it actually filters the rainwater giving it that incredible iridescent blue colour.

It is recommended to get to Lake McKenzie early or late in the day to avoid the crowds – although given it is the most popular lake on K’gari; there are likely to be crowds at any time of the day.  However, there is plenty of space along the banks of the lake.  Most people tend to set up base quite close to the entrance to the lake, so if you just move around either side, you’ll most likely find a less crowded place.

Make sure you bring a few floaties here as no doubt the kids will want to spend hours in the water.  Kayaks and SUPs are also perfect at Lake McKenzie.

Note that you can’t bring any food or drinks (other than water) down to the lake due to dingos.  However, there are plenty of enclosed picnic areas by the car park as well as toilets here.  It’s only a short walk from here down to the lake.

Lake Wabby and Hammerstone Sandblow

Another place not to be missed from your K’gari sightseeing is Hammerstone Sandblow and Lake Wabby.  Located a 45 minute drive from Lake McKenzie or 18 minutes from 75 Mile Beach near Cromwell Campground.

To reach Lake Wabby, you will need to walk across the Hammerstone Sandblow, one of the gigantic sand dunes K’gari has.  It isn’t the easiest of walks and it does take around 45 minutes to reach the lake  – so come with good shoes, a hat and lots of water. 

Most of the walk is through bushland and there is a slight incline most of the way – finishing off with some stairs.  Once you reach the sand blow, it is a bit tricky walking across – but the landscape is just brilliant and so worth it!  Hammerstone Sandblow is the most incredible dune on the island – as you walk across this towering sand dune, you’ll swear you are walking across the desert.  Definitely one of the top 5 things to do on K’gari.

Lake Wabby isn’t as picturesque as the other lakes in K’gari and there are a few fish here unlike the other lakes, but nevertheless, it is still a stunning emerald green and is a great spot for a swim – you’ll need it after the walk here anyway.  An interesting fact is it is the deepest of all the lakes on the Island.

The other interesting thing about Lake Wabby and the reason it’s one of the recommended places to visit in K’gari is that it won’t be here forever.  The Hammerstone Sandblow is actually moving westward across the island and filling in the lake at the rate of a metre per year.  So at some stage, the lake will be gone forever.

The walk up the sandblow is a real challenge – I’m not going to lie!  However once you’ve done this, the rest of the track is relatively easy as it’s all downhill.

For those who simply can’t do the walk, there is also a nearby lookout with brilliant views across Hammerstone Sandblow and Lake Wabby.  The lookout is located off Cornwells Break Road and from the lookout car park, it’s about 450 metres to the viewing point.

The start of the Lake Wabby track is well signposted on 75 Mile Beach.  There is a small car park area on the beach where you can park – which is well back from the ocean, so no need to be concerned about high tides.

Kingfisher Bay

Over on the other side of the island from Lake Wabby is Kingfisher Bay, which is probably best known for the Kingfisher Bay Resort.  For those families without a 4WD, this is a great place to stay while on the Island.

However, even if you’re not staying at the resort, it is still worth coming over for a look.  As well as being a resort, Kingfisher is the only settlement on the western side of the island – so it’s a great place to come if you need to stock up on supplies.  Here you will find restaurants, bars, and a  general store which sells groceries, alcohol and souvenirs.

I’d recommend planning your visit to coincide with lunchtime, have a meal here and enjoy some of the resort’s facilities.   The Sand Bar is a great place for lunch and a swim in the pool.  Meals aren’t too badly priced, starting from around $20.  There is also a kids menu with meals costing $12.

Find out more about staying at the resort here.

Lake Garawongera

Not too far from Happy Valley, is yet another gorgeous lake on the island, Lake Garawongera.  This lake is surrounded by large trees providing plenty of shady spots from the sun.  On the large sandy bank is a single large paperbark tree, a great shady spot for a picnic.

There is a picnic area at Lake Garawongera with toilets and picnic tables, making it an ideal place for lunch.

Happy Valley

Located approximately halfway along the east coast, Happy Valley is another of the island’s small towns.  There is a range of accommodation options at Happy Valley and a general store that is also a bar and bistro and sells groceries, petrol and alcohol.

They serve up some good food at Happy Valley – while some of the more expensive meals on the island, they are also some of the most generous serves.  Meals start at $20 and kids meals are $14.

Accommodation at Happy Valley includes Fraser Island Retreat, Fraser Island Houses, Sailfish on Fraser, Kristie’s On Fraser, Fraser View, Fins on Fraser and Sandjunes.  There are also a few options on Airbnb too.

Happy Valley is a central spot to stay for exploring pretty much all the island attractions.

Eli Creek

Another popular place to add to your K’gari to do list is Eli Creek.  Located about halfway along 75 Mile Beach, Eli Creek is a stunning little creek and is the perfect place to take the kids for a swim – just be warned that it really is a super popular place, so be prepared to share!

Eli Creek on K’gari pours over 80 million litres of water into the ocean every single day.  It is thought that the water coming from the creek is rainwater which has made its way from the island’s sand dunes over the past 200 years!  The water is so clear here because it’s been filtered from the sand over all those years.  

There is a pandanus fringed boardwalk that runs alongside the creek.  Walk until the very end and then get into the creek with some inflatables and float along the creek’s fast moving waters until you reach the ocean.  Then do it all over again!

Do make sure you bring some inflatables to enjoy the creek and do allow a few hours here as the whole family will absolutely love it!  Absolutely one of the top 10 things to do on K’gari.

My tip is to get here early – before 9 am if you can to get a prime position. Also do take into consideration that Eli Creek is not generally passable around high tide.

There are toilets here too, which are located on the other side of the little footbridge.

S.S. Maheno Shipwreck

Just a short drive north of Eli Creek, about 10 minutes or so you’ll find the SS Maheno Shipwreck.  Originally an ocean liner that had travelled between Australia and New Zealand, in WWI it was amazingly converted into a hospital and used in Europe.

It was later returned to Australia and then sold to a company in Osaka.  As it was making its way to Osaka in 1935, it was caught in a cyclone and ended up shipwrecked along the shores of the Island where it remains today.

Today the Maheno Shipwreck is only partially visible with much of it engulfed by sand.  Still, it is interesting to look at and makes for a good photo while you’re travelling along 75 Mile Beach.

The Pinnacles

Just a short 10 minute drive north of the SS Maheno you’ll find the stunning Pinnacles.  The Pinnacles are a small section of large ancient multi coloured sand cliffs.  As you’re driving along 75 Mile Beach, be sure to stop and have a quick look as well as take a photo or two.

Knifeblade Sandblow

Knifeblade is the largest sandblow on the island.  It has a height of just over 115m above sea level and stretches more than 3.5km inland.  It is even getting around 1m bigger every year.

To see the Knifeblade Sandblow – you’ll find a lookout which is located inland along Woralie Road.  There is a small car park here and it is 500 m to the lookout.  The walk there is mostly up hill – but the good news is this makes for an easy downhill walk on the return trip.

Lake Allom

About 30 minutes drive inland from the Pinnacles; you’ll stumble across yet another gorgeous Lake, Lake Allom.  Lake Allom is said to be one of the best places on the island to spot turtles – there is even a small viewing deck where you watch them pop up for air now and again.  Just make sure you don’t feed the turtles or any other animals you see.

It’s just a short 200m return walk to the viewing area.  As well as turtles, you can spot a range of other wildlife including birds and goannas.  It’s also a great spot to launch a kayak.

There is also a short 1.4km circuit you can do which takes you around the lake.

Around the car park, you’ll also find a picnic area with tables and toilets.

Cathedrals on Fraser 

Just 3 kms from The Pinnacles you’ll find Cathedrals on Fraser – a private campsite that is a great place to stock up on supplies or fuel on the Island.  At Cathedrals on Fraser, you’ll find a great little general store that sells fuel, gas bottles, ice, groceries, alcohol, and a cafe.

Read our full guide on staying at Cathedrals on Fraser here.


7kms north of Cathedrals on Fraser is another popular campsite called Dundubara.  Dundubara is one of the few fenced camping areas available which keeps dingos out – these areas are recommended for families camping on the island.

Read our full guide on camping on K’gari here.

Red Canyon

Like the Pinnacles, Red Canyon is another stunning area along 75 Mile Beach where you can admire the ancient coloured sands.

Indian Head

Continuing north up 75 Mile Beach and about 20kms from Cathedrals you reach Indian Head – the highest point on the island and the most easterly point.  From the top of the headland, you have fantastic views across the beach and ocean.

It takes about 20 minutes to reach the top of Indian Head and the walk is a little steep in parts.  Some sections can be a little slippery too – so good walking shoes are an absolute must!  However, the walk to the top is so worth it for the spectacular views.  

If you’re lucky, you may even be able to see turtles, manta rays, fish and even sharks and dolphins.  During whale season you’ll no doubt be able to spot whales too.

The vehicle track around Indian Heads can be particularly soft, so take care of driving through this area.

Champagne Pools

Located at Middle Rocks, just a few km north of Indian Head is Champagne Pools, another of the popular attractions on K’gari.   Champagne Pools gets its name from the sea bubbles that pour in over the numerous rock pools, creating various little shallow spa baths.  

To enjoy this natural spa bath, it’s best to sit or stand in the rock pools and let the waves come over you.  Do not stand up on the rocks as you may be pushed over as the waves come.

To reach the pools you’ll need to leave your car and walk across a short boardwalk and down several stairs.  The view on the way down is awesome, so do take a camera!  There are plenty of rocks and sandy bits away from the pools where you can leave your towels and a small bag.

It is recommended to visit around half tide to make the most of the Champagne Pools and you’ll want to allow at least an hour or so – just be sure to plan your trip back in accordance with the tides.

There are two car parks and entrances to Champagne Pools – usually, the southern car park is packed – so if this is the case keep driving until you reach the second one. However, toilets are only located in the southern car park.

Waddy Point

As you continue driving north, the next main attraction is Waddy Point.  This is an absolutely stunning area made up of miles of wide stretches of beach, massive sand dunes, turquoise coloured ocean and a series of crystal clear tidal lagoons.  Most people set up camp somewhere along the largest of the lagoons, which is awesome for swimming, kayaking or SUPs.

Waddy Point is also a super popular spot for fishing.

Orchid Beach

Orchid Beach is the last little village area as you make your way north up 75 Mile Beach, so it is another good place to stop for any needed supplies.  The General Store here sells a range of grocery items, petrol, alcohol, and a bar that sells meals.

Orchid Beach is actually one of the largest residential areas on the island and so you’ll find plenty of holiday accommodation such as Eliza Fraser Eco Lodge, Orchid Beach Apartments, Waddy Lodge, Hakuna Matata, Fraser Forever, Orchid Beach Retreat and White Wave.  There are also quite a few options on Airbnb.

The roads around Orchid Beach are super soft and sandy – so be extra careful while driving around here.

Ocean Lake

There is certainly no shortage of gorgeous lakes around the island, Ocean Lake being yet another.  While not as gorgeous as some of the southern lakes – Ocean Lake is still well worth visiting, particularly while up the north end of the island.

Ocean Lake has a dark colour due to the surrounding tea trees, although the water is still pretty much crystal clear!  This is a great spot for a paddle, or better yet kayaking or SUPing. 

Ngkala Rocks

Ok so certainly not a tourist attraction on K’gari, but for anyone driving around the island, I couldn’t leave off Ngkala Rocks.  No doubt if you’ve done any research about driving on Fraser Island – you’ve heard of Ngkala Rocks – said to be one of the most challenging areas to drive on the island.

The best advice we received for Ngkala Rocks is to aim to pass this area as close to low tide as possible.

Sandy Cape

If you do manage to pass Ngkala Rocks, good for you!!  No seriously that’s great, now keep going until you reach the very northern tip of the island – and welcome to Sandy Cape!  Not too many people make it this far, so you are in for a real treat.

At Sandy Cape, you will find a huge beach with pure white sand and calm, gorgeous turquoise waters.  The area has huge sand dunes, sparse vegetation – it’s a peaceful little spot – your own slice of heaven.

While you are there, drive an additional 7.5km to the heritage listed Sandy Cape Lighthouse.  Built in 1870 on top of Flinders Sand Blow, it is a steep walk to the top.  At 128m above sea level and 26m high, this is the tallest lighthouse in Queensland.  

K’gari’s Western Creeks

It seems somehow wrong of me to lump all of the stunning creeks from the western side of the island into one section – but the sad reality is, not too many people make it over this side of the island.  It’s a shame really because the island’s western side is absolutely stunning – like seriously heaven on earth.

It is harder to drive on the western side of the island due to much softer and bogger sand and unfortunately many 4WD hire companies simply ban people from driving on that side of the island.

However, if you do get the opportunity to go on the western side of the island, some absolutely unmissable creeks to explore include Awinya Creek, Bowarrady Creek, Woralie Creek (pictured above) and Coongul Creek, these creeks are awesome for swimming, kayaking and SUPing.

Other Things to do on K’gari

Well, that covers most of the main attractions to visit at K’garias well as some of the little villages to visit – but here are a few other activities on K’gari.

Spot Wildlife

Image Credit Tourism and Events Queensland

Of course, everywhere you go on K’gari, you’re going to have the opportunity to see wildlife – both on land and in the water.

On land you’ll no doubt see dingos, but also look out for goannas, sugar gliders, possums, snakes and birds.  There are stacks of bird species such as white-bellied sea-eagles, brahminy kites, yellow-tailed black cockatoos, and king-parrots.

When it comes to marine life – you’ll have to be satisfied with what you can see from the land, as it is not safe to swim in the ocean surrounding the island.  But even from the water’s edge if you’re lucky you’ll see dolphins, dugongs, stingrays, turtles, sharks (particularly tiger sharks) and even humpback whales during the migration season which is August through October.  


If you love to fish, you’re in for a real treat as there is plenty of great fishing on the island.  Some top fishing spots include beach fishing from 75 Mile Beach, Waddy Point, Sandy Cape, Indian Head and around Middle Rocks.

On K’gari, fish you’re likely to catch include whiting, dart, bream, mackerel, tailor, trevally, tuna and flathead. There is even no need to buy bait as you can easily harvest it yourself.  The island has plenty of fresh bait, including worms, pipis, and yabbies.

It is important to note that you cannot fish in any of the island’s freshwater lakes or streams.  It’s just beach fishing at K’gari.

Take a Scenic Flight

Image Credit Tourism and Events Queensland

If you’re feeling like a bit of splurge, then why not treat the family to a scenic flight over the island!  You’ll even get to take off from the beach highway – how cool is that!!

Air Fraser operates light aircraft on the island and will take you on a 20 minute scenic flight where you will see the island’s massive sand dunes, rainforest, lakes and maybe if you’re lucky some marine life too.

Hike the K’gari (Fraser Island) Great Walk

For those that have plenty of time, you may even be keen to hike the K’gari (Fraser Island) Great Walk – or even part of it.  The K’gari Great Walk is a 90 km track that takes you through old logging routes as well as past the island’s most popular attractions.

The entire walk takes around 6 to 8 days and you camp along the way.  I’d love to do this someday – what a way to see the island!

How to be Dingo Safe

No doubt you’ve heard that there are plenty of wild dingoes on K’gari and while they are super cute – they can be quite aggressive and pose a risk to travellers on the island – particularly for families with small children.  Unfortunately, there are dingo attacks each year and from time to time they have been fatal – so you must take dingo safety seriously.

However, with a few precautions taken, you can have a safe trip to K’gari.

  • Never let your children out of your sight for a second – in fact, don’t let them leave your side – they should always be within an arm’s reach.
  • Be sure to talk to your children about dingo safety.
  • Never ever feed a dingo.
  • Ensure all food and rubbish is kept properly sealed away.
  • Consider staying in fenced campsites or a resort or township which is protected by an electric grid.
  • Never walk alone, particularly at night.
  • If you come face to face with a dingo, stand tall and slowly back away – do not panic, run or wave arms around.
  • Don’t attempt to take a selfie with a dingo – take your photos from a safe distance.

You can read more about dingo safety here which is issued by the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service.

Getting to K’gari

When it comes to how to get on K’gari, it’s relatively straightforward via one of the barges.  You can choose to take either the Inskip -Fraser Island ferry or one of the two ferries that operate from River Heads. 

The most popular barge to take across to K’gari is the Manta Ray Barge, often called the Inskip or Rainbow Beach ferry to K’gari.  From here it is just a 10 minute journey across to the southern tip of the island at Hook Point.

This boat to K’gari operates daily from 6 am to 5.30 pm.  There is no need to book this car ferry to K’gari and there is no set timetable, the barges just cross the strait continually during this time.  During peak times, 2-3 barges operate.  Prices start at $130 return.

If you’re getting to K’gari from Hervey Bay, it will most likely be easiest to take one of River Heads ferries.  River Heads is just a short 20 minute drive south of Hervey Bay.

From River Heads, there are two different ferry operators either the Kingfisher Bay Ferry which arrives at the Kingfisher Bay Resort Jetty or the Fraser Venture which arrives at Wanggolba Creek – both on the western side of the island.  Prices for either ferry start at $180 return.

The Kingfisher Bay Ferry barge times to K’gari are 6.45 am, 9 am, 1 pm and 3.30 pm daily.  For the return journey, the barges leave daily at 7.50 am, 10.30 am, 2.30 pm and 5 pm.  The trip takes 45 minutes.

The Fraser Venture ferry times to K’gari are either 8.30 am and 3 pm daily.  For the return journey, the ferry leaves daily at 10 am and 4.30 pm.  However please note that this trip is affected by tides and in some cases will arrive and leave from Kingfisher Bay Resort instead of Wanggoolba Creek – so please keep this in mind when booking.  This trip takes 30 minutes.

You can read our detailed guide on exactly how to get to K’gari here.  This guide also includes information on how to get to K’gari by bus.

Self Driving on K’gari

If you’re planning on self driving while on K’gariyou will need to purchase a vehicle permit.  A 1 month or less permit costs $53.65 or a yearly permit is $270.00.  Pre book your vehicle permits here.

Driving on K’gari is not overly difficult, provided you have some 4WD knowledge.  Tyres should be deflated to around 16 psi and you should ensure you have a basic recovery kit with you at all times.

While driving along the beach, it is important to be aware of high tide times.  It is best to drive as close to low tide as you can – this will ensure you have plenty of hard sand to drive along.  Although the beach is for the most part wide on K’gari – which means you can generally drive at all times.  The closer you are to high tide – the more soft sand you will need to drive on which makes for a bumpy ride.  Some creeks cross the beach too – so you will need to consider these too.  Wait out the tide if you’re ever unsure.

All the major attractions and roads on the island are well signposted.  While having a paper map with you is ideal (as the internet is not available in many areas) it’s not necessary as you’ll find signs everywhere.

Lastly, never ever drive on the sand dunes!

Where to Stay on K’gari

There are no shortages of places to stay on K’gari.  Camping is what most people tend to do when coming to Fraser, but there are also a few gorgeous resorts, low key accommodation, and plenty of private holiday homes.

You can read our full guide to camping on K’gari here.  For other accommodation, check out Booking.com.


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